Introduction to Christian Ethics Questions and Answers - Form 4 Topical CRE

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  1. Explain the basis of Christian ethics.
  2. Outline the main sources of Christian ethics
  3. State five basis  of Christians ethics
    1. What are the basis of Christian ethics?
    2. State six basis of Christian ethics


    • Christians refer to the Bible for guidance in their actions/the moral choices they make in life
    • The conscience provides guidance on choices made
    • Jesus’ teachings guide Christians when making decisions that involve moral judgement
    • Church community provides guidance to one’s moral choices
    • A Christian’s faith in God determines one’s behavour
    • Church rituals are a source of Christian ethics.
    • Positive African cultural values have been incorporated into Christian teachings thus guiding people’s behaviour
    • Christians derive ethics from authoritative Christians literature
    • Secular state law found in a country’s constitution provides guidance on the behaviour of its citizens
    • As God reveals Himself to Christians he guides Christians on how they should behave
    • Natural law- where one has the awareness to choose well and avoid evil
    • Situation ethics provide a source for Christian ethics as the situation one finds himself/herself in determines the course of action (6x1 = 6mks)
    • The bible offers answers to questions related to life of a Christian.
    • The conscience tells people whether it is worthwhile to do or not to do something.
    • Faith in God – one tries to live in making decisions.
    • Church community – gives to live in making decisions.
    • Church community – gives guidance on moral behaviour.
    • Rituals such as baptism, marriage and vows are taken for one to lead a pleasing life in God.
    • Natural law
    • Situation ethics
    • Sacred scripture(bible)
    • Human reason  and  experience
    • Christians community
    • The bible and sacred scriptures.
    • The human conscience( reason and experience)
    • Teaching faith in God
    • Teaching  of Jesus Christ.
    • The church or Christian community.
    • The church rituals
    • Traditional African culture and morality.
    • Authoritative Christian literature.
    • Secular state laws 
    • God’s revelation.

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