English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Mumias West Pre Mocks 2022

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  1. You are the H.O.D, English and library in your school. You ordered for some textbooks online as reference materials for students and teachers in the library. Everything was done according to order.  The books were delivered to the school; received by the storekeeper for entry into the stores ledger; and, then passed on to the librarian for processing ready for the various readers in library. A cheque was raised as payment. When you went through them  however, you discovered that the books have faults.   For instance, there is one title with 2 missing pages;  the History  text book  has wrong facts.  For example it says that Mwai Kibaki was the 1st president of Tanzania; and the binding is poor. The papers easily come off. All this is unfortunate.  You have decided to return the books to the sender. Request them to send correct copies of the books or can they refund the money? (20 marks)
    This should be sent to:
    The sales manager,
    The Kenya literature bureau – Kenya
    P.O. Box 1300 – 50102
    This should be written through your principal.
    Fill in the blank spaces in the following passage with the most appropriate word.
    Electronic mail,  also known as (1)---------------------, is an online feature that lets you send a message from your computer to another computer, (2)----------------------- the other computer is next door or across the world.  You receive messages in an electronic storage space called a mailbox and each e-mail system has (3)-------------------------- electronic system administrator that controls the e-mail.
    E-mail is faster,  less (4)------------------------, more convenient and more spontaneous than (5)-------------------------- methods of communication. Voice mail is a more personal way of communicating because you can hear the (6)------------------------ of voice and the  emotion of the speaker.
    The elements of grammar, punctuation, and spelling are just as important for e-mail as they are for traditional means of communication.  E-mail messages, (7)------------------, are short and concise. Since communicating  emotion online is difficult, (8)----------------- sarcasm or too much humour when composing your messages. Always  be courteous.
    When using e-mail be aware that deleted messages do not disappear completely.  Many computer networks automatically back (9)--------------- all e-mail messages, and these messages may stay in computer  for years.  E-mails are not private; therefore, avoid sending (10)------------------- information.  An e-mail message can be read, forwarded, and even changed by other people without your knowledge.
    1. Read the oral narrative below and then answer the questions that follow:
      Bushbaby and Chameleon
      A long time ago, all the animals of the forest called a meeting. At the meeting, it was decided to organize a racing content to determine the fastest animal in the jungle.
      Among the participants in the race was the famous Bushbaby. Now, Bushbaby was the most feared animal in the forest on account of her speed and agility. The other animals felt that this was going to be a walkover for Bushbaby. And so they all hesitated. Even other fast runners like Antelope and Gazelle hesitated. However, Chameleon came forward and said he  would compete against Bushbaby. Now, this drew a jeer from the crowd. Who didn’t know that  Chameleon was among the  slowest animals in the jungle?
      This, however, didn’t discourage him. He reiterated his decision to challenge Bushbaby in the race. The race started with  the blowing of a whistle. Bushbaby set off like lightning.  But before she could pass Chameleon, the latter threw his hands out and held onto Bushbaby’s long hairy tail. He clung to it like a magnet.
      At the finish line, Chameleon was the first to sit down. As Bushbaby was preparing to sit, she heard a firm voice from behind her.
      “Hey,  my friend. Don’t sit on me”. This was Chameleon talking. He had won the race.
      And there ends my story. But may I not end with it. 
      1. Classify the oral narrative. (2mks)
      2. How can we justify that this is an oral narrative? (6mks)
      3. If you were performing this oral narrative, how would you perform the statement by Chameleon: “Hey, my friend, don’t sit on me!” (2mks)
    2. Your younger sister is trying to compose a poem with a rhyme scheme. She has come up with the following list of words. Advise on any three pairs of rhyming words (3mks)
      Worn sky have beat
      Pay joy feet mean
      Destroy star lean
      Are moan dear
      Mourn love starm
      Nun none
    3. Underline the letters representing the sounds that are silent in the following English words: (5mks)
      Comb, would, pedal, buffet, yacht.
