CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Samia Joint Mock Examination 2023

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  • This paper consist of six question
  • Answer any FIVE questions

Answer any five questions on the answer sheets provided.

    1. Basing your answer on the infancy narratives, (Luke 1:5-56), describe what took place when Mary visited Elizabeth. (7 marks)
    2. Explain what the magnificat reveals about the nature of God. (6 marks)
    3. Give six ways in which a Christian couple should respond to the challenge of being childless (7 marks)
    1. Describe the incident when Jesus was baptized in River Jordan by John the Baptist. (7mks)
    2. What are the teachings of John the Baptist as the forerunner of Jesus Christ? (8mks)
    3. Give five reasons why Christians undergo baptism today. (5mks)
    1. Outline the events which took place on Mount Olives before the arrest of Jesus. (7 marks)
    2. Identify the reasons that made Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus. (6marks)
    3. Why is the death of Jesus important to Christians? (7 marks)
    1. Describe the events that took place on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1- 41) (8mks)
    2. Identify ways in which Christians can identify those who are led by the Holy Spirit among themselves. (5mks)
    3. How are the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in the church today? (7mks)
    1. Outline the importance of professional code of ethics. (6 marks)
    2. Identify eight Christian teachings on work. (8 marks)
    3. Identify six ways in which the church is helping to solve the issue of unemployment in Kenya today. (6 marks)
    1. Explain ways in which science and technology has improved human life. (8 marks)
    2. Give six reasons why Christians are opposed to euthanasia. (6 marks)
    3. Identify ways through which Christians can help to control desertification. (6 marks)


