Why is locomotion necessary in higher animals? - KCSE Biology Essays

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  1. Why is locomotion necessary in higher animals?
    Animals move in order to look for food; mates; escape danger/predators; look for shelter/ suitable environmental conditions;

  2. Explain how bony fish are adapted to their habitats
    Have streamlined bodies; to reduce friction;
    Body is covered with scales; which overlap backwards; to reduce friction;
    Skin produces mucus; which covers the body making it slippery; reducing friction;
    Have swim bladder; which stores air; for buoyancy hence make the fish float;
    Myotomes/muscle blocks; that contract alternately; for forward thrust in water;
    Lateral line system; on either side of the body which is sensitive to pressure and water currents;
    Possess fins; that are used for locomotion: tail/caudal fins; for propulsion; dorsal; and anal fins; prevent rolling; pectoral fin; used for breaking/steering; prevents yawing/side to side movement; controls pitching; pelvic fins; for steering/pitching;
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