English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 4 Term 2 Opener Exams 2022

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    Imagine you are the secretary of Amani Youth group. You have planned for several peace reconciliation initiatives across the country. However, you are in a financial crisis hence the group has decided to organize for a funds drive.
    1. Write an internal memo to all members of the Amani Youth group requesting them to attend the funds drive planning meeting.      (12 marks)
    2. Write a Thank You Note to Mr Fadhili, a businessman, who attended the fundraising.   (8 marks)
    Read the passage below and fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.   (10 marks)

    Addiction is an escape (1)……………………..reality, and different people will find different (2)…………………….  to escape from the real word. They can be addicted to food water, power, work, gambling, sex, love (3) …………………… even to destructive relationships. Do these belong in the same category (4)……………….. alcohol or drugs? And if so, does recovery from those “people addictions” work the same way as with alcohol and drugs?
    Addicts look for substitutes, and (5)………..……… reason behind this is always the same: to escape, to close one eye and not to (6)……………….. the facts. By becoming fat, the overeater insulates himself from the world around. It is better to be rejected (7)…………………. the way they look, than for who they are as a person. Thus, being fat becomes a way to avoid the risk of intimacy. There are people who are (8)………………… to work.   (9)……………………………..will go home late, just to avoid interaction with the family. Workaholism is a dysfunctional attempt to earn self – esteem by (10) ……………. productive.
    1. Read the poem below and answer questions that follow.

      THE CROW
      Crows on the wing!
      What grace as they swim
      Rising and diving
      Like fish in the billows
      In the willowy air
      Or softly as feathers
       Fran broken- pillows.
      Crows on the wing
      What a symphony sings
      The wind in their wings
      As they swoop as the rise
      To the sea; to the skies
      As they float in the light
      Air, like fragments of night.
                           (Barnabas J. Ramon Fortune)
      1. Describe the rhyme schemes of the poem. (2marks)
      2. Apart from rhyme, identify three sound patterns evident in the poem. (3marks)
      3. Which words would you stress in the first two lines of the poem and why? (2 marks)
      4. How would you perform line (ii) of this poem? (2 marks)
    2. Indicate the odd one out in each set of words according to the pronunciation of the underlined letter(s).          (4 marks)
      1. Knot                            Quick                                   Kill                                 Key
      2. Conscience                  Science                                 Conscious                       Chute
      3. Lazy                             Prays                                    Cats                            Mugs
      4. Physics                        Physiology                            Phone                        Shepherd
    3. What intonation would be used in the following sentences?        (3 marks)
      1. Are you serious?
      2. Why haven’t you finished your homework?
      3. She has left.
    4. You are having a conversation with your friend. How do you know it is your turn to speak?  (3 marks)
    5. Read the item below and answer the questions that follow.
      He who laughs last laughs loudest.
      1. Name the category to which the item belong.       (1mark)
      2. Identify and illustrate an aspect of sound used in the item above.  (2 marks)
      3. Give two characteristics of the above genre.            (2 marks)
    6. From your knowledge of interviews etiquette, identify and explain the shortcomings in the interview below and suggest ways in which it can be improved. (6 Marks)
      Lady: (Opening office door and bursting in the room panting. She is dressed in jeans trouser, a sleeveless top and a sports jacket). I’m so late but I couldn’t help it. I got lost. This place is so difficult to find, you know.
      Interviewer: Come right inside and take a seat please.
      Lady: (sits down. She puts her handbag and documents on the interviewers table) Wow! This chair is so comfortable.
      Interviewer: Thank you. From the address on your application letter, can I assume you come from Garissa?
      Lady: Of course. Why not?
      Interviewer: How is the place?
      Lady: So boring! In fact, that’s why I’m looking for a job here in the city. I want to come and enjoy life here in Nairobi. I’m sure companies here pay a big potato right?
      Interviewer: Before we discuss the salary, let us talk about your qualifications. From your CV……
      Lady: (laughing smugly). Quite impressing, not so? I knew no one else’s could match it.
      Interviewer: The interview is over. Thank you for coming.
      Lady: (Standing to leave and shaking the interviewers hand vigorously). See you.


Title 1 mark
Date   Â½       Ref ½ 
To ½             from ½  
Subject 1 mark
Body 3 marks (Date, time, venue of meeting)
Signing off 1 mark (complimentary close, sign, name, designation)
Language 4 marks
Sender’s address 1 mark
Date ½                           salutation ½ 
Body 2 marks (reason, importance of visit)
Signing off 1 mark
Cloze test
  1. from
  2. ways
  3. and
  4. as
  5. the
  6. face
  7. for
  8. addicted
  9. They   (T must be a capital letter)
  10. being 
Poetry – The Crow
  1. Describe the rhythm scheme
    abacdcc     accccee (1mk)
    • Irregular rhyme scheme (1mk)
    • 1mk for indication and 1mk for description
    • Award 1mk for identification without description
    • Do not award for a correct description with a wrong or no identification
    • The rhyme scheme should be in small letters.
    • Assonance – Rising diving fish billows
    • Alliteration – Wind in the wings   Sea to the skies    Symphony sings
    • Consonance – rising and diving
      For the above the sound must be underlined
      identification ½ mk illustration ½ mk×6=3mks
  3. Crows, wing, grace, swing, ½ each ×4=2mks
    The words describes the movement of the crows (1mk)
  4. Dramatization- I would place my hands in front and push them behind continuously to illustrate swimming.
    Award for one specific verbal (1 mark) and non-verbal (1 mark) cue


  1. Knot √ ½                      Quick                                    Kill                               Key
  2. Conscience                    Science √ ½                          Conscious                     Chute
  3. Lazy                               Prays                                     Cats  √ ½                     Mugs
  4. Physics                          Physiology                            Phone                      Shepherd √ ½
  1. Rising
  2. Falling
  3. Falling 
  1. Proverb
  2. Alliteration- laughs last laughs loudest
  3. It is short, has two parts (proposition and completion)
  1. When I am asked a question, for example, ‘Did you want to add anything?’
  2. When the voice of my partner trails off (his/her voice becomes weaker to the extent you may not hear his words)
  3. When the person I’m speaking with indicates that they are done speaking with a closing statement, for example, ‘That’s all I wanted to say.’ or ‘I think I have made my point.’
  4. When the person I’m speaking with uses marker words (those that allow the other a chance to speak), for example, ‘well…’ or ‘so…’
  5. When the person I’m speaking with drops the pitch or volume of his/her voice at the end of their utterance. This is the use of falling intonation.
  6. When the person I’m speaking with uses gestures to signal to me to contribute.
  1. Enters the room before being invited in.
  2. She is inappropriately dressed.
  3. She is late for the interview.
  4. She is impolite “why not?”
  5. She is not positive about her life experiences “So boring!”
  6. Shakes hands with the interviewers
  7. She is overconfident “I knew no one else’s could match it.”

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