English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Kangundo Subcounty Pre Mock Exams 2021/2022

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Instructions to candidate

  1. Write your name and index number in the spaces provided above
  2. Sign and write the date of the examination in the spaces provided above
  3. Answer three questions only
  4. Question one and two are compulsory
  5. In question three, choose only one of the optional texts, only the first one to appear will be marked.
  6. Where a candidate present work on more than one optional text, only the first one to appear will be marked
  7. Candidates must answer the questions in English


    1. Write a composition ending with the following statement
      ……………………………………………. when I finally heard the gun shot, I instinctively closed my eyes and waited for the impact.
    2. Write a story to illustrate the proverb; “Good things come to those who wait.”
  2. The Compulsory text .
    H.R Ole Kulet, Blossoms of the Savannah.
    Sometimes in human life help can come when least expected. Write an essay in support of this statement drawing evidence from the Blossoms of the Savannah.
  3. The Optional set texts.
    1. In life’s confinement it is positive thinking that creates comfort and ultimate success. Write an essay in support of this statement drawing evidence from the story; The umbrella by Sddhartha Gigoo.
    2. Drama- Inheritance by David Mulwa.
      A person’s weakness can lead to their downfall. Justify this statement using the character Lacuna Kasoo in Inheritance.
    3. The pearl by John Steinbeck.
      Using the Pearl by John Steinbeck, write an essay to support the proverb, “All that glitters is not gold”


    1. Must be a story, if not deduct 4mks AD
      Must end with the given words, if not deduct 2mksAD
      Give preference to linguistic competence
    2. Must be a story, if not deduct 4mks AD
      Must be relevant to the given saying, if not deduct 4mks AD
      Give preference to linguistic competence

AN ‘A’SCRIPT (16-20)

Relevant to the subject
Very good arrangement
Script arouses the reader’s interest and enthusiasm
Very well developed, mature script.
Many items of merits e.g. vocabulary, sentence variety, fluency, humor, figures of speech, punctuation, good links, definite fluency .

Wide range of vocabulary and idioms.
Great variety of sentence structure
Many items of merit
Vivid sustained account
No spelling problem
Tenses and punctuation -very good

Positive ability
Few errors that do not mark the impact of the scrip.
Fluent, variety of sentences
Good vocabularies and idioms
No grammar problems- definites SPARK.

A-: VERY GOOD (16-17)
Has the “spark” and excellence of A+ and A
Vocabularies, idioms and sentence structure.
Still impressive, good grammar.

B CLASS (11-15)
Good ability in English.
Some errors
Satisfactory treatment of subject.
Good arrangement
Good sentence variety but not as varied /complex as the “A” Scripts.

Variety of sentence structure but of a simple nature, straight forward.
Fair range of vocals and idioms.
Natural and effortless, fair ability.
Some linguistic competence.

Varied sentence but rather simple and straight forward
Does not strain to impress
Fair range of vocabulary and idioms
Natural and effortless.
Some items of merit, economy of language.

Fair linguistic ability
Some range of vocabulary.
Fair use of sentence structure.
Little variety of sentences/
Some errors in speech, punctuation and tenses.

C CLASS (06- 10)
Flat treatment of uncertain language
A good number of errors
Subject undeveloped
Some digression
Weak arrangement and jerky development
Mother tongue interference evident.

C+ (9-10)
Poor communication
Simple concepts
Sentence forms often strained
Much less fluency than the B Scripts.
Little range of vocabulary, idioms at time misused’
Some errors of agreement, tenses, preps, spelling etc.

C (08)
Candidate communicates but there are mistakes that interrupts the smooth flow of the thoughts.
Linguistic resources very limited.
Pull, flat and jerky
Some gross errors in sentence structure.
No variety of sentences.
Poor sentence and paragraph links.

C- (06-07)
Although the candidate still communicates, he is still hampered by his limited knowledge of English.
In fact, many mistakes such as serious errors of agreement, spelling, prepositions, tenses, verbs formation and sentence construction are limited.

D CLASS (01-05)
Broken English, frequent errors
Subject glanced at or distorted
Arrangement muddled.
Development-erratic or non-existent.

D+ (4-5)
Although the English is broken and the account full of errors, we can still get some information.

