Discuss the various evidences of organic evolution - KCSE Biology Essay

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Comparative anatomy/taxonomy;

Members of a phylum/group show similarities; organs have similar structure/organs performing the same function such as the digestive system, urinary system, vertebrate heart; homologous structures are structures with the same embryonic origin but have been modified to perform different and specific functions; show a form of divergent evolution; e.g. the pentadactyl limb in vertebrates which has been modified for racing; swimming and flight or beaks of finches and birds; while analogous structures are those with different embryonic origin but have been modified to perform the same function e.g. wings of insects, bats and birds; eyes in octopuses and humans; show a form of convergent evolution; Vestigial structures; have been reduced in size and become functionless; in the course of evolution; e.g. limbs in snakes, human hair and tail;

Cell biology/cytology;

Occurrence of similar organelles such as the mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticula point to common ancestry;

Fossil records/Paleontology;

Remains of organisms preserved in naturally-occurring materials for many years; fossil records show morphological changes of organisms over a long period of time e.g. skull of humans and horse; they provide a direct evidence of existence of organisms at a particular ecological era; however, since only hard parts are preserved, no evidence is available for existence of soft-bodied organisms; and there are many missing links; since remains are accidentally preserved in rudimentary rocks and resins;

Comparative embryology;

Vertebrate embryos are morphologically similar during the early stages of development; suggesting that the organisms had a common ancestry/origin e.g. larvae of mollusks/annelids, embryos of chicken, humans, sheep; the closer the semblance between embryos, the closer their ancestral backgrounds;

Geographical distribution;

Present continents are thought to have been a large land mass joined together; as a result of continental drift; isolation occurred bringing about different patterns of evolution; where plants and animals from different continents yet with common ancestry can no longer interbreed; because they evolved into different species; examples of animals that moved to different areas are the jaguars and Llamas in south America, lions in Africa, Tigers in Asia, marsupials in Australia;

Comparative serology/physiology;

Semblance in blood components such as blood proteins, antigen-antibody reactions, structure of haemoglobin in all vertebrates; reveal some phylogenic relationship among organisms/show common ancestry;

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