C.R.E Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 4 End Term 2 2021

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CRE 313/1


  1. a).STATE Six Similarities in the Biblical stories of creation in Genesis 1 and 2. (6 marks)
    b).Give REASONS   why human beings are considered special to the rest of the creation.(7marks)
    c) State SEVEN ways in which Christians continue with the work of creation today. (7 marks)
  2. a) DESCRIBE ways in which the covenant between God and the Israelites was sealed at Mount Sinai.  (7marks)
    b).Write SIX conditions that the Israelites were given during the renewal of the covenant       (7 marks)
    c).State SIX ways in which the church worship is abused today.  (6 marks)
  3. a). From the story of Naboth’s vineyard explain the commandments which king Ahab and Jezebel broke. (8 marks)
    b). State the effects of idolatry during   the time of prophet Elijah  (7marks)
    c) Give FIVE reasons why Christians build churches (5 marks)
  4. a). IDENTIFY the importance of Old Testament prophets in Israel (6 marks)   
    b). State SEVEN forms of punishment that would befall the Israelites according to prophet Amos (7 marks )
    c). Give SEVEN reasons   why Christian find it difficult   to help the needy in the Society today  (7 marks)
  5. a) DISCUSS Jeremiah’s teaching at the temple gate   (7 marks)
    b). STATE ways   in which   Jeremiah encouraged the Israelites   to live   in hope   during the Babylonian exile (7 marks)
    c). Outline SIX ways through which   Christians renew their faith in God (6 marks 
  6. a)Identify   SEVEN moral values taught to youth   during   initiation period in Traditional African communities (7marks)
    b). STATE the traditional African   practices which   demonstrated   their belief in life after death  (7marks)
    c) Give SIX changes which   have taken place in Land ownership today (6 marks)



1.a). Similarities between the two accounts of creation in genesis 1 and 2 6marks

  • God is acknowledged as the   creator
  • Human being are special creation
  • Human beings are given   responsibilities   and privileges
  • God created both the living and non-living things
  • Human beings share life with God
  • God provides   for the needs of creation
  • Marriage is ordained by God

b). Why human beings are considered special to the rest of the creation 7 marks

  • Human beings were created in the image and likeness of God
  • All things were created for the sake of man
  • Man was created to have fellowship with God.
  • Human beings   were given   freedom /Intelligence   to choose good   from evil
  • Man is a co-creator with God.
  • Man was given privilege to name   the animal/plants.
  • Man was given dominion over other creation. \
  • He was blessed /commanded to multiply/ fill the earth.

c) Ways in which Christians continue with the work of creation today   7 marks

  • Having children and bringing them up.
  • Caring and conserving the environment.
  • Preserving life and teaching that life is sacred.
  • Educating   people to take care of the   environment.
  • Preaching peace   to promote unity and harmony.
  • By providing medical care to the sick   thus saving life.
  • Use of science and technology to improve environment

2 a) Ways in which the covenant between   God and the Israelites was sealed at mount Sinai

  • Moses gathered the people and told them what the Lord had told him.
  • The people responded by saying   that what the Lord had said   they would do.
  • He rose early in the morning /built an Altar at the foot of the mountain /twelve pillars according   to the twelve tribes of Israel.
  • Moses sent young men   who offered burnt offerings and sacrificed peace   offering of oxen   to the Lord.
  • Moses took half the blood/put in basins
  • Half of blood he threw it onto the altar.
  • He took   the book of the covenant/read it in their hearing.
  • He took the blood in the basin and sprinkled on the people.
  • The people responded by saying that they would do all that the Lord said / will be obedient.

b) Write six conditions that the Israelites were given during renewal of the covenant.   7 marks

  • They were to obey what God commanded them.
  • They were not to make treaty with those   who lived in the land where they were going.
  • They were to destroy altars, sacred, stones and false   gods (Baal Asherah) of inhabitants of Canaan.
  • They were not worship any other God.
  • They were not to make any cast idols.
  • They were to keep the feast of unleavened bread and other feast.
  • They were to rest on Sabbath day.
  • They were to dedicate all their first   born male children and first born male domestic   animals to God.
  • They were not to inter-marry with foreigners
  • To offer to God the first fruit of their harvest

c) How church worship is abused today 6 marks

  • Using the pulpit as a political platform.
  • Turning away some believers /discrimination/races/tribes
  • Misinterpretation of the scriptures.
  • Indecent dressing while attending church services
  • Commercializing prayers for the faithful.
  • Pop music/rock music being played in church
  • Fighting/Quarreling in the church

3.a)The commandment that king Ahab and Queen Jezebel broke   from the   story of Naboth’s vineyard 8marks

  • They broke the commandment of not to kill   when they planned for stoning of Naboth
  • They broke   the rule of not worshiping other gods when they were worshiping idols.
  • They broke the commandment of   not coveting a neighbour’s property when they   took Naboth’s vineyard.
  • The commandment of not bearing   false   witness was broken   when they planned/Instigating witness against Naboth.
  • They used the name of God in vain when they said that naboth had blasphemed God
  • They broke the commandment of not stealing when they took Naboth’s vineyard. Any 4 x 2=8 marks

b)Effects of idolatry during   the time of prophet Elijah                       

  • God raised prophet to bring back Israel to the covenant way of life
  • There were persecutions/hostility towards Yahweh’s people/Prophets.
  • The people rejected   the covenant   way of life.
  • Bad prophets/Prophetesses emerged in Israel.
  • The Israelites practiced syncretism.
  • There was drought in Israel for three and half years as a divine curse for the nation.
  • Israel lost her identity as a Nation of God’s people.
  • Elijah fled the country into the wilderness.
  • Baal worshippers were   to be punished/die by the sword.