D (03)
Flow of thoughts almost impossible to follow
Full of gross errors

D- (01-2)
Chaotic, little meaning whatsoever
Flow of thoughts almost impossible to follow
Errors are continuous

Sometimes in human life help can come when least expected. Write an essay in support of this statement drawing evidence from BOTS.
In BOTS, many people reach the end of the tether in difficulty situations and are just about to give up when help comes. Most instances of help appear coincidental but nonetheless, they change the course of life of the character as well as shaping the rest of the novel.
Body/ Content.

  1. Olarinkoi rescues Resian and Taiyo from near rape incident. He seems to be at the right place at the right time. He happens to be the savior of Resian and Taiyo when they need help most. He comes to the rescue of the two girls when they are coming from their father’s shop and are about to be raped by two men. Olarinkoi single-handedly saves the girls by fighting the men. Resian and Taiyo are much grateful and would not want to imagine what would have happened if he had not come at that time, even fearing that they would have been infected with HIV.
  2. Resian is betrayed by the father on two fronts; refusing to take her to Egerton university and intending to forcibly marry her off to Oloisudori but Olarinkoi again comes to the rescue of Resian when she discovers her father’s betrayal by planning to marry her off to Oloisudori. He comes to her rescue when she is even contemplating committing suicide by drowning herself into
    the river. At the same time, Oloisudori and his men are looking for her to abduct her. Olarinkoi promises to take her to Minik whom she had been yearning to meet someday. Although the help turns disastrous with Olarinkoi turning against her, she is able to escape the current wrath of Oloisudori.
  3. Taiyo is rescued from the hands of her circumcisers by Minik’s men. Mimik’s rescue team use tricks to rescue her from the well-guarded home which she would not have escaped in her sickly state. Were it not Minik’s intervention, Taiyo would surely have been forcefully married off to Oloisudori after healing. The rescue gives Taiyo a new lease of life, reunion with her sister and of course, physical and emotional recovery.
  4. Nabaru helps Resian out of Olarinkoi’s intention to circumcise and marry her.
  5. Minik’s help to Resian and Taiyo perhaps is the most important event that completely changes their lives. She gives refugee to the girls in her ranch hence protecting them from marauding men like Oloisudori and Olarinkoi. She gives Resian a job in the ranch hence giving her something to live on and promises her a scholarship from the ranch. Most importantly, she is able to have the two girls enrolled at Egerton university, their dream university.

These kind gestures create a happy ending in a novel that has been dominated by sad events.
When people are about to despair, that is usually the point when help comes.
Expect any four well illustrated points marks 3:3:3:3 . Total 12.
Introduction 2marks.
Conclusion 2 Marks.
Grammar 4 Marks.

Question 3 The Optional Text.
The Short Story : Memories We Lost.

In life’s confinement, it is positive thinking and hope that creates comfort and ultimate success.

In the story “Umbrella Man” it is evident that optimism is what one needs to endure toughest of times and see one through to success as demonstrated by the inmate, number 7.
Body/ Content.

  1. Number 7 is given the privilege of going out of the gates because of his obedience and calmness, a position that the other inmates do not enjoy. (pg 46)
  2. He ensures that he is psychologically at peace with himself and when there is threat of loneliness in the night, he recreates amity with a child in his dreams. He keeps on consoling the child until it becomes happy. (pg 48,50)
  3. He turns a rejected umbrella and makes it his soul mate and it gives him hope to surge on and live in permanent expectation of good tidings.it becomes his companion and psychologically thrive es in its companionship, the symbolic expectation of rains that eventually comes with positivity. (pg 48)
  4. The rain is important to the umbrella man. Rain signifies life and with it abundance and constant hope. The conversation he has with the barber shows how deeply inclined he is to the hope of a brighter future and he urges the barber to see it his way. And as if to confirm his belief, it rains the very day he is released. (pg 46,48,50)
  5. The puny little fellow is symptomatic of the yearning for freedom (pg 49,50)

In conclusion, number 7 keeps to the faith as he lives it and at the end, the hopes is realized when he is released from both physical and psychological bondage.
Expect any four well illustrated points
Mark 3;3;3;3
Total 12mks
Introduction 2 Mks
Conclusion 2mks
Grammar 4.
For a student to score 4mks in grammar there must be a good introduction and valid conclusion otherwise a maximum of 3mks 

Question 3(b) The Inheritance David Mulwa.
David Mulwa’s play, “Inheritance” is a satirical play which is mocking the bad characteristics of leader Lacuna Kasoo, which are key contributors to his downfall.

