English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 4 End Term 1 Exams 2022

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    Imagine your friend from the U.S has sent you an email saying that he will be coming over for Christmas Holiday. Reply the email and copy a recipe of a dish you would prepare him once he comes.

    Fill in the blank spaces in the following passage with the most suitable word.

    Every tree tells ____1_____story, but some are beyond eloquent, holding memories, embodying belief, marking sorrow. ____2______ hold trees in our imagination, where they grow in strange, wonderful ways _____3____ Forests inhabiated by fantasy and also _____4_____ Our fears. In fable____5____ well as in legend, a forest shelters spirits, witches, and____6___ Upon a time, a big bad wolf. We incorporate the rich metaphors___7__ trees provide: We turn____8___ a new leaf and branch out; ideas blossom____9____ Bear fruit. Though our momentum is sapped, our resolve remains deep-rooted, and yet___10___ are times when we cant see the forest for the trees.

    Adapted from National Geographic March 2017

  3. ORAL SKILLS( 30MARKS)           
    1. Read the following Acoli song and then answer the questions that follow

      If death were not there,
      Where would the inheritor get things?
      The cattle have been left for the inheritor;
      Ee, how would the inheritor get things?
      The iron-roofed house has been left for the inheritor;
      Ee, if death were not there,
      How would the inheritor get rich?
      The bicycle has been left for the inheritor;
      The inheritor is most lucky;
      Ee, brother, tell me,
      If death were not there,
      Ugly one, whose daughter would have married you?
      A wife has been left for the inheritor;
      Ee, inheritor, how would you have lived?
      The house has been left for the inheritor,
      If death were not there,
      How would the inheritor get things?

      1. Identify and illustrate any two sound patterns used in the song (2mks)
      2. Explain their effectiveness. (2mks)
      3. If you were to perform the song, which words would you stress in line 1 and why? (2mks)
      4. Underline the silent letter in the following words (4mks)
        1. Greenwich
        2. Porcelain
        3. Isthmus
        4. poignant
    2. Imagine a friend of yours is addressing an audience. Barely before he has gone halfway through his speech, everyone appears restless and some people begin to walk out.
      1. Tell him why the audience was not paying attention ( 2mks)
      2. What should your friend do to avoid a similar situation when giving speeches? ( 2mks)
      3. What advise would you give the audience to make them good listeners? (3mks)
    3. Describe the intonation patterns you would use in the following sentences. ( 3mks)
      1. The children repeated their song.
      2. I will not leave my child here, I will take her with me.
      3. What is the importance of syllabus in songs?
      1. If you were to participate in a debate contest, explain how you would ensure you win over the audience (5mks)
      2. Give one tongue-twister in your tongue and then translate into English ( 1mk)
      3. Give two sound images that are likely to be found in your tongue-twister ( 2mks)
      4. What role do tongue-twisters play in oral communication? (2mks)

Marking Scheme


    From: (writers email address)
    Date :
    To: (recipients email)

    Body -
    sign off:

    Recipe for ....



    1. a
    2. We(must start with capital letter)
    3. in
    4. by
    5. as
    6. once
    7. that/which
    8. over
    9. and
    10. there
      1. Alliteration 
          - where would
          -house has
          - bicycle been
          - inheritor get
          - left inheritor
        (give example)
      2. -Bring out musicality
        -Makes the poem interesting
        - Makes the poem more memorable
      3. if death - not there - all thes are content words
        1. greenwich
        2. porcelain
        3. isthmus
        4. poignant
      1. He may have been inaudible 
        There was outside distractions
        He may have been irrelevant
        His points and presentation was diosrganised
        He used offensive language
        (accept any other credible answer)

      2. Be loud enough
        Organise materials and research before presentation
        Wait for distractions to cease/ choose a venue away from distractions
        Show language sensitivity

      3. sit properly - upright posture
        maintain eye contact with the speaker to avoid distractions
        Take notes

      1. Falling intonation
      2. Falling intonation
      3. Falling intonation

      1. Do a comprehensive research before presentation
        You should articulate words properly during the debate
        Incoperate non-verbal cues
        Arrange points in a chronological order
        Give statistics/ facts where applicable
        Use civil/respectful/ polite language
        Be audible enough
        Maximize the use of stage

      2. Accept any tongue twister

      3. Alliteration
        presence of ideophones

      4. Test and improve proper articluation of words
        Tests on speed
        Improves fluency/ eloquency in speech
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