Discuss the role of the various hormones in plant growth and development - KCSE Biology Essays

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Indole Acetic Acid/Auxins;

Influences/promotes cell division/elongation (in cambium causing secondary thickening); induces tropisms; promotes fruit formation/parthenocarpy; promotes formation of abscission layer/leaf fall; promotes cell differentiation (of vascular tissue); causes apical dominance/inhibits lateral bud formation; promotes growth of adventitious roots; in conjunction with cytokinins, it induces callous tissue formation;

Gibberellins/Gibberellic acid;

Promotes cell division/elongation in dwarf plants; promotes parthenocarpy; setting of fruit after fertilization initiating formation of fruits; formation of side branches of stems/ends apical bud dormancy; inhibits adventitious root growth; activates hydrolytic enzymes in germination/promotes germination of seeds/breaks seed dormancy; affects leaf expansion and shape/retards leaf abscission;

Cytokinins (e.g. Zeatin or Kinetin);

Promotes flowering in some plant species; breaks dormancy in some plant species; promotes cell division in presence of auxins; stabilizes protein and chlorophyll; promotes root formation on a shoot; low concentration encourages leaf senescence/increases cell enlargement in leaves; stimulates lateral bud formation;


Promotes ripening of fruits; induces thickening of stem/inhibits stem elongation; promotes flower morphogenesis/formation or flowering in pineapples; causes abscission of leaves/fruit/leaf fall;

Abscissic acid;

High concentration causes stomatal closure; inhibits stem elongation/growth; inhibits sprouting of buds/induces bud dormancy; inhibits seed germination/growth/causes/promotes seed dormancy; causes abscission of leaves/fruits/leaf fall;


Heals wounds by promoting callous formation;


Promotes flowering;

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