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  • Answer THREE questions
  • Questions one and two are compulsory.
  • Each of your essay must not exceed 450
  • ALL answers must be written in Blue ink.

Answer three questions only 

  1. Imaginative Composition                      (20 marks)

    1. Write a story to illustrate the saying: And the truth shall set you free.


    2. Write an argument for or against the use of the social media by Kenyan youth today.
  2. Compulsory Set Text                 (20 marks)
    Ole Kulet: Blossoms of the Savannah
    Citing specific illustrations from Ole Kulet’s Blossoms of the Savannah, write an essay to show that determination pays.
  1. Optional Set Text                                (20 marks)
    Answer only one question

    1. Memories We Lost and Other Stories: ed. Wanjala Chris
      “Nothing should come between us and our dreams.” Drawing specific examples from the life of characters in Bulawayo’s Hitting Budapest, write an essay in support of this statement.


    2. Inheritance: David Mulwa
      “United we stand, divided we fall.” Using illustrations from Mulwa’s Inheritance, write an essay to show the truth of this statement.


    3. The Pearl: John Steinbeck
      Using relevant examples from Steinbeck’s The Pearl, write an essay to show that hypocrisy can strain human relationships.


    1. Points of Interpretation
      • Must be a story if NOT deduct up to 04AD.
      • The story should be illustrative of an incident/episode in which the revelation of the truth makes one live a better life/ free from any guilty conscience.
      • One should be able to summarize the story using the saying.
    2. Points of Interpretation
      • Must be an argument if NOT deduct up to 04 AD.
      • The candidate MUST take sides if not deduct up to 02AD.
  2. Some points for the Social Media
    • It is a faster means of communication.
    • Makes the world a real global village.
    • Allows for ease of communication.
      (Accept any other relevant point)

      Some points against Social Media
    • It is a source of distraction.
    • Encourages character assassination/mob-lynching.
    • Corrupts morals through foreign influence.
    • Can be misused.
      (Accept any other relevant point)
    1. Blossoms of the Savannah
      “Determination pays.”
      • Who is the character?
      • What obstacles/ challenges does he/she meet?
      • What success does he/she achieve?

        NB: Determination is positive- to get a reward not to execute evil.
        The success after struggle MUST be brought out clearly for a full mark.
      • D (i) Resian wants to become a doctor like Minik. Her father plans to marry her off so as to save his wealth acquired through Oloisudori’s contracts. She vehemently refuses to be circumcised, ourightly stops Oloisudori in his tracks, survives near rape attempts the closest being Olarinkoi’s. she finally meets her role model, Minik and with it comes what she has singularly yearned for- further education.
      • D (ii) Nabaru has been assigned to nurse Resian with the hope that once she recovers, she would be circumcised and with it become Olarinkoi’s wife. But she changes her mind after spending time with Resian. She becomes her friend and confident and is committed to being part of her rescue plans. She goes out to find a lorry from Minik’s ranch and organizes to ferry Resian to safety. She ensures that nothing would come between them and their plans; not Resian’s sudden ailment, not the rain nor Olarinkoi’s threats. In the end she delivers her safely.
      • D (iii) Minik has set herself out as an anti- FGM crusader. This has earned her hatred among her community making them refer to her as the wasp. However, this doesn’t stop her. She rescues Resian and despite the risks posed by Oloisudori rescues Taiyo from Esoit. When Oloisudori brazenly follows the two girls to her ranch, she confronts him and humiliates him. She realizes that there is an emerging trend where the rich lure young girls into early marriage and forced circumcision and she vows to change tact. She has over 500 girl she has rescued. She is not about to give up yet
      • D (iv) Taiyo has always wanted to study Music. Her father frustrates her dream when he denies her a chance to go to Mombasa after being nominated by an FM station. She models Minik as her role model and vows not to follow archaic cultural practices such as circumcision and polygamy. She is at odds with a culture that curtails her right of choice. Even though she is forcibly circumcised on Oloisudori’s orders, she recovers and vows to pick up her pieces again. In the end she gets to go to Egerton with her sister to pursue her dream career.
        (Expect all the 4 points well illustrated. Mark 4;4;4;4) Total 12 points

      • When one is singularly focused on something, the obstacles only serve to envision them even more. In the end they achieve what they set out to.(Accept any other valid conclusion)  (2marks)
    2. The Pearl
      Hypocrisy often strains human relations
      • Who pretends?
      • What does he/she do to show that he/she pretends?
      • How does the pretence affect negatively his/her relationship with others?
        NB: How pretence affects relations MUST be brought out.

