English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Sukellemo Joint Pre Mock Exams 2022

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    Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.
    America has a long tradition of creativity. The expression Yankee ingenuity is an acknowledgement of this trait present Americans with a novel problem, especially technological and they are likely to come up with the solution sooner rather than later. That is the positive side. The downside is that in policy matters, Americans sometimes come up with the solutions and then look for personal problems on which to test them. Washington D.C, perhaps more than any other city in the world, has many solutions seeking problems to lock onto.
    If the solutions are successful, domestically or internationally, you can expect any amount of excitement and chest thumping, which is another hallmark of the American character. Modesty is frowned upon as something for sissies or failures. Countries and peoples are ready paradigm of winners and losers. Woe unto you if you are a ‘loser’. You will endure all manner of taunts and putdowns.
    To escape this fate, most Americans-including those who are demonstrably poor, call themselves middle class, which probably they are when compared to the poor in other places. But poverty is relative to immediate environment not to some distant places. One of the more recent American inventions is spinning not as in making clothes (the American textile industry has long being outsourced, notably from China another low wage country),but rather as in using words and other symbols amplified by the media to paint a picture of anything and everything in alight favorable to the presenter’s side.
    This past week, the world witnessed, yet again, this peculiar American habit of hype and more hype, in this instance, designed to drive the point home that America’s declared policy to force-feed democracy to recalcitrant societies has just scored a humongous victory. Following the Iraqi elections the turn out in particular, has been hailed as a stunning victory of American policy. Pitted against Iraqi Jihadists who are waging a relentless and ruthless insurgency, a scintilla of validation of America’s Iraqi policy was all that was necessary to set off celebratory fireworks.
    To those who recount narratives (the spinners), whose job it is to put a bright glass on things a clear picture of winners and losers are the Neanderthals; “thugs and assassins” in the words of the newly sworn in secretary of state Condeleeza Rice-the insurgents who threatened to wreak havoc on election day in Iraq but were thwarted.
    The high turnout was read as a violation of many things that were most likely absent from the minds of those Iraqi voters who cast their ballots. Before it was even known whom they had voted for and why, the whole enterprise was turned into cause for chest thumping by some American politicians, prompting John Kerry the loser in the November presidential race, to warn against hyping the Iraqi election.
    Who will listen to a loser? This is America! By the time Kerry spoke, the spinning was in full gear. It was another turning point, declared elated talking heads. Never mind that there have been numerous “turning pints” in Iraq’s tortured post-invasion experience. The winners were emerging.
    A few voices have urged caution but they are drowned out by the self-congratulation that has engulfed just about every major media outlet here.
    It is reminiscent of the chatter that followed Saddam Hussein’s capture. That was another turning point. The irony is that America has been through this before, in a different place, with almost the exact same headlines. In the late 1967, many American newspapers published flowery and upbeat stories on the elections held in South Vietnam at the height of the war. The turnout was nearly 83% despite Vietcong terror. The election was declared a success and a turning point that would lead to stabilization of the country and eventual defeat of the insurgents. Of course, nothing of the sort happened. History does not invariably repeat itself. Sometimes it does. Whatever one might think of it, history does always serve up many lessons. One of them is that a dose of modesty is always in order when confronted with vast historical forces or when seeking to rearrange complex societies their go hundreds, if not thousands, of years back.
    What may look like victory as first sight may turn out to be another opening to a complex and trying situation that control produce winners or losers. It looks like this what is emerging in Iraq. The millions who headed to the polls on the instructions of their electrical leaders (remember Grand Ayatollah Sistani declared it a religious duty to vote? May or may not have had a clear idea of what society were hoping to create. Their leaders probably do. Iraqis voted and they are justifiably proud of it. However, this should not be made to look like a first in the Islamic world, as it is being painted in the media. Not too long ago, an Islamic party had won a clear and convincing victory in a free and fair election in Algeria. It was never allowed to assume power. The international authorities desisted from calling the denial an affront to democratic practice. The man who cancelled the Algerian election results is feted in the very same quarter that now preach democracy.