    4. Correct the mistakes in the following sentences so that they are both meaningful and grammatical. (4mks)
      1. Their is a liver running across the pack.
      2. A pig boy shore the bully pit the girl and reported the incident to the hate boy.
      3. The Minster is a whitely-red men.
      4. Your unkind words hart my hert though not as much as the small hut heart my head.
      5. List four words with the following sound symbols: (4mks)
    5. Give suitable responses to the following conversation. (4mks)
      “Why are you not in class?  Asked the teacher.
      …………………………………………………………., answered Njeri.
      “Why are you being punished? ”
      …………………………………………………………replied the student.
      “You should not be bullying the younger students!”
      ………………responded the student.
      “When you have completed the punishment, come to my office.”
      ………………………………,replied the student.


  1. Functional skills
    This should be a letter – business letter.
    It should be formal.
    Format – 6 marks
    Features 7 marks
    1. Senders ½ Address – no name of writer on address   or =0.
    2. Date ½
    3. Recipient’s address.
      • Must have officer receiving if not = 0
      • No date on this address or = 0
      • No name on this address or =0
    4. The salutation
      • Dear Sir
      • Dear Madam 
    5. RE:  In capitals, underlined.
    6. Body.
    7. Complementary close.
      Yours faithfully,
      Name - must be in full, not initials, not one name. All these must appear.
      Designation - HOD not any other.
      The order must be upheld or = 0
  2. Content 8 marks
    This should capture the following:
    1. I, (we) ordered for books online as ref. materials for students, and teachers in the library.
    2. Everything was done according to order.
    3. The books were delivered, received by The Storekeeper for entry into the stores ledger.
      Then passed on to the librarian for processing, ready for the readers in the library.
    4. A cheque was drawn/raised as  payment.
    5. However, when we went through them, we have discovered that the books have faults.
      1. There’s a title with two missing pages.
      2. The History text book has wrong facts e.g.it says Kibaki was president of Tanzania.
      3. The binding is poor – the papers easily come off.
    6. Therefore, we have decided to return the books to you (the sender).
    7. We request you to sent corrected copies/without faults or 
    8. Can you refund the money we request you to refund the money.
      Language 5 marks
      Explore the full range of five names
      Do not give zero unless candidate has not attempted the question.
      Cloze test
      1. e-mail
      2. whether
      3. an
      4. experience
      5. traditional
      6. tone
      7. however
      8. avoid
      9. up
      10. sensitive/personal
      1. Trickster narrative 1mk
      2. Chameleon jumps on Bushbaby’s tail and emerges the winner of the race, by trick. 1mk
      3. The candidate should identify features  unique to oral narratives in this narrative.
        • It has opening formular - long time ago.
        • It has fantasy – the animals organised a racing contest in the jungle.
          (Any other relevant illustrations)
        • It has fantasy – animals, organised a racing contest in the jungle.
        • It has dialogue – the dialogue – the Chameleon and Bushbaby at the end of the narrative.
        • It has closing formula - And there ends my story.      
      4. I would use facial expressions – smile 1mk as I say the statement.
        I would raise my voice – as to be heard that I have won.
        I would shout  to warn/draw attention – I am already here.
        I would use gesture – point a finger at Bushbaby.
        Any 2 – identify and explain, each 1 mark.
    2. Destroy (ii) Feet (iii) nun (iv)  are (v)  lean
      Joy beat none star mean
      Any four pairs
    3. Comb
      Would - would any one
      NB: Check underlining  or over-underlining.
    4. There is a river running across the park.
      A big boy saw the bully beat the girl and reported the incident to the head boy.
      The minister is a widely read man.
      Your unkind words hurt my heart though not as much as the small hat hurt my head.
      NB. The whole answer must be correct  to score.
      If there is a there is a wrong correction the whole answer is denied.
    5. /   / Shape
      /   / The
      /t/ Team
      NB:  Allow any other correct answer for each of the sounds.
      a) /a:/  Star
      Psalm etc.
      NB:  All any other correct answer for each of the sounds.
      1. “I am being punished.” Answered Njeri.
      2. “I am being punished because I bullied a form 1 student.”
      3. I am really sorry sir, I won’t do it again.”
      4. Yes sir.
        NB:  Allow any acceptable responses. Ensure the correct punctuations i.e 
        Quotation marks.
        Even if there’s one error in a response award = 0
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