c) Reasons   why Christians build churches

  • They signify God’s   presence /house of God.
  • Churches   are used for worshiping God
  • They are used for meetings
  • They are used for religious functions/festivals
  • Members receive religious preaching   in the church
  • It is a sign of identification
  • To demonstrate their faith in the   existence   of God
  • It can be used as a place of refuge   in time of danger
  • To follow the tradition of the old testament teachings on the temple as a house of God.

4.a) Importance of old   testament prophet             6 marks

  • They acted as mediators between   God   and people
  • God spoke   to prophet to communicate information   of the future/foretold future events.
  • They condemned all forms of   social evil in the society.
  • They acted as conscience   of the kings. They advised them when consulted.
  • Some   acted as priests example Abraham Moses and Samuel
  • They   foretold the punishment that would   come   to the   people   for not obeying God
  • They gave people hope of being   restored to God if they repented their sins.
  • They anointed kings.

b) Forms of punishment that would befall Israel   for their   disobedience to God according to people to Prophet Amos. 7 marks

  • The Israelites would be invaded by a foreign nation/an enemy.
  • They would be taken to exile /captivity
  • Amaziah the priest would die by the sword
  • The holy places of worship would be occupied   by foreign nation/destroyed.
  • They would experience earthquakes
  • God would cover the land with darkness/Eclipse
  • There would be thirst /hunger for the word of the Lord.

c) Reasons why Christians   find it   difficult to help the needy in Kenya today 7 marks

  • There are too many needy cases.
  • Tribal / ethnic feelings may hinder one   from giving assistance to the needy
  • Political leaning/Affiliation influence Christians against helping   those who do not belong to their camp.
  • Lack of what to share /Inadequacy.
  • Indifference of some Christians   to the flight of the needy.
  • Poor communications/Infrastructure in some parts of the country that make it impossible to reach   the needy
  • It is difficult to identify the genuine   needy cases.
  • Misappropriation of resources meant for assisting the needy discourage Christians from contributing.

5.a) Jeremiah’s teaching at the temple gate  7 marks

  • He warned them to change their way of life   and the evil things they were doing.
  • He told   them to stop exploiting   and   oppressing   the aliens ,orphans and widows
  • He accused them of insincere worship.
  • Jeremiah informed them that Yahweh would destroy   Jerusalem and the   temple   the same   way he had   destroyed Shiloh
  • Jeremiah condemned the people of Judah   for worshipping idols and offering sacrifices to them.
  • He warned   the people that Jerusalem would be invaded by a foreign power and many people would be killed
  • He also condemned and rejected   everything the people, the prophets and the   priests were doing i.e sacrifice.
  • He warned the Israelites of the rejection of the prophets that Yahweh had sent to speak to them
  • He was emphatic that Jerusalem and its people would be destroyed because of their sinfulness.

b) Ways in which   prophet Jeremiah   encouraged the Israelites to live in   hope during   the  Babylonian exile 7 marks

  • They were to build   houses /settle down
  • Plant gardens and eat their produce
  • They were to take wives and have   sons and daughters.
  • They were to seek the welfare of the city in which they lived during the exile.
  • They were to shun teachings to false prophets among them.
  • They were to patiently wait for God’s restoration which would come after 70 years in exile
  • They were to trust in God /not give up hope.
  • They were promised fair/just rulers
  • To take suffering as punishment for   their sins.

c) How Christians renew their faith with God 6marks

  • Through praying /fasting
  • Helping the needy
  • Taking Holy communion/Participating in church rituals.
  • Offering tithes
  • Holding bible study
  • Preaching/teaching the word of God
  • Holding crusades.
  • Making public confessions/ repenting/asking for forgiveness

6. a) Moral values taught to the youth during   initiation in traditional African community 7 marks

  • Obedience
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Self-control
  • Honesty
  • Mutual concern /sharing
  • Loyalty
  • Thankfulness
  • Hospitality

b) Practices in traditional communities that show belief in life after death 7 marks

  • Naming children after the dead.
  • Invoking the names of the dead during problems/inviting them during important occasions.
  • Burying the dead with some property.
  • Offering sacrifices to the dead.
  • Pouring   libation to the living dead.
  • Taking care of graveyards.
  • Fulfilling   the wishes of the dead.
  • Washing the body /oiling before burial/Giving the dead a decent burial.
  • Holding   commemoration ceremonies.
  • Talking of the dead as having gone for a walk.
  • Burying the dead in a particular place/position/direction/ancestral land.

c) Changes which have taken place in land ownership in Kenya today 6 marks

  • Land is individually owned
  • Land is bought and sold at will
  • One can own land outside his community
  • People aquire title deeds on buying land
  • Women and children can own land
  • The government is the overall custodian of land
  • Land is scarce due to population pressure giving rise to many landless people.

……………………………………The End ……………………………

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