Explain how the process of evolution may result to the formation of a new species - KCSE Biology Essays

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For a new species to be formed, a population of organisms must become completely isolated or separated from others; over long periods of time so that any new variations that arise will not therefore flow to the other population; there are various isolation mechanisms:

Geographical isolation; this is due to physical barriers such as oceans/seas/deserts;

Ecological isolation; a barrier resulting from the occupation of different types of habitats from the original type; it may be due to isolation for reasons of feeding/predation/breeding; as well as environmental changes such as climate and vegetation; which may result in a population living in different habitats; to become ecologically separated from one another;

Behavioural isolation; alteration of behaviour proceeding mating; which include courtship behaviour/lack of attraction between males and females in different populations; due to production of different chemicals or pheromones or colouration/songs;

Reproduction isolation; a barrier to successful mating between individuals of a population; due to structural differences in reproductive organs; as well as failure in fertilization/incompatibility;

Genetic isolation; even if fertilization takes place; the zygote may be inferior/fails to develop; however if the zygote develops, the offspring may be inferior or infertile/sterile;

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