CRE Questions and Answers - Form 2 Mid-term Exams Term 1 2022

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Answer all the questions.

  1. Reasons why Kingship ties are important in traditional African Communities. (5mks)
  2. What were some of the measures taken in the Traditional African community to discouraged pregnancy before marriage (5mks)
  3. Give five expectations the Jews had concerning the Messiah. (5mks)
  4. Describe the call of the first disciples of Jesus Luke 5:1-11 (5mks)
  5. How do Christians prepare for the coming of the Messiah? (5mks)
  6. Explain the role of John the Baptist. (5mks)


    1. It determines how members relate to one another.
    2. It binds together the entire life of a community.
    3. It helps people to live peacefully in harmony with one another.
    4. It provides security to all concerned.
    5. It regulates marital customs, rules and regulations.
    6. It gives an individual a deep sense of belonging.
    7. It determines kind of education to be provided.
    8. It helps community to remain its identity.
  2. Separation of boys and girls
    1. Rules and regulations and taboos set and enforce on sex relationships
    2. Punishments to those involved
    3. Pregnancy before marriage
    4. Premarital sex is illegal
    5. Sex education during initiation
    6. Early marriage
    7. Moral fibre emphasized
    8. Supervision so as not to misbehave
    9. Youth made aware of consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior.
    1. He would conquer nations/military leaders.
    2. He would rule the world/ earthly king/ political leader.
    3. He would avenge the enemies of Israel.
    4. He would be a descendant of King David.
    5. He was to set up a peaceful kingdom for the Israelites.
    6. He would set the Israelites free from her enemies/drive the Romans away.
    7. He would appear in Jerusalem full of glory.
    8. He was to come after the return of Elijah.
    9. He was to perform miracles.
    10. He would not associate with the poor/sinners/gentiles/ outcasts.
    1. Jesus was standing by the lake of Gennesaret
    2. He saw two boats without the fishermen
    3. He entered Simon’s boat and asked them to push it into the water
    4. He sat down and taught people from the boat
    5. He asked Simon to push the boat into the deep water and cast their nets for a catch
    6. Simon told Jesus that they have been fishing the whole night without success
    7. Simon obeyed Jesus’ command and let the nets down
    8. They caught a lot of fish and asked their partners in the other boat to assist them remove the nets
    9. They filled the boats with fish until it began to sink
    10. Simon Peter and his companions were astonished at the miraculous catch of fish so he asked Jesus to depart from him since he was a sinful man
    11. Jesus told Peter not to be afraid because he was to catch men from then
    12. They abandoned their boats and followed Jesus
    1. Watch and pray.
    2. Live righteous lives.
    3. Undertake baptism.
    4. Preaching the gospel.
    5. Reading the bible.
    6. Obey the commandments.
    7. Self denial.
    8. Help the needy.
    1. He was the link between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
    2. He prepared the way for the coming of the Messiah by asking them to repent and be baptized.
    3. He preached to the people about Jesus the lamb of God.
    4. He introduced Jesus to the people.
    5. He baptized Jesus.
    6. He condemned the evil that was being carried out by Herod.
    7. He ushered people into the Messianic ear.
    8. He condemned the Pharisees for their hypocrisy and the pagan Romans authorities for being oppressive and immoral.
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