History Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Cekenas Mock Exams 2022

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SECTION A (25mks)

  1. Identify one branch of history (1mk)
  2. Name the tools made by Homo erectus during the second phase of the Stone Age period.   (1mk)
  3. Name two types of dwellings used by the early man during the Stone Age period.(2mks)
  4. State one method of irrigation used in ancient Egypt.  (1mk)
  5. Identify one effect of the development of steamships.(1mk)
  6. State two ways in which Agrarian revolution contributed to rural urban migration.(2mks)
  7. State two disadvantages of using petroleum as a source of energy. (2mks)
  8. State the main contribution of Dr. Christian Bernard in the field of medicine. (1mk)
  9. Identify two ways in which direct democracy is practiced(2mks)
  10. Name the chartered company that administered Southern Rhodesia during the process of colonization. (1mk)
  11. State the main reason why Samon Toure fought the French in the 19th century.(1mk)
  12. Give two ways through which the attainment of independence in Ghana contributed to the liberation of other African countries from colonial rule.(2mks)
  13. Name the political movement that led the Mozambicans in the struggle for independence. (1mk) 
  14. Name two member countries of Commonwealth who were not under the British colonial rule in Africa.(2mks)
  15. State two ways in which the British government has ensured the independence of the judiciary. (2mks)
  16. Identify the policy adopted by Tanzania during the Arusha Declaration of 1967. (1mk)
  17. State two ways in which a person may become a member of the House of Lords in Britain.  (2mks)


    1. State three ways in which poor transport and communication has contributed to food shortages in third world countries.(3mks)           
    2. Explain six factors that led to Agrarian Revolution in the USA (12mks)
    1. State five developments that have taken place in road transport since 1750AD(5mks)
    2. Explain five factors that have undermined the effectiveness of telecommunication services today. (10mks)
    1. State five ways through which slaves were obtained during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. (5mks)
    2. Explain the challenges that faced Trans-Saharan traders.(10mks)
    1. State five terms of the Berlin Conference.(5mks)
    2. Explain the effects of the Shona Ndebele war (Chimurenga) of 1896-1897. (10mks)


    1. Give reasons why united states of America was reluctant to join the first world war during the initial stages.  (3mks)
    2. Explain the challenges that faced the League of Nations.(12mks)
    1. Identify three financial institutions of African Union (AU). (3mks)
    2. Explain six economic challenges facing African Countries since independence. (12mks)
    1. State three responsibilities of the state governments in the United States of America (3mks)
    2. Explain the duties of the Prime Minister in Britain(12mks)


