IRE Paper 2 Questions - Mumias West Pre Mock Exams 2023

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  • Answer any FIVE questions on the answer sheet provided. 
  • Candidates should answer in English. 

For  Examiner’s use Only 








Candidate’s score

Candidate’s score




    1. Explain the four modes of Wahyi (8mks)
    2. Outline the factors that led to the standardization of the Holy Quran during the reign of Caliph Uthman (5mks)
    3. Describe the themes of the Makkan surahs (7mks) 
    1. Discuss ways in which Muslim ensure that the Quran remains in its original form (8mks)
    2. Give seven teachings on Muslim brotherhood as derived from surah Hujurat (7mks)
    3. Mention seven scribes who were used by the prophet (p.b.u.h) to record the revelation of the  Quran  (7mks) 
    1. Give the difference between Hadith Qudsi and Hadith Nahawi  (8mks)
    2. Explain the test used to determine the authenticity of sanad of Hadith (6mks)
    3. Explain three forms of hadith (6mks) 
    1. Mention the stages through which  people will pass on the Day of judgment  (6mks)
    2. State the qualities of an imam  (6mks)
    3. What are the characteristics of weak/dhaif  hadith  (8mks) 
    1. State seven rights that a Muslim should accord other people(7mks)
    2. Discuss ways through which performance of swalat demonstrate unity and equality among the Muslims (7mks)
    3. State six lessons a Muslim youth can learn from the life of Imam Malik Ibn Anas (6mks) 
    1. Highlight the offences that are punished under Taazir (5mks)
    2. Differentiate between fardh and sunnah fasts in Islam (8mks)
    3. Identify seven categories of Muslims who qualify to receive zakat (7mks) 
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