IRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Bunamfan Cluster Pre Mock Exam 2022

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  • This paper consists of SIX questions
  •  Answer any FIVE questions in the spaces provided at the end of question six
  • Candidates should answer the questions in English


    1. Explain the reasons for divorce in the society (8mks)
    2. Give six reasons why abortion is prohibited in Islam (6mks)
    3. Identify any six deeds that lead to piety and righteousness (6mks)
    1. What is the significance of practicing honest in trade (8mks)
    2. Explain the importance of Eddat (6mks)
    3. State any six rights of a Muslim girl child (6mks)
    1. Discuss any four factors that will prevent a heir from inheriting (8mks)
    2. How does Islam empower women economically (6mks)
    3. Describe any six ways through which Muslims can assist in the eradication of corruption in the society(6mks)
    1. Discuss four differences between Hijra to Madina and Hijra to Abyssinia (8mks)
    2. Identify any six allegations labelled against caliph Uthman (6mks)
    3. Outline the achievements of the Ummayad Dynasty (6mks)
    1. Outline the challenges faced by Muslims in the spread of Islam in East Africa in the period between 1700 and 1900 A.D. (8mks)
    2. Discuss ways in which the Muslim city states on East African Coast facilitated the spread of Islam in the region (7mks)
    3. Mention five economic activities practiced during the Jahiliyyah period (5mks)
    1. Describe six lessons that a Muslim can learn from sheikh al Amin Mazrui (6mks)
    2. Explain measures introduced by Hassan Al Banna to reform the Egyptian society (7mks)
    3. State Imam Ghazal’s views on children’s education (7mks)

