English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Mathioya Mock 2021 Exams

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  • Answer ALL question in this paper.

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    You have completed your form four examination. You have read the following advert for a job in the Daily Nation Newspaper, dated 22nd November 2021,
    Write a letter of application that can help you land an interview for the job.


    School leaver (male or female) is required to act as a general messenger.

    1. Applicants must be well spoken and presentable
    2. A good command OF English is essential
    3. Minimum education requirements : a mean grade B at KCSE with good passes in English, Mathematics and Business studies
    4. Typing is an added advantage

    1. Answering the telephone
    2. Receiving and directing visitors
    3. Picking and organizing packages and documents

    Applicants to apply before 22nd December 2021
    Please apply in writing to:

    The personnel Manager,
    Amazon Kenya Limited,
    P.O Box 12345 – 00100

  2. CLOZE TEST (10mks)
    Fill in the blanks in the following passage with the most suitable word.
    The proposed partnership (1)............................. Kenya Airways and Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) (2)............................. ambiguous according to a new audit. (3)............................. .report tabled in the National (4)............................. . yesterday reveals how decisions (5)............................. have been made without the (6)............................. of KAA. Also it states that crucial documents necessary to paint (7)............................. clear picture of the deal were missing. Without key (8).............................., the auditors were unable to convince themselves that dealings involved (9)............................. ..the merger has so far been transparent and stuck to the straight and narrow. The auditors said they could (10)............................... no evidence of a feasibility study that allegedly informed a cabinet memo seeking approval for the deal.
    (Adapted from The Standard March 22, 2019)
    1. POETRY
      Read the poem below and then answer the questions that follow.
      Thou art indeed just, Lord, if I contend
      With thee; but, sir, so what I plead is just.
      Why do sinners way prosper? And why must
      Disappointment all I endeavor end?
      Wert thou my enemy O thou my friend
      How wouldst thou worse, I wonder, than thou dost
      Defeat, thwart me? Oh, the sots and thralls of lust
      Do spare hours more thrive than, that spend,
      Sir, life upon thy cause. See, banks and breaks
      Now, leaved how thick! Laced they are again
      With frettycherril, look, and fresh wind shakes
      Them; birds build – but not I build; no, but strain,
      Time’s enough, and not breed one work that wakes.
      Mine, O thou lord of life, send my roots rain.
      1. Identify four examples of alliteration in the poem. (2mks)
      2. Write down four pairs of rhyming words in the poem. (2mks)
      3. How would you perform the last line of the poem? (2mks)
      4. Indicate whether the following lines in the poem would be said with a falling or rising intonation. (2mks)
        1. Why do sinners prosper?
        2. This is a disappointment, isn’t it?
    1. You have been invited as a guest speaker to give a talk on discipline of students. At the end of the speech the students comment that it was well delivered. Suggest reasons why they commented so. (6mks)
    2. Imagine that one of your classmates has disappeared mysteriously. You decide to report the matter to the police. What three important details must you include in your oral report? (3mks)
    3. Consider the following conversation between a seller and buyer of a second hand car and then answer the questions that follow.
      Buyer: How are you this morning?
      Seller: I am okay.
      Buyer: Am looking for a clean second-hand car but yours don’t look too good.
      Seller: This is a very clean car. Look at it carefully.
      Buyer: On the contrary it looks rather depreciated. Anyway, what is the price?
      Seller: It depends onwhat you have considered. This vehicle can give you very good service. This one goes for 450,000 shs.
      Buyer: You are not serious. That is the cost of a brand new car. I will give you 250,000sh.
      Seller: You know I buy and sell. Your figure doesn’t give me my profit at all. Give me 420,000sh.
      No more no less.
      Buyer: It looks like you’re not interested in selling your car.
      Seller: No. I am. Why would I be here? My children’s fees come from this business.
      Buyer: Okay, take 300,000sh.
      Seller: No, there would be no profit for me. You can do better than that. You can surely promote my small business. Give me 400,000sh.
      Buyer: (Doing some mental arithmetic). Okay. At least that is a fair price. (Handing over the money)
      Here you are.
      Seller: Thank you. You are a good customer. My name is Abel.
      Buyer: Thank you. My name is Kane, see you Abel.
      Seller: See you.
      1. What is the purpose of the greetings in this situation? (1mk)
      2. Identify the negotiation skills of the buyer. (3mks)
      3. What does this business transaction reveal about the nature of negotiations(3mks)
      4. Provide a word that is pronounce the same as the ones given below. (5mks)
        1. Route .
        2. Know .
        3. Grown
        4. Eight
        5. Blue .


    1. FORMAT
      1. Senders address – 1mk
      2. Date – 1mk
      3. Receiver’s address – as captured in the advert – 1mk
      4. Salutation –Dear sir, Dear Madam – 1mk
      5. Subject/ reason – 2mks
      6. Signing off – 1mk
    2. CONTENT
      Apply and mention the advertisement ½×4=2mks
      Daily Nation, Date (22nd November 2021)
      Candidates to state he or she is a form four leaver – 1mk
      Qualifications – 4mks
      Candidate to show that he/she can handle the responsibilities – 1mk
      Conclusion – 1mk
    3. LANGUAGE – 4mks
      TOTAL 20MKS
    1. between
    2. is
    3. The
    4. Assembly
    5. may
    6. involvement/inclusion
    7. a
    8. documents
    9. in
    10. find
        1. Wouldst worse water
        2. Lord Life
        3. Birds build
        4. Banks, breaks
        1. contend, end, friend, spend
        2. just, must, dost, lust
        3. breaks, shakes, wakes
        4. strain, rain
      3. With a falling intonation one verbal, one non-verbal)
        Stress content words e.g Lord, life, roots, rain
        Lifting up hands in prayer
        1. ↓ (Falling intonation)
        2. ↑ (rising intonation)
      • effective voice projection
      • I used effective tonal variation
      • I used effective on-verbal cues
      • I used appropriate choice of words
      • I had masterly of content
      • I involved students at the end – asking questions
      • I used correct pronunciation
      • I was neat and composed
      • I had a captivating introduction and conclusion
      • I gave relevant story
      • physical appearance
      • approximate age
      • dressing as last seen
      • the name and gender
      • where and when last seen
      • How I or the school can be contacted.
        • to establish rapport
        • to set stage for negotiations
        • to break the ice since they are strangers.
        • he feigns lack of interest in the vehicle
        • he listens to the seller and is willing to meet halfway
        • is friendly- greetings
        • empathizes with the seller – understands he needs money for his children’s fees
        • give and take
        • should result in a win win situation
        • should generate good will between buyer and seller.
        1. root
        2. no
        3. groan
        4. ate
        5. blew
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