    Society’s broken tyranny, war, fragmentation and other ills are not served by putdowns of important segments within them.
    The approach may produce winners in the short term but for more losers in the end. Moreover, here we are talking of those who could lose everything, including their lives, on a mass scale. A little modesty may just be what is needed to get people across the divide talking. After all, in the end, we are all losers.
    1. What is the negative side of America’s long tradition of creativity? (2marks)
    2. “Woe unto you if you are a loser.” What does the author mean by this statement? (2marks)
    3. Identify and explain an instance of irony in this passage.(3mks)
    4. What is the author’s attitude towards the Americans? Give reasons for your answer. (2marks)
    5. ‘...and the losers are Neanderthals; …’ explain how the Neanderthals became losers according to this passage. (2marks)
    6. What according to the passage is referred to as spinning? (2marks)
    7. Identify one American policy discussed in this passage. (2marks)
    8. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the passage. (5marks)
      1. Ingenuity
      2. Hallmark
      3. Engulfed
      4. Humongous
      5. Invariably
    Yes, that was how Oloisudori defined success, Ole Kaelo thought bitterly. And he and many others desired to define it in the same way. The archaic adage that exhorted young and upcoming businessmen to take care of cents and let the shillings take care of themselves was regarded by the likes of Oloisudori to be untenable. Instant riches, just as an instant tea or instant coffee were the in thing. And the instantaneous bliss brought in an on the sport feeling of well-being, felicity and happiness. That was what he himself had always wanted. And that was the reason, like a stinking rotten carcass would draw a torrent of flies to itself, people like him and many others got drawn to the murky business of Oloisudori.
    “But now the chicken had come home to roost,” Ole Kaelo lamented ruefully.
    Oloisudori was now demanding his pound of flesh. He recalled the events of that afternoon when Oloisudori came calling. Seeing him unexpectedly, had signaled trouble with his contracts. But Oloisudori had allayed his fears, saying all was well in that direction. That had restored his peace and calmed his frayed nerves. The success of the shop depended entirely on those contracts. It was, therefore, gratifying to hear him confirm that all was well. What did he want then? He had wondered. But he did not have to wonder for long for Oloisudori did not believe in niceties. He had lifted his head, and letting a small silence draw out between them, he told him, “There is a small matter that I would like to discuss.”
    1. Place the above excerpt in its immediate context (4mks)
    2. What relationship does Oloisudori have with Ole Kaelo? (2mks)
    3. What is the small matter that Oloisudori wishes to discuss? (2mks)
    4. Basing your answer on other parts of the text, explain how the above relationship affects the following members of the family
      1. Ole Kaelo (1mk)
      2. Mama Milanoi (1mk)
      3. Taiyo (1mk)
      4. Resian (1mk)
    5. Discuss the character traits of the following as seen in the excerpt (6mks)
      Ale Kaelo
    6. Explain the main issue implied in the excerpt (3mks)
    7. Give the meaning of the following words as used in the excerpt (3mks)
      1. Untenable
      2. Archaic
      3. Murky
    8. Rewrite the following sentences beginning with So…
      It was therefore gratifying to hear him confirm all was well
  3. POETRY( 20 MARKS)
    Should I
    Or should I not
    Take the oath to love
    This person I know little about?
    Does she love me
    Or my car
    Or my future
    Which I know little about?
    Will she continue to love me
    When the future she saw in me
    Crumbles and fades into nothing
    Leaving the naked me
    To love without hope?
    Will that smile she wears
    Last through the hazards to come
    When fate strikes
    Across the dreams of tomorrow?
    Or will she
    Like the clever passenger in a faulty plane
    Wear her life jacket
    And jump out to save her life
    Leaving me to crash into the unknown
    What magic can I use
    To see what lies beneath
    Her angel face and well-knit hair
    To see her hopes and dreams
    Before I take the oath
    To love forever?