      • When we pretend, we stop being ourselves. This can affect how we relate with others. This happens in Steinbeck’s The Pearl
        (Accept any other relevant introduction)          (2marks)

      • S (i) The doctor who had hitherto refused to treat Kino because he considered him poor, becomes excited when he learns that Kino has the pearl. This is all because he wants to get part of the pearl.

        Textual illustrations
      • When the news about Kino’s pearl gets to the doctor, he declares that Kino is his client yet he had refused to treat Coyotito of the scorpion bite.
      • He begins to think about the luxurious life Kino’s pearl could afford him in Paris- a woman in a room and wine.
      • Accompanied by a man with a lantern, the doctor goes to Kino’s house, pretends he was never in when Kino sought his help and that now he had come to treat Coyotito.
      • Kino feels enraged and hate for him
      • The doctor administers a capsule on the child and comes after thirty minutes when the child’s condition has worsened.
      • He demands to be paid but when he learns that Kino is yet to sell the pearl, he asks to keep it safely for him.]
      • He follows Kino’s eyes to where he had buried the pearl. Later that night Kino is attacked.

        S (ii)
        The priest comes to Kino’s house because he wants to be part of the pearl yet he has always considered Kino’s people as children.
        Textual illustrations
      • When he walks into Kino’s house because the latter has the pearl, he starts by telling him that he is named after a great father of the church-“he who tamed the desert...” Kino becomes suspicious about him.
      • He tells Kino that it has come to him that Kino has the pearl and when indeed Kino shows him the pearl, he gasps at its size.
      • He asks him to remember to give thanks to God who has given him the treasure.
      • He leaves a happy man when he learns that they will marry in church.

        S(iii) The pearl buyer is only one but has several agents who pretend to haggle but always seeking to exploit the pearl sellers.
        Textual illustrations
      • When the pearl buyers hear of Kino’s pearl, their fingers itch with expectation. They begin to nurse the thought that their patron would die and they would be the ones to benefit from such huge amounts.
      • The pearl buyers hide their pearls in the desks when they learn that Kino is coming to sell the pearl.
      • They arrange themselves to give some semblance of independence from each other yet they had connived to defraud Kino.
      • They devalue the pearl with one offering him only 1000 piasters, another dismissing it as a monstrosity, the other using a magnifying glass to see its worth then dismisses it yet another offers 500 piasters
      • Faced with the reality of Kino going away with his pearl, the stout man offers Kino 1500 piasters which Kino rejects because he feels his pearl is worth 50,000 piasters.

        S(iv) The doctor purports to be a church adherent yet he performs unsuccessful abortions.
        Textual illustrations
      • The doctor is said to be greedy, cruel and ignorant. He performs clumsy abortions that ended up killing his victims.
      • When the doctor goes to church he gives pennies as alms

        S(v) The people pretend to admire and follow Kino because of his new found status arising from the pear yet they envy him and long to have the pearl.
        Textual illustrations
      • When Kino found the pearl of the world, the essence of the pearl is said to have mixed with the essence of men giving rise to a curious dark precipitate.
      • When Kino kills a man, the very people who hero-worshipped him are very ones baying for his blood. They destroy his house with all his property before setting it ablaze.
        (Accept any 4 well illustrated points. Mark 3;3;3;3. Total 12 marks)
      • Living a lie can affect one’s interpersonal relationships.
        (Accept any other valid conclusion)
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