English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Samia Joint Mock Examination 2023

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Instructions to Candidates

  • Answer all the questions in this paper
  • Candidates must answer answer the questions in English.
    You are the patron of the Drama Club in Fanikiwa High School. Following the recent meeting that was held at the end of term 1, members of the club suggested to visit Nairobi National Theatre where the famous Sultana play will be staged. The theatre coordinator, Mr. Juma Harris says that the Club can visit them on 2nd August,2023. Write a memo to the principal reminding him of the planned visit, the purpose of the visit and the need to arrange for the members’ meals and means of transport before the scheduled date. Remember to send a copy to the bursar.
    Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the most appropriate word. (10mks)
    Are leaders born or they are created out of circumstance and experience? The debate ____(1)_____ this topic has gone on as the chicken- and -egg ____(2) ______. There are strong points for ______(3)______ side. For our purpose, we will say that the answer is a little bit of______(4)______. Some individuals such as royalty are born and bred to _________(5)___________ on leadership roles in later life. Other people develop into leaders over a sustained_____(6)______of time. This is the type of leader______(7)______ should all strive to become. All too_____(8)_______ people find themselves in awe of great leaders wondering where do beings like these come from? What these same individuals fail to recognize is that______ (9) _______personality and luck can _____(10) ______to a leader’s success, those things are not the essence of what makes an exceptional leader.
    (Adapted from: Everything Leadership Book by Bob Adams)
    1. Read the poem and answer the questions that follow.
      This is the night mail crossing the border
      Bringing the cheque and the postal order.
      Letter for the rich, letter for the poor
      The shop at the corner the right girl next door
      Pulling out the beat lock a steady climb
      The gradient’s against her”, but she’s on time
      Past cotton grass and moorland boulder
      Shoveling white steam over her shoulder
      Snorting noisy, she passes
      Silent miles of miles of wind-bent grass
      1. Describe the rhyme scheme of the poem. (2mks)
      2. Identify any 3 pairs of rhyming words in the poem. (3mks)
      3. Which words will you stress in line two of the poem and why? (2mks)
      4. Which intonation will you use for the last line of the poem? why? (1mk)
    2. Provide homophones for the following words (5mks)
      1. Key
      2. Kernel
      3. Gate
      4. Won
      5. Soot
    3. Underline the silent letters in the following words. (3mks)
      1. Parliament
      2. Weapon
      3. Honour
    4. Identify the odd one out according to the underlined sound. (3mks)
      1. Visual Pleasure Passion
      2. Religion Respect Referee
      3. Gestures Games Jugs
    5. Underline the stressed syllable in the following words. (3mks)
      1. Chal-lenge
      2. Ad-vice
      3. Dis-like
    6. Your class had invited a former student, now employed by a top company to give a talk on “Succeeding in the corporate world”. However, during the talk, you realized that most of your classmates are not concentrating. List four things on the part of the speaker that contributed to this. (4mks)
    7. On your way home from school, you meet a lady who tells you that she is lost. She requests you to give her directions to the nearest hospital. How would you ensure that the directions you give enable her to reach her destination? (4mks)


    1. FORMAT (5MKS)
      Title Name of the school - Fanikiwa High School
      The words Internal memo
      Ref No: 1⁄2
      To: The Principal ½
      CC: The Bursar ½
      From: The Patron ½
      Date: ½
      Subject: A Visit to the National Theatre ½
      Signing off - Signature and name of writer. 1

    2. CONTENT (8MKS)
      • Inform the principal about the visit and date of the visit 2
      • Any two purposes of visiting the National Theatre 2
      • Number of people visiting 1
      • Your request on transport 1 and meals 1
      • Conclutory statement 1
    3. LANGUAGE (7MKS)
      1. A SCRIPT 6-7
        • Ease of expression
        • No errors of punctuation spellings and grammar
        • Good organization of ideas
        • Clever use of vocabulary and maturity in language
        • Appropriate register and tone
        • Definite spark
      2. B Script 5
        • Communicates fluently with ease of expression
        • Well constructed sentences
        • Correct punctuation and spelling
        • Good use of vocabulary
        • Some errors of grammar
        • Some items of Merit
        • Demonstrate ease of communication and effortles
        • Fairly ambitious
      3. C Script 3-4
        • Lacks confidence in language use
        • Very simple sentences
        • All manner of grammatical errors
        • Poor organization of ideas
        • Jerky sentences (tense and construction errors)
        • Mother tongue influence
      4. D Script 1-2
        • Language ability minimal that the examiner has to guess what they intend to communicate
        • Poor use of punctuation marks
        • Hardly any correct sentences
        • Spelling errors.
    1. on
    2. one
    3. each
    4. both
    5. take
    6. period
    7. we
    8. often
    9. although/though
    10. contribute
      1. aabbccddee         Regular Rhyme       because it is predictable.
      2. border      poor    climb      boulder
        order        door    time       shoulder
      3. Bringing cheque Postal order  1.     They are content words  1.
            NB: The four words must appear to score
      4. I would use falling intonation  1⁄2  to show finality ½
      1. Quay
      2. Colonel
      3. Gait
      4. One
      5. Suit                      Wrong spelling 0
      1. Parliament
      2. Weapon
      3. Honour              Must underline if not zero
      1. Passion
      2. Referee
      3. Games
      1. Chal  .  lenge
      2. Ad. vice
      3. Dis. like The underline must be accurate
      • The speaker may have been boring
      • The speaker may have digressed
      • The speaker had dressed inappropriate
      • The speaker avoided eye contact with the audience
      • The speaker posture was inappropriate
      • The speaker was inaudible
      • The speaker's choice of words/ diction was beyond the students' ability            ANY 4 POINTS
      • I would give approximate distance..
      • I would use the right turns i.e turn left or right
      • I would give specific landmarks
      • I would use simple and clear language.
      • I would use compass direction ie East or West
      • I would begin from the starting point upto the hospital.    ANY 4 POINTS.
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