Agriculture Questions and Answers - Form 2 Mid-term Exams Term 1 2022

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Answer all the questions in the spaces provided

    1. Differentiate between micro nutrients and the macro nutrients (1mk)
    2. Mention four areas that should be avoided during the soil sampling procedure. (4mks)
    1. State any four characteristics of nitrogenous fertilizers (4mks)
    2. Highlight the roles of phosphorous in plants (2mks)
  3. state the importance of using certified seeds (4mks)
  4. Describe the advantages of using seeds as planting materials(4mks)
  5. State two factors that are considered in choosing seed rate (2mks)
    1. Differentiate between seed dressing and seed inoculation (2mks)
    2. Give two disadvantages of broadcasting as a method of planting (2mks)
  7. Money maker variety of tomatoes are spaced at 100cm by 60cm. Calculate the number of plants which would be accommodated in half a hectare plot. (3mks) show all your working
  8. Give an example of a crop in which the following vegetative propagation materials are used. (2mks)
    1. splits
    2. slips
    3. bulbils
    4. suckers


      • Micro-nutrients; nutrients required by plants in relatively small quantities
      • Macro-nutrients; nutrients required by plants in larger quantities
    2. old fence lines, dead furrows, swampy areas, old manure heaps, terrace strands, near tress, boundaries
      1. highly soluble in water
      2. Easily leached in lower horizons
      3. have scorching/ burning effects
      4. Highly volatile
      5. Hygroscopic ie absorbs moisture from the atmosphere
      1. used in root development
      2. strengthens plants stems thus preventing lodging
      3. Essential for flowering, fruits and seed formation
      4. part of nucleoproteins required during cell division
    1. Have high germination percentage
    2. Free from pest and diseases
    3. Gives high yields after first planting
    4. Free from foreign materials
    1. seeds are easy to treat against soil borne pests and diseases
    2. They are not bulky and therefore storage is easy
    3. Easy to handle during planting making subsequent operations easier
    4. Easy to mechanize during planting
    5. Possible to apply manure and fertilizers together with seeds during planting
    1. seed purity
    2. Germination percentage
    3. spacing
    4. Number of seeds per hole
    5. purpose of the crop
      • Seed dressing; coating of seeds with fungicides or an insecticides
      • Seed inoculation; covering legumes seeds eg beans with an inoculant to induce germination
      1. wastage of seeds
      2. Not easy to calculate plant population
      3. leads to overcrowding of seedlings
  7. plant population = area of land /spacing
    • 10,000 m2-----------------1ha
      Area is ½ ha =5000m2          spacing =0.6 X 1m= 0.6m2
      Plant population=5000m/0.6m
      =8,334 plants
    1. splits------------pyrethrum
    2. crowns &slips----------pineapples
    3. bulbils-----sisals
    4. suckers-------bananas, sisal, pyrethrum
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