    • Social history
    • Political history
    • Economic history.
  2. Acheulian tools
    • Tree tops
    • Rock shelters
    • Caves
    • Forests
    • Basin irrigation
    • Canal irrigation
    • Shadoof irrigation
    • Increased use of coal
    • Expansion of trade
    • Increase in the use of water transport
    • Mechanization of farms left many people jobless leading them to move to towns.
    • Enclosure system created a group of landless people who moved to urban centres.
    • It is expensive to extract and transport
    • It is non-renewable
    • It pollutes the environment
  8. He discovered how to perform a heart transplant.
    • Referendum
    • Recall
    • Plebiscite
    • Initiative (2x1=2mks)
  10. British South African Company
    B.S.A (0) No abbreviation (1x1=1mk)
  11. To protect the Mandinka empire/ to safeguard the Mandinka’s independence. (1x1=1mk)
    • Nkrumah helped other leaders e.g. in Guinea
    • He funded other liberation movements.
    • He called pan-Africa conferences that created O.A.U
  13. Frelimo (1x1=1mk)
    • Togo
    • Cameroon
    • Mozambique
    • Salaries of judges not open to discussion by parliament
    • Retirement age of judge has been set at 75 years
    • A judge can only be dismissed by a resolution from both houses.
  16. The Ujamaa Policy (1x1=1mk)
    • Through inheritance/ peerage
    • By being nominated by the Queen/ Monarch/ knighting
    • By holding a senior position in certain office e.g. Bishop of Canterbury and judges 
      • Have led to high transportation of food causing wastage and losses
      • Leads to delays in transportation of food causing wastage and losses
      • Discourages farmers to produce more.
      • It undermines the effectiveness of agricultural extension officers.
      • Availability of land for farming
      • Government provided funds to farmers
      • Supply of slave labour from Trans-Atlantic slave trade.
      • Demand for agricultural raw materials in industries.
      • Development of preservation methods like canning and refrigeration
      • Development of good transport systems
      • Increase in population demanded for more food production
      • Immigrants from Britain introduced new farming methods in America
      • Government recognition of individual ownership of land
      • Mechanization of farms i.e. use of farm machines e.g. tractors.
      • Roads have been tarmacked
      • Bridges have been constructed
      • Dual carriages for easy transportation have been constructed
      • Motorways have been constructed
      • Flyovers and under passes have been constructed
      • Super highways have been constructed
      • Street lighting have been elevated.
      • It has promoted international social crimes such as terrorism, fraud and drug trafficking.
      • Have promoted immorality among the children and youth all over the world.
      • Pornographic materials disseminated through the internet have undermined the cultural and social values of the society.
      • They have addictive effect on users.
      • They are expensive to buy and install hence not accessible to many people.
      • They can lead to noise pollution if their volume is not properly controlled.
      • The prolonged exposure to radioactivity can cause certain types of cancer.
      • Illiterate people may not benefit from it.
      • Irresponsible reporting causes disunity and chaos in the society.
      • It can easily portray a biased and subjective view which may not be true.
      • Has a short lifespan
      • Has led misleading advertisements and information e.g. alcohol and drugs.
      • By selling prisoners of war to slave traders.
      • Through exchange of slaves for European manufactured goods.
      • Lone travelers were kidnapped and sold to slave dealers.
      • Some rulers sold their subjects/ criminals to slave dealers/ weak subjects.
      • By enticing people/ children using desirable goods such as cloths and sweets/ enticing people.
      • Through raiding- villages were attacked and captives sold to slave dealers.
      • Through panyarring – selling off debtors
      • Lack of common languages between the Northerners and the people of Western Sudan created communication barrier.
      • Frequent attacks by wild animals including snakes and scorpions as they crossed the desert
      • Scarcity of water and food in the desert
      • Many traders lost their way in the desert sand ended up dying of dehydration
      • Many traders were killed by frequent desert storms experienced in the Sahara desert.
      • Unbearable hot desert temperatures during the day and extreme cold at night exposed them to serious sickness.
      • The long journey across the Sahara desert was stressful taking them up to three months.
      • That any state laying claim to any part of Africa must inform other interested parties.
      • That all signatories must declare the sphere of influence an area under each nation’s occupation.
      • Once an area is declared a sphere of influence, effective occupation must be established in the area.
      • That any power acquiring territory in Africa must undertake to stamp out slave trade.
      • That the river Congo and river Niger basins are to be left free for any interested power to navigate.
      • That if an European power claims a certain part of the African coast, the land in the interior or behind that coastal possession becomes a sphere of influence of the claimant.
      • That any country that wishes to declare a protectorate in Africa has to show that its authority in the region is firm enough to protect existing European rights and guarantee free trade.
      • The Africans lost their independence to the British. 
      • There was enormous loss of life and property.
      • Africans were alienated from their land.
      • Missionaries had the freedom to spread their faith
      • The Indunas were to be recognized as headmen and no Shona police were to be stationed in Matebele land.
      • The Africans suffered from famine and starvation.
      • Company rule was discredited by the colonial office due to poor administration.
      • Desire to abide with terms of the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 which forbid her from interfering with European affairs.
      • Fear of revolt by her citizens of German origin
      • Fear of an outbreak of civil war between Americans of German descent and those of other European nationalities.
      • The war had not interfered with the United States interest until 1916.
      • Inability to prevent aggression as states failed to support its covenant on disarmament. 
      • Inadequate funds to run its affairs as members failed to honour their pledges.
      • Lack of good will and commitment to implement resolutions.
      • Lack of military force to prevent aggression
      • Members were reluctant to present cases to the international court of justice for arbitration.
      • Refusal of USA to join the league or ratify the treaty of Versailles left it weak.
      • Lack of support from some league members e.g. Russia, Japan
      • The policy of appeasement by some league members failed to stop aggression from Japan, Germany and Italy.
      • The African Central Bank
      • African Monetary fund
      • African Investment Bank
      • Colonial hangovers where many African countries never detached themselves from their colonial masters.
      • Slow industrial climate due to poor investment policies.
      • Unfavourable climate which leads to poor agricultural produce.
      • Poor infrastructure/ transport network is poor
      • Over reliance on primary exports which fetch low income when exported.
      • Corruption and mismanagement in handling resources
      • Poor economic planning among African governments
      • Unemployment is high among populations in Africa leading to crime and lack of purchasing power.
      • Every state generate revenue necessary for discharging its responsibilities.
      • There exist a state police to cater for the maintenance of law and order
      • Every state provides educational facilities, health facilities and other public amenities for the welfare of the residents.
      • Each state has law courts that cater for its internal affairs.
      • They make state laws.
      • Leader of the party that nominate him/her
      • Represents the country in international forums/ conferences
      • Determines the date on which elections are to be held
      • Appoints/ dismisses ministers with the consent of the Monarch
      • Chairs cabinet meetings
      • Leads the House of Commons.
      • Settle disputes between the various government ministries/ departments
      • Recommends to the monarch the appointment of high ranking officers in the government.
      • Heads the government/ chief executive
      • With the support of the parliament can change, amend and repeal laws.
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