English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Sukellemo Joint Pre Mock Exams 2022

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    You are the secretary of the Drama Club in your school.  The Club has just held its second meeting.  Eight of its ten members attended.  The Club Patron and an invited speaker also attended.  During the meeting the following issues were discussed:  A visit to the Bomas of Kenya, clib’s financial status participation in Drama festivals.  Members raised two other issues not captured in the Agenda.  The issue of members’ annual subscription fee was revisited.  Write down the minutes of the meeting (20mks)
  2. Q2. CLOZE TEST (10MKS)

    Wolves and domestic dogs share the (1)_______________ basic anatomy, physiological and patterns of behavior; they are (2)____________ generally long bodied, large eared and strong-jawed and possess highly developed (3)_______________ of sight, hearing and smell.  Most of the differences such (4)____________ colour patterns and the domestic dog’s (5)____________ to carry its tail erect or tightly (6)__________ are a result of deliberate breeding by humans.  Barking, once confused the picture for it was widely believed. (7)___________ Grey wolves did not bark.  But detailed (8)____________________ of wolves in the wild have revealed that  (9)_______________ their hunting and territorial patrolling, they do not bark when (10)____________ their dens.
  3. Q3.  ORAL SKILLS (30 MKS)
    1. Read the narrative below and then answer the questions that follow. (8mks)
      Once upon a time there lived a man called Kiundu.  At one time it happened that two of the neighbouring villages were each going to eat an elder’s cow.  Since Kiundu because of his central position was acceptable in both villages he decided that he would have a share of both cows.  On the day appointed Kiundu woke up very early picked up his should er bad, fly whisk and three legged stool and made off to the first village.  There he found the elders tying the cow ready to kill and helped them to tie it.  He then excused himself and went on to th next village.  Here he found that the cow had already been killed and that they were busy skinning it.  He started talking to the elders, but his conscience told him that the other cow would be ready for sharing shortly.  So he excused himself and ran back there.  To his surprise and disappointment, he met people carrying their pieces of meat and he was told that nothing had been saved for him.  On hearing this unpleasant news, he doubled back to the other village, hoping against hope.  But as fate and luck would have it, he just arrived on the scene to see the last man disappear with his red chunk of meat round the corner.
      1. To this day we have a saying in Kimeru, ‘You will be lost in the mddle like Kiundu.’
      2. How would the narrator capture the audience’s attention at the beginning of this story? (2mks)
      3. Explain two non-verbal cues that you would use to render this story interesting. (2mks)
      4. How would you tell that your audience is fully involved in the performance of this story?  (2mks)
      5. State how you would say last paragraph of this narrative to effectively pass the moral intended. (2mks)
    2. Supply another word that is pronounced the same as the ones below. (5mks)
      1. Fair
      2. Whale
      3. Mourn
      4. Bow
      5. Blew
    3. You have been sent to a neighbouring school to participate in a group discussion.  Explain ways in which you would best benefit from the discussion. (4mks)
    4. In each of the following set of words identify the odd one out. (5mks)
      1. Fool Pool Full
      2. Thin Either Thunder
      3. Hard Heard Herd
      4. Ione Loan Lorn
      5. Cell Sell Sale
    5. Imagine you are a member of a committee that has been appointed to interview shortlisted candidates for the post of a store keeper in your company. (4mks)
      What four things would you do during the interview to ensure the success of the interview.
    6. Indicate the intonation that would be presume in each of the following words.  (4mks)
      1. He is a blessed farmer, isn’t he
      2. Come over here?
      3. Do you love music in English or your own language?.
      4. Which is your favourite subject?
      5. What a wonderful performance


    1. Title: should include the following
      • Name of the group meeting (includes name of school)
      • Venue of meeting
      • Date the meeting is taking place
      • Time the meeting starts.
    2. Members present – 8 members.
      Position of each should be indicated.
    3. Absent without apology – 2 members.
    4. In attendance. 2 i.e club patron & speaker
      NB:  Names and titles to be indicated.
    5. Preliminary – The student should clearly indicate how the meeting began – with a prayer / welcome by the chairperson.
    6. Reading and confirmation of minutes.  The following should be clearly stated.
      1. Reading of minutes of secretary
      2. Proposed by member (name to be given)
      3. Seconded by member (name to be given).
      4. Signing of minutes by chairperson & secretary
    7. Matters arising – learner should indicate
      1. Minute number of the previous meeting
      2. Feedback on the issue.
    8. The following issues should be captured clearly i.e deliberation and resolution.
      1. Visit to Bomas of Kenya
      2. Club’s financial status
      3. Participation in Drama festivals.
      4. NB: A mere mention will earn the learner half the mark allocated.
    9. Any other Business – 2 items
      Should be numbered.
    10. Adjournment & Next meeting
      1. How the meeting ended, i.e with a prayers
      2. Time the meeting ended.
      3. Date for the next meeting given.
    11. Confirmation
      Space for the date and signature for both secretary and chairperson should be left blank
    1. same
    2. both
    3. senses
    4. as
    5. tendancy
    6. curled
    7. that
    8. observations
    9. while
    10. defending
  3. Oral Skills (30MKS)
        • Can use a phrase that announces onest of the story e.g. have a story – story come.
        • Can ask the audience some questions that have relation to the story e.g how many of you have ever been invited to two simultaneous parties.?
        • A song allows for participation and can use it to set mood.
        • Could give a riddle.
        • Facial expression to mr. Kiundu’s dejected mien.
        • Can mimick Kiundu hurrying & painting as he shuffles between the two villages.
        • Can carry an imaginary fly whisk shoulder bag, 3 legged stool, - props to give a mental picture of Kiundu’s central position.
        • The level of participation – answering questions if asked, Nodding/shaking heads aptly.
        • If they are still and listening attentively
        • When they show apt facial expressions at different parts of the story – flown, smile approval.
        • When their eyes are trailed on the movements.
        • Can enunciate the words in this line for total effect.
        • Dramatic pause ..... then say.....”You will be lost in the middle like Kiundu”.
          Note:  1mk how to say it.
          1 mk for the effect
      1. Fair - Fare
      2. Whale - Wall
      3. Mourn - Morn
      4. Bow - Bough
      5. Blew - Blue
      • Listening to pauses in partners speech
      • Interrupt politely where necessary
      • Contribute generally during the discussion
      • Be time conscious
      • Should concede space
      • Take note of other members body language
      • Excuse himself to offer personal opinion
      • Employ turn-taking
      1. Fool Pool Full full
      2. Thin Either Thunder either
      3. Hard Heard Herd hard
      4. Ione Loan Lorn lorn
      5. Cell Sell Sale sale
        • State who you are and why you need to carry out the interview.
        • Strike a rapport to allow conclusive atmosphere before the interview.
        • Vary the type of questions to ask i.e “ yes or No” and open ended questions.  This gives room the interviewee to give more information.
        • Be brief and the point.
        • Observe the interviewees body language.
        • Observe all the conversational etiquette
        • Give the interviewee a chance to say anything or ask any question.
        • Thank the interviewee for attending the interview at the end of the session.
      1. He is a blessed farmer, isn’t he – falling - Rising
      2. Come over here? - falling
      3. Do you love music in English or your own language? - Rising
      4. Which is your favourite subject? - Falling
      5. What a wonderful performance – Falling  
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