Discuss the various ways employed by preys to avoid the predators - KCSE Biology Essays

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Some preys resemble inedible inanimate and animate objects; this is called mimicry; e.g. walking stick insect resembles dry twigs of plants, some moths look like bees or flowers of some plants; this prevents birds from easily noticing and eating them;

Many have the ability to run very fast; because of having muscular bodies; and long legs; enabling them to escape predators e.g. antelopes, zebras;

Some have a body colour that resembles the surrounding; which helps them to camouflage or conceal in the background environment; e.g. zebras, giraffes;

Some graze in large herds; this enables them to fight off predators; e.g. wildebeests and buffaloes;

Some have evolved tough skin or coverings like shells; which can not be broken by some predators e.g. snails, tortoises, armadillo;

Production of foul smell e.g. in skunks; that discourages the predators;

Confrontational display that can scare away the predator e.g. porcupine;

Large eyes on both sides of the head give animals such as zebra a wide field of vision; enabling them to keep track of their enemies from far; and take precautions;

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