Body / Content.
Firstly, Lacuna Kasoo is seen to be materialistic. He has a desire to get all the wealth in the world, even if it is at the expense of his people. He borrows from foreign counties, and funnily enough, he misappropriates the money and even goes to store it in foreign accounts , opened in the same bank he borrowed from, in the name of Kutula.
Secondly, he is also known to be lustful. This is the major trait that contributes to his downfall. He develops an insatiable desire to marry Lulu and have sex with her, because according to him, this will give him a new lease of life, and also helps him to connect with the dead and unborn. This is evident infact that he pulls his key advisors on governance matters in petty issues of planning his night escapade with Lulu. This makes him blind to the state of the nation. He also falls out with Robert, one of the financiers because he talked to Lulu. He finally is thrown out of power because the foreign power does not support him anymore.
Thirdly his pride is another major contributor to his downfall. He is first of all very determined to create a gap between himself and the citizens. This he does by impoverishing them and making himself super rich. He says he cannot move around in an insect of a car whereas other world leaders are rolling across the sky.
He buys himself a plane, and even at some point compares himself with God. This later sees to his downfall, because all people turn against him. Also, he is temperamental. This makes him to make rush decisions which make him fall into trouble. He jails the foreign financiers after Robert freezes his accounts to recover part of the loan he had taken.
This is despite the advice by Chipande against the same. He also orders for the evacuation of the people from Bukelenge Valley so that the foreigners can occupy it and do farming.
Another decision which he makes in a rush is to introduce martial law, and enclose all his people in their houses in a 24hour curfew. This only serve to fuel the rebellion of his subject.
In addition to that, he is a cruel leader. It is evident in the fact that he kills his own father by poisoning him. He also jails Romanos Bengo for giving him stiff political competition and even winning against him. For that he wants to kill him. He tries to use his brother, Bengo to execute the killing and when he refuses, he sacked him and later beaten ruthlessly and dumped at his door. He is later killed in an ‘accident’ in Lacuna Kasoo mines. This infuriates the citizens, particularly Ramanus Bengo, who leads the rest in overthrowing him. This we can say was Lacuna’s own making.

In conclusion, we can say that the traits mentioned above, among others, are contributors to Lacuna Kasoo’s downfall.

Expect any four well illustrated points. Mark 3:3:3:3
Total 12mks
Introduction 2 Marks
Conclusion (2mks)
Grammar 4.

3.c) The Pearl John Steinbeck.


Whenever we get something good, we remain optimistic that our lives will change unfortunately, this valuable thing can sometimes cause suffering and misfortunes in our lives.

  • Mark any relevant introduction. 2marks
  • Can be general, contextualized or both.

Body / Content.
Kino loses his canoe. After killing a man who attempted to steal the pearl, Kino intends to escape with the family. The boat is a pined possession to Kino and his people. pg.87
He finds that the boat had been destroyed by being punctured with a hole. This was an evil beyond thinking. The killing of a man was not so evil as the killing of a boat, for a boat does not have a soul, and a boat cannot protect itself. Kino’s canoe was the one thing of value he owned.
Coyotito dies. In Kino’s struggle with the trackers who were out to get the Pearl, Coyotito is killed. One of the trackers shoot Coyotito thinking that it was coyote after he hears Coyotito’s cry. Coyotito is only Kino’s child and he loses the very person he intends to provide better life for.
Kino loses his home. Kino’s brush house is burnt. They find shelter at Juan Thomas house. We are told that Kino broke into a run; it was his brush house, he knew it.
Kino loses his dignity. When Kino finds the “Pearl of the world” all manner of people become interested in the pearl. He is attacked by different dark fingers who want the Pearl and he ends up killing a man and the attackers. Pg 84, He heard the rush got his knife out and lunged at one dark figure and felt his knife go home… not in an instant, Juana knew that the old life was gone forever. A dead man in the path and Kino’s knife, dark – bladed beside him. He also kills the trackers pg. 115. By trying to depend the Pearl and he ends up killing all the people.
Kino becomes violent. Strikes and kicks Juana in the side when she tries to throw the Pearl at night.

In summary fortunes or things that are seen to change our lives end up causing suffering and misfortunes in our lives and our families.
(Any valid conclusion)
Expect any four well illustrated points. Mark 3:3:3:3
Total 12marks.
Introduction 2 mks
Conclusion 2mks
Grammar 4 mks

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