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    1. What the Magnificat reveals about the nature of God.
      • God is a savior because he remembers the lowly.
      • God is mighty for he scatters the proud/does great things
      • God is merciful to those who fear him.
      • God is caring/protecting because he exalts the humble.
      • He is a provider/sustainer because he fills the hungry.
      • He is faithful because he keeps his promises
      • He is kind/helper to his servant Israel. 7mks.
    2. Six activities that took place when Jesus was born
      • When Jesus was born his mother wrapped him in swaddling cloths.
      • She placed him in a manger
      • An angel appeared to the shepherds in the region to tell them of the birth of the savior.
      • A great company of heavenly hosts/angels appeared singing.
      • The shepherds decided to go to Bethlehem/hurried off the Bethlehem.
      • The shepherds saw the baby.
      • They spread the news about the baby to other people. 6mks
    3. Seven ways through which Christians in Kenya express their joy for the birth of Jesus.
      • They sing/listen to Christian songs.
      • Partake of the Holy Communion/ Eucharist
      • They exchange gifts/cards/messages
      • They visit friends/relatives
      • They decorate their homes/churches
      • They buy and wear new clothes
      • They prepare special meals/drinks                                                                                     7mrks
    1. Giving examples state seven methods used by Jesus to spread the gospel.
      • Preaching the good news in the synagogue.                                                                                                                                                                     
      • He raised people back to life.
      • Casting out evil spirits/exorcism
      • Through miracles of nature i.e. calming the sea.
      • Sermons i.e. sermon on the plain
      • He used parables i.e. parable of the sower
      • Setting a good example i.e. dying on the cross
      • He used live example i.e. child, sower etc.
      • Sent his disciples to go on a preaching mission
      • Visited people in their homes.                                                                                          7x1
    2. Reasons why Jesus chose the twelve disciples.                                                                          
      • In order to teach them the secrets of his Kingdom.
      • To have companions/personal assistants
      • To form an inner group
      • To be witnesses
      • To reveal his person/ give a new understanding.
      • To train/ prepare them for the mission.
      • To lay a foundation for the establishment of the church.
      • To continue with the biblical theme                                                         6x1
    3. Identify problems faced by new converts in the church today                                           
      • They are not accepted or they are discriminated.
      • Lack of role models i.e. Other Christians.
      • Not involving themselves in the activities of the church.
      • They are tempted to backslide.
      • They are expected to change faster.
      • Some experience language barrier.
      • They are not recognized.
      • Financial demands of the church.
      • Lack of concern when a member is in problem.
      • They are given duties which they cannot manage.                 7mrks
    1. With reference to the life and ministry of Jesus, show how he tried to promote social equality
      • He was the son of God but was born ordinary
      • He was born in a manger
      • He lived an ordinary Jewish child
      • He was first revealed to the shepherds who were ordinary people
      • He was not a sinner but he accepted baptism
      • He called everybody to repentance
      • He mixed with the rich and poor
      • He restored the status of women.                                                             7x1
    2. With the story of the sinful woman as a reference, explain Jesus teachings on forgiveness
      • God is merciful
      • God forgives all types of sins
      • We should not judge sinners
      • Jesus loves even sinners
      • Those whose sins are forgiven live a righteous life
      • We should be tolerant to sinners                                                               5x1
    3. Give ways in which Christians engage themselves in the healing ministry
      • Building churches
      • Buying medicines for the sick
      • Buying food for the needy.
      • Pay medical bills for the sick
      • Building rehabilitation Centre’s
      • Praying for the sick.
      • Guiding and counselling those who have despised in life
      • Taking care of the sick                                                                 8x1
    1. Give seven reasons why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his disciples after ascension  
      • He was to counsel the disciples
      • He would guide the disciples on what is right
      • He was to convict people of their sins
      • Remind the disciples on what Jesus taught
      • He was to reveal the future
      • He would enable the disciples to perform miracles
      • He would replace the physical presence of Jesus
      • He would enable the disciple to witness about Christ                              7x1
    2. List seven fruits of the Holy Spirit                                               
      • Love
      • Joy
      • Peace
      • Patience
      • Kindness
      • Gentleness/humility
      • Self-control
      • Generosity
      • Faithfulness                                                                                   7x1
    3. How are the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in the church today?               
      • Through prayers
      • Through unity of believers
      • Through wise decision made in the church
      • There is faith healing in the church
      • Preaching the word of God
      • By Christian helping the needy/poor
      • Through giving in tithes
      • They speak in tongues
      • By composing of songs                             (6mks)
    1. Outline eight Christians teaching on work                                 
      • Work is ordained by God
      • Man should work to subdue the earth
      • Work is good
      • Work is rewarded
      • Man should  work for basic needs
      • Laziness is condemned
      • Work become a curse in the garden of Eden
      • Through work , man become a co-creator with God
      • Those who do not work should not eat.                                   (8mks)
    2. Give six factors that causes increased unemployment in Kenya today
      • Employing foreigners
      • How economic growth
      • Choosing of work/preference to white collar jobs
      • Insufficient funds to start busines
      • Inadequate land for agriculture
      • Corruption
      • Poor job distribution                                                   (6mks)
    3. How does the church help to reduce the rate of unemployment in Kenya
      • The church encourage people to start income generating projects/activities
      • Church provides loan to the unemployed
      • Church establishes projects
      • Church teaches the youths about the dignity of manual work
      • Church organized seminars for the youth
      • Church condemned corrupt practices which interferes with recruitments
      • Church trains the youths on vocational skills                                                 (6mks)
    1. Explain how unfair distribution of wealth can lead to social disorder in Kenya today.
      • Causes anger
      • Encourage widening of gap
      • Encourages grabbing of land
      • Ethnic clashes because of inequitable distribution of landCreates discontentment among people
      • Violence/murder occur
      • Lead to strike
      • Lead to strained relationship between government and people         (6mks)
    2. Give reasons why Christians should not involve themselves in gambling
      • One gets money without working for it
      • Leads to person losing
      • Creates bitterness in one who looses
      • Bible condemn gambling
      • No security on wealth
      • It is addictive
      • Interfere with family budget causing misunderstanding in the family
      • Lead to violence
      • Lead to stress
      • Led to poverty                                                                                                (7mks)
    3. How is corruption affecting the society in Kenya today? (7mks)
      • There is increase in crime
      • The public has lost trust in government
      • There is increase in poverty
      • There is high level of inflation
      • Lack of quality services
      • Has resulted to low morale of workers
      • It gives a country a negative image globally.    (7mks)
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