      • Mary entered Zechariah’s home
      • She greeted Elizabeth
      • When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greetings, the baby in her womb leaped
      • Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit
      • Elizabeth exclaimed with a loud cry
      • She blessed Mary and the child in the womb.
      • Elizabeth wondered why Mary the mother of her lord had visited her.
      • Elizabeth informed Mary that the baby in her womb had leaped for joy in her greetings.
      • Mary responded by praising God
      • Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months.            (6x1=6 marks)
      • God is a saviour because He remembers the lowly
      • God is mighty for He scatters the proud
      • God is merciful to those who fear Him from generation to generation
      • He is a provider/sustainer because He feeds the hungry
      • He is faithful because He keeps His promises
      • He is kind/helper to His servant Israel.          (4x2=8 marks)
      • The couple should pray to God to bless them with children.
      • They should seek guidance and counseling/advice from the church leaders.
      • The couple should seek medical assistance.
      • They should be patient
      • They should remain faithful to each other
      • They can adopt children
      • They should take children of their relatives for company.    (6x1=6 marks)
      • John the Baptist baptized all the people
      • Jesus was also baptised
      • Jesus was praying
      • The heavens opened
      • The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus
      • A voice came from heaven
      • Jesus was described as the beloved son of God with whom He was pleased         (7x1=7 marks)
      • John the Baptist taught on the need for repentance for forgiveness of sins
      • He condemned the hypocrisy of the Jews
      • He told people about the coming judgment which was to be effected by the Messiah
      • He taught people to be charitable/ Share with others
      • He condemned the oppression of the poor through robbery/ false accusation
      • He told tax collectors to be honest/ soldiers to be contented with their wages
      • He taught that the Messiah who would come is greater than him.
      • He condemned King Herod for adultery
      • He told people that the Messiah would baptize with the Holy Spirit      (8x1=8 marks)
      • Baptism enables them to become children of God
      • It enables one to become a member of a Christian community
      • It enables them to receive the powers of the Holy Spirit
      • It enables them to identify themselves with Christ
      • Through baptism, one receives complete forgiveness of sins
      • It prepares Christians for the kingdom of God
      • It symbolizes obedience to Jesus teachings
      • It acts as an outward sign of their inner faith
      • It is a sign of a new covenant with God    (5x1=5 marks)
      • Jesus went to the mount of Olives to pray with His disciples.
      • He told His disciples to pray.
      • He withdrew from them a stone throw and knelt down to pray.
      • He prayed for the father to remove the cup from Him.
      • After some time, Jesus rose from prayer and found His disciples asleep
      • He asked them to keep on praying so that they don’t enter into temptations.
      • While He was still speaking a crowd to arrest Jesus
      • Judas came near Jesus and kissed Him.
      • Jesus asked him why he had to betray the son of man with a kiss.
      • His disciples who saw what was happening stroke a man’s ear
      • Jesus healed him/restored the ear
      • Jesus asked the chief priests and others why they had come to arrest Him like a robber.
      • They then seized Jesus and took Him to the high priest.      (7x1=7 marks)
      • Greed for money.
      • It was God’s will for the fulfillment of the scripture to be realized.
      • He was tempted by Satan.
      • He was unhappy with Jesus’ activities.
      • He was an informer of the Jewish religious leaders.
      • He was expecting a political messiah yet Jesus was a spiritual messiah.
      • He was looking for recognition.    (6x1=6 marks)
      • It is the basis of their faith.
      • It gives Christians hope for eternal life’
      • Through it, death has been conquered.
      • It gives Christians courage to face suffering and death.
      • It is the basis of Christian teachings.
      • It was a fulfillment of Jesus’ promises to His disciples.
      • His death led to the coming of the Holy Spirit.
      • It confirmed that Jesus is the promised messiah/son of God.
      • It confirms that Jesus come to judge the living and the dead.           (7x1=7 marks)
      • The apostles had gathered in one place on the day of pentecost
      • A sound came from heaven like a mighty wind which filled the house
      • There appeared tongues of fire which rested on each one of them
      • The apostles were all filled with the Holy Spirit
      • They started talking in other tongues
      • The multitude of Jerusalem were amazed/ wondered at what was happening with the apostles
      • The multitude mocked the disciples of being drunk
      • Peter defended the disciples/ explained the meaning of the event
      • Peter preached to the multitude about the ministry of Jesus
      • Peter told them to repent/ be baptized in the name of Jesus
      • Three thousand people repented/ were baptised    (8x1=8 marks)
      1. By listening to the confession of fellow christians
      2. By analysing the kind of doctrines they preach/ teach whether it is centered on Jesus Christ.
      3. By examining the lives of fellow Christians whether they posses the fruits of the Holy Spirit
      4. When a believer does not use the gifts of the Holy Spirit for selfish gain.
      5. When a Christian gives glory/ praise to God after performing a miracle
      6. When a Christian leads people to Christ/ repentance
      7. By observing their way of life/ behaviours/ not led by the flesh    (5x1=5 marks)
      • Through prayers
      • By the unity of believers/ ecumenism
      • Through the wise decisions made in church
      • There is faith in healing/ cast out of demons in the church/ any other miracle
      • Through preaching/ teaching the word of God
      • By Christians helping the poor/ giving alms
      • Through the giving of tithes/ offerings in church
      • Christians receive revelations/ word of knowledge
      • Through repentance/ confession of sins
      • Through singing/ dancing/ composing of songs     (7x1=7 marks)
      • It contains the rules relating to employment, promotion, payment or termination of services.
      • It gives guidelines on how professionals should relate to one another
      • Safeguard professionals against being compromised in their place of work
      • It determines the expected levels of performance of a particular job
      • Serves as a measure of competence/determines entry requirements
      • It acts as a measure of quality service.
      • It serves as protection to individual professional.
      • It enables professionals to earn public trust.     (6x1=6 marks)
      • Work is ordained by God
      • Human beings should work to subdue the earth.
      • God Himself worked.
      • God blesses a hard worker/hard work is rewarded.
      • Laziness is condemned.
      • Christians should work to acquire basic needs.
      • Christians should work to assist those who are needy.
      • Christians should work to emulate Jesus who was a worker.
      • Those who do not work should not eat/enjoy the benefits of work.
      • Christians should not overwork/enslave others.
      • Those who work should get a just wage.
      • People should work faithfully/diligently
      • Work should be done in an orderly manner.   (8x1=8 marks)
      • The church encourages people to start income generating activities.
      • The church provides loans to the unemployed to start small scale businesses.
      • The church creates job opportunities through establishing church projects.
      • It teaches the youth about the dignity of manual work/encourages the youth to participate in agriculture.
      • It organizes seminars for the unemployed on how to utilize their potential.
      • It condemns corrupt practices which interfere with recruitment processes.
      • It trains the youths on vocational skills that are necessary for employment.
      • It tries to be fair when recruiting people for various jobs.     (6x1=6 marks)
      • Inventions from science and technology have been used to control diseases.
      • It has enabled human beings to take care of the environment effectively
      • Use of media has enabled people to access and pass information with ease.
      • Modern means of transport enables people to travel faster/enhanced trade
      • Scientific devices have been invented to enhance security.
      • Use of industrial machines enables work to be done faster/efficiently
      • It has improved the agricultural sector/increased production.
      • New sources of energy have been invented thus improving the living standards of people.
      • It has led to better exploitation of natural resources.    (8x1=8 marks)
      • God is the one who gives life and thus He should be the only one to take it away.
      • Euthanasia is equal to murder which is biblically condemned.
      • It destroys God’s image in human beings.
      • Medical ethics allows the doctor to sustain life and not to take it away.
      • It is against Jesus’ mission on earth to heal the sick.
      • The works of mercy involve saving lives and not destroying it.
      • It is the constitutional right to uphold human life.
      • Suffering is part of a Christian’s life and therefore should not be used to justify euthanasia.    (6x1=6 marks)
      • Christians should practice afforestation / reafforestation programs.
      • By practicing agro-forestry.
      • Using alternative sources of energy as opposed to charcoal/firewood.
      • Creating awareness to the public on how to preserve the environment/
      • Participating in environmental conservation programs.
      • Giving financial assistance to bodies involved in controlling desertification.
      • Protecting all water catchment areas.
      • Practicing better methods of farming.
      • Reporting cases of forest destruction to relevant authority.
      • Participating in the enactment of laws on environmental conservation.
      • Providing guidance and counseling to those involved in activities related to environmental degradation.  (6x1=6 marks)
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