Marking Scheme

    1. Reasons for divorce in the society (8mks)
      • In event of suspicion that the wife is being unfaithful. The suspicion however should be backed with evidence.
      • If love, affection and kindness are missing between the two married people.
      • When the husband or wife is sexual incapable.
      • Instigation of the relatives which leads to divorce.
      • Lack of proper preparation before entering into the institution of marriage.
      • Following traditions of the west where divorce is the order of the day.
      • Ignorance of both husband and wife as a miner issues may end up breaking the family.
      • When the husband decided to add another wife, the first wife prefers to be divorced rather than to face competition.
      • Lack of respect on both sides may leads to request for divorce on either side.
      • Negligence of one spouse to fulfills his/her responsibility in the marriage, hence leading divorce
      • The husbands tend to divorce their wives because of their improved status i.e. promotion at work.
      • Law economic status on the parts of the husband, or wife tends to inclined to follow where there is better life.
      • Incitation from the neighbors or family member to one spouse against one of the othe 8x1
    2. Reasons why abortion is prohibited in Islam (6mrks)
      • It can be fatal or injurious to the other
      • It is murder
      • It is an anti-social and shameful act
      • It is against the law of the land
      • Life is sacred and nobody has the right to take it
      • It is against the right of the child
      • The experience causes trauma and psychological suffering 6x1
    3. Deeds that lead to piety and righteousness (6mks)
      • Giving sadaqa
      • Paying zakat
      • Praying consistently
      • Making honest and just judgements
      • Saying the truth
      • Feeding the needy and orphans
      • Exercising self control
      • Being contented with what one has
      • Practicing patience 6x1
    1. Significance of practicing honest in trade (8mks)
      • An honest trader will find more and more cusomers
      • Its an act of worship and therefore rewardable
      • It eliminates poverty
      • It builds the Muslim brotherhood
      • It creates happiness in the society
      • It leads to success and prosperity in business
      • It creates development of trust towards each other
      • It strengthens the relationship between the trader and the customers
      • It prevents the customers from exploitation 8x1
    2. Importance of Eddat (6mks)
      • It is an obligatory act for a woman following divorce or death of husband
      • It is a show of respect to the deceased if it’s the case
      • It is time for reflection for the couples if alive
      • It is a sign of sanctity of the institution of marraige
      • A proof that there is no pregnancy from the womans previous marriage
      • To avoid unnecessary conflicts and disputes regarding paternity of a child
      • In case of divorce it accords the husband an opportunity to revoke the divorce 6x1
    3. Rights of a Muslim girl child (6mks)
      • To be educated
      • To be provided with basic needs inheritance
      • To play with friends
      • To be protected from harm
      • To be brought up in an islamic way
      • Inheritance left behind by the deceased 6x1
    1. Factors preventing a heir from inheritance (8mks)
      • Difference in religion
      • Murder
      • Slavery
      • Born outside wedlock 4x2
    2. Islamic ways of empowering women economically (6mks)
      • Accorded the right to own property
      • Allowed to engage in income generating project
      • Entitled to definite share of inheritance
      • Allowed to receive dowry when getting married
      • Married women should be taken care by their husbands
      • Right to education which provides means for employment 6x1
    3. Ways in which Muslims can assist in eradication of corruption (6mks)
      • Muslims should neither accept nor give bribes
      • Reporting those involved in corruption
      • Those in authority should make appointments based on merits
      • Advocating for good governance, fairness and justice in all dealings
      • Creating public awareness through mass media
      • Advocating for severe punishments for those engaged in corruption
      • Educating children in school to inculcate good virtues 6x1
    1. Differences between Hijra to Madina and Hijra to Abysinnia (8mks)
      • Hijra to Abbysinia was made to a just king who happened to be a non-Muslim while that to Madina was to join Muslim brothers.
      • The prophet joined Muslims in migrating to Madina while the hijra to Abbysinia was led by Jaafar bin Abitalib.
      • The number of Mulsims who migrated to Abbysinia was just a few while more than 300 families migrated to Madina.
      • The hijra to Abbysinia was temporary while that to Madina was a permanent one.
      • Before the migration to Madina,emissaries were sent by the prophet while none were sent for the migration to Abbysinia.MusabibnUmayr 131 was sent in advance by the prophet to madina.
      • Muslims travelled in small groups during the hijra to Madina while they travelled as one group to Abbysinia.
      • The migration to Abbysinia come much earlier in the year 615AD than the migration to Madina which was in the year 622AD.
      • Hijra to Madina was conducted openly and secrectly but of that to Abbysinia was totally secretive. 8x1
    2. Allegations labelled against Caliph Uthman (6mks)
      • They alleged that Sayidna Uthman was removing Hashimites from the big offices to create room for the Ummayads.
      • They alleged that Sayidna Uthman was extravagant and he gave away money to his relatives, thus squandered the Baitul-Maal.
      • They alleged that Sayidna Uthman burnt the Holly Quran.
      • He was accused of mistreating recognized companions i.e. Amar ibn Yasser and Abdullah Ibn Masoud and that he forced Abu Dhar al-Ghafar (RA) to live in village.
      • He was accused of calling back his uncle Hakim bin A`s to Medina who was exiled by the prophet (saw) 6x1
    3. Achievements of Umaiyyad Dynasty (6marks)
      • Restoration of law and order throughout the Muslim empire
      • Expansion of the Muslim empire
      • Conquest of the Muslim territories
      • Introduced proper administration system and built a strong and efficient army
      • Established of a department of registry
      • Introduced postal services
      • The building of the first Muslim navy
      • Arabic was made official language of the whole Islamic nation
      • Standardization of currency used to in the whole Muslim empire by introducing gold, silver and copper coins
      • Introduced vowels and diacritical marks in the Arabic script
      • Liberation of knowledge/ freedom of learning 6x1
    1. Challenges faced by Muslims in the spread of Islam in E.A.C. in the period between 1700 and 1900 AD (8mks)
      • The Arab Muslim came to the coast to trade but not to spread Islam
      • Islam was associated with slavery since the traders who came to coast were slave traders
      • Muslims lacked funds and resources to assist them in the spread of Islam
      • Christian missionaries offered incentives to people who converted to Christianity while Arab Muslims offered none
      • Some traditional beliefs and practices of the local people contradicted Islamic teachings e.g circumcision hence discouraged them from embracing Islam.
      • The colonialists supported the Christian missionaries to spread Christian but did not support the Muslim.
      • Tropical diseases, hostile tribes and difficult terrain of the interior discouraged the Muslims from venturing into the interior to spread Islam. 8x1
    2. Role of Muslim city states on the East Africa in the spread of Islam (7mks)
      • Intermarriages
      • Establishment of mosques and madrasas
      • Employment opportunities
      • Trade
      • Interaction
      • City states were ruled by Muslim rulers who extended their authority beyond the neighboring local communities
      • Locals visiting their relatives taking Islam with them to the villages 7x1
    3. Five religious practices that existed during the Jahiliyyah period (5mks)
      • Barter Trade
      • Agriculture
      • Slavery
      • Hunters
      • Nomadism
      • Lending money on interest 5x1
    1. Lessons Muslim youth can learn from Sheikh Al Amin Mazrui (8mks)
      • Muslims should devote their lives to the service of Islam
      • They should strive to become scholars and attain higher levels of education
      • They should perfect their characters and behaviour by implementing the teaching of Islam
      • Appreciating and emulating the art of writing books on islamic matters and its distribution to spread Islam
      • Supporting the education for women as an important part in the upbringing of an upright society
      • It is the will of Allah that one gets success in this world
      • Muslims should strive to establish Islamic schools such as Maadrassas
      • Muslims should work hard to attain leadership positions
      • Muslims should propagate Islamic religion through public lectures
      • Muslims should strive to disseminate education to all 8x1
    2. Measures introduced by Hassan Al Banna to reform Egyptian society (7mks)
      • He founded Ikhwanul Muslimun which focused on social and moral programs
      • He appealed to Muslims not to imitate the west ideology
      • Advocated for Muslim brotherhood by following the Quran, sunnah and practices of the early Muslims
      • Emphasized on unity of Muslims
      • He tried to reform and modernize the Muslim society through Islamic principles
      • Wrote and published books on social religious and political issues affecting the Muslims
      • He established communities of sincere believers who were distinguished from the rest of the Egyptian society
      • Opened youth institutions to motivate the youth and empower them economically 7x1
    3. Imam ghazalis views on children education (7mks)
      • Children should be educated so as to realize their potential
      • The elementary stage of education for children should include Quran and hadith
      • Parents and teachers should positively gear the children in education
      • Children should not be taught the love for money
      • Boys should start their education very early
      • Education should encompass the changing needs of the child that results from growth development
      • Children should be guided to observe fast for a few days, observe cleanliness and avoid wearing gold, silver and silk
      • Children must learn to obey and respect teachers and the parents 7x1

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