    We are both wise chess players
    She makes a move
    I make a move
    And we trap watch other in our secret dreams
    Hoping to win against each other
    1. Briefly explain what the poem is about (3mks)
    2. Identify and describe the persona in the poem (2mks)
    3. Highlight three features of style used in the poem and show their effectiveness (6mks)
    4. Describe the attitude of the persona towards the ‘she’ in the poem (3mks)
    5. Comment on the tone of the persona (2mks)
    6. We are both wise chess player. Add a question tag (1mk)
    7. Explain the meaning of the following lines as used in the poem (3mks)
      1. Will that smile she wears last through the hazards to come
      2. Leaving the naked me
      3. the clever passenger in a faulty plane…
    1. Rewrite the following sentences as instructed: (4marks)
      1. He ran away. He shouted as he ran. (Rewrite to end ……. shouting)
      2. Wanga wrote an article. He posted it on the website. (Join the sentence to begin: Having….)
      3. Those men have messed up our lives. (Change into passive)
      4. She asked me who I was. (Change into direct speech).
    2. Use the correct form of the word given in brackets. (3 marks)
      1. The doctor’s evidence was……………......…….. (admit) in court because it was not foolproof.
      2. Their play was considered ……………......……….(decent) and was discontinued
      3. The contribution…………….......………(able) the couple to pay hospital bills
    3. Rewrite the following sentences to remove gender bias. (3marks)
      1. A professor should give his students opportunities to develop their skills.
      2. My sister was appointed chairman of the water project committee.
      3. The firemen took a long time to arrive at the scene of the accident.
    4. Use phrasal verbs formed from the words in brackets to fill the blank spaces (3marks)
      1. I am sorry you were not satisfied by our services, I will …….................………. your complaint at once. (Look)
      2. I……………....................…Michael when I was in town this morning (run)
      3. The last thing I would like to do is to …………............with my parents (fall)
    5. Give the two meanings of the following sentence (2marks)
      Mr. Gitau came to see you when you were out


    1. In policy matters, Americans sometimes come up with solutions and then look for problems on which to test them. 
    2. You are doomed to suffer because you have no say and will get no respect from the winners.
    3. Not so long ago, Islamic party won a clear and convincing victory in a free and fair election in Algeria but it was never allowed to assume power. The man called elections is fated in same quarters that now preach democracy
    4. The author is contemptuous towards the Americans. He says chest thumping is a hallmark of American character they like hyping about perceived victories from on modesty.
    5. Neanderthals are the insurgents who threatened to wreak havoc on Election Day in Iraq but they were thwarted and elections went on with a high turnout
    6. Spinning refers to using words and other symbols amplified by the media to paint a picture of anything and everything in a light favorable to the presenter’s side.
    7. To force-feed democracy to recalcitrant societies
      1. Ingenuity - cleverness and skill, originality of design
      2. Hallmark  - distinguished characteristic
      3. Engulfed  - surrounded/ covered something completely 
      4. Humongous  - very big
      5. Invariably - always
  2. EXCERPT (25 MKS)
    1. Resian and the mother has been left in the home and were busy cooking and discussing matters FGM when Oloisudori interrupts them with a knock. Resian is sent by the mother to check on who is at the door and finds Oloisudori who enquires if it is Ole Kaelo’s  home which she answers in the affirmative. He demands to see Ole Kaelo. He forces himself into the house. Resian informs the mother of the visitor and complains that he is ill-mannered. Her mother rebukes her and tells her to serve him tea and keep him company till the father comes.
      When Ole Kaelo gets home, Oloisudori shelves his monetary demands and expresses his interest in Resian which results in a lot of regret and pain in both Ole Kaelo and Mama Milanoi.
      Please consider this additionalinformation
      Mama Milanoi is introduced to Oloisudori and Ole Kaelo states that Oloisudori is like his brother and that he should never be denied anything. Resian goes out through the back door and towards the gate, she meets Taiyo and Joseph Parmuat sitting on a log chatting. She tells them of her encounter with Oloisudori and what she thinks about him.Joseph Parmuat tells them about Oloisudori's nature and leaves after talking to the two girls for sometime. Resian tells Taiyo about her earlier discussion with her mother.  As Taiyo and Resian climb the steps to the house, they meet Ole Kaelo and Oloisudori on their way out.  Ole Kaelo returns after  seeing Oloisudori off but the two girls notice that  he is troubled. He commands Resian that she should go back to the Kitchen and assist her mother. Taiyo remains in the living to close the windows and draw the curtains. She tries to talk to her father about what is troubling him  but he doesn't bulge. He tells her to go back to the kitchen and that he would retire early to bed. What follows is the troubled night in the excerpt. In a flashback, Ole Kaelo tells us about Oloisudori's ridiculous demands: that he is interested in Resian and his friend would also be interested in Taiyo.
    2. One of loaner and loanee/lender/lendee. Oloisudori had assisted Ole Kaelo in establishing his business and building his new home through the contracts he had assisted to win giving him financial stability at the moment.(2mks)
    3. He is interested in Resian and he wishes to relieve Ole Kaelo of his two daughters. (2mks)
    4. Ole Kaelo – He ends up buying in Oloisudori’s idea ond concequently loses his two daughters.
      Mama Milanoi – Betrays loses her two daughters.
      Taiyo – Is abducted and undergoes FGM
      Resian – Escapes from home and undergoes a lot of suffereing in the hands of Olarinkoi and his mother before she is assisted by Nabaru to get to Ntare Naaju Ranch where she meets her mentor Minik Emakererei.
      1 mk for each (total 4mks) 
    5. Ole Kaelo
      • Materialistic/
      • Bitter
      • Fearful/apprehensive
      • Regretful/
      • sly/cunning
      • intimidating
      • demanding
      • extortionate 
        For each 3mks. (Identification, illustration and explanation)6mks
    6. Materialism/greed
      Extortion3mks(Identification, illustration and explanation)
    7. Untenable – unjustifiable/
      Archaic – primitive,
      Murky -  questionable /dubious/shady/suspicious/ dirty
      1 mark each
    8. So gratifying it was to hear him confirm that all was well. 1mk
    1. The poem is about a groom who expresses his fears about marriage and the uncertainty with which he finds himself about the woman he is about to marry. He is not sure of her love for him or if it is his possession she loves like his car. (must illustrate)
    2. The persona is a groom who is about to marry. He is in a dilemma on whether to take the action or not owing to the fact that he knows little about the bride… should I or should I not take the oath to love…
    3. Rhetoric question: should I or should I not
      He is in a dilemma on whether to take action or not. It shows the indecisiveness of the persona
      Metaphor: her angel face.
      It shows that she is beautiful and innocent
      Symbolism: we are both wise chess players….
      Shows that each has to act wisely, measure their action and words
      Similes: or she like a clever passenger… shows the passenger is doubtful of being left in times of danger or trouble
      (Any 3. identification 1mk, illustration 1mk, effectiveness 1mk)
    4. The persona is apprehensive. He is doubtful of the unpleasant outcome of marriage
      The persona is fearful. Of the unknown in marriage
    5. Worried/anxious; the persona is not sure of the action to take and the possible outcome. He is not sure of how his partner will behave later in life… will that smile she wears last…
    6. Must rewrite the question
      We are both wise chess players, aren’t we?
      1. Will that smile she wears last through the hazards to come
        He wonders if the woman he loves will continue to smile or love him even during difficult times in marriage
      2. Leaving the naked me
        He fears he will be left exposed or lonely with nothing if anything happens and the marriage does not work
      3. …clever passenger in a faulty plane…
        He fears that the bride may choose to make the easier option of leaving him if the marriage does not work.QUESTION FOUR 
      1. He ran away shouting.
      2. Having written an article, Wanga posted it on the website (no mark without comma)
      3. Our lives have been messed up by those men.
      4. “Who are you?” she asked.
      1. Dismissed
      2. Indecency
      3. Enabled. 
      1. Professors should give their students opportunities to develop their skills/
        A professor should give his or her student opportunities to develop their skills/ A professor should give students opportunities to develop their skills.
      2. My sister was appointed the chairperson/ chair of the water project committee in our village.                               
      3. The fire fighters / fire brigade took a long time to arrive at the scene of the   accidents.
      • look into
      • ran into
      • fall out  
      1. The person being addressed was unconscious
      2. The person being addressed was away 

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