Christian Religious Education Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Mumias West Pre Mocks 2022

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    1. Outline the Jeremiah’s prophecy concerning the coming messiah (Jer.23:5-6) (7marks)
    2. Describe the incident when the Angel of the lord visited the shepherds on the night Jesus was born (Luke 2:8-20) (8marks)
    3. Give any five reasons why believers sing during a church service (5marks)
    1. Explain Jesus teachings on the qualities of true discipleship (Luke 6:27-49)(6marks)
    2. Relate the incident in which Jesus raised a widow’s son in Nain (Luke 7: 11- 17)(8marks)
    3. Give six ways the church is continuing the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. (6 marks)
    1. Outline Seven instructions that Jesus gave to the seventy-two disciples when he sent them on a mission (Luke 10:1-24) (7marks)
    2. Describe the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax collector (Luke 18:9-14) (7marks)
    3. Give any Six reasons why a Christian should pray(6marks)
    1. Identify the fruits of the Holy spirit taught by Saint Paul in (Galatians 5:22-23) (6marks)
    2. Explain how the unity of believers is expressed in the Image of the bride.(Revelation 2: 1- 2) (8marks)
    3. State any six ways in which Christians can bear the fruit of the Spirit in their lives.(6 marks)
    1. State the importance of leisure in the life of a Christian (8 marks)
    2. What are the duties and responsibilities of employees to employers(7marks)
    3. State five factors that may hinder a Christian from taking part in leisure activities (5 marks)
    1. Outline the rights of a Kenyan citizen. (7 marks)
    2. Explain the importance of paying taxes as a Christian to the Government of Kenya.(5 marks)
    3. Discuss four ways in which the church could help to eradicate crime in Kenya.(8 marks)


      • The messiah would rule wisely (Jer. 23:5)
      • He would be righteous
      • He would reign as king
      • He would bring salvation to Judah
      • The messiah would provide security/ safety in Israel (Jer. 23:6)
      • The messiah would be a descendant of King David (Jer.23:5)
      • He would be called “the lord is our righteousness” (Jer. 23:6)
      • The messiah would execute justice and righteousness (Jer. 23:5)
        1 x 7=7mks
      • The shepherds were looking after their flocks in the field at night.
      • The Angel appeared to them.
      • The glory of the Lord shone around them.
      • They were filled with fear.
      • The Angel reassured them.
      • The angel told them about the good news about the birth of Jesus.
      • They were told where to find baby Jesus.
      • The angel gave them a sign on how to they would find Jesus.
      • There appeared a host of other angels singing/ praising God.
      • The angels left them/ went back to heaven.
      • The shepherds went to Bethlehem/ found Jesus.
        1 x 8=8mks
      • It is an opportunity to praise God
      • Christians sing to pass a message/ pray through singing
      • Singing removes tension/ makes worshippers relax
      • Singing creates an atmosphere of worship
      • Singing removes boredom because of the varied activities during the service
      • God given talents are portrayed/ enhanced during singing
      • Non-members are attracted to the church through singing
      • Those depressed are encouraged through singing
      • Singing unites/brings worshippers together as they all join in a chorus/ song/harmony. 1 x 5=5mks
      • Perseverance: The apostles were expected to persevere in the face of persecution/suffering e.g. death, beating, expulsion, etc.
      • Implementers of Jesus teachings. The apostles were to live the teachings of Jesus and act as examples to other Christians.
      • Love for enemies: The apostles were to appreciate the strength of their enemies rather than their weakness.
      • Virtue of generosity: The apostles were expected to practice the virtue of generosity i.e. share with others what they have.
      • Exercising self-criticism: Apostles were to exercise self-criticism before judging others.
      • Show Compassion: The apostles were to show compassion to others/be merciful and loving.
      • Show Obedience: The apostles were also expected to show total obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
        1 x 6=6mks
      • Jesus went to the city of Nain accompanied by his disciples/ crowd
      • At the age of the city, he met people carrying a dead man
      • The mother/ widow was accompanied by a large crowd
      • Jesus felt pity for the widow/ told her not to weep
      • Jesus touched the bier ( coffin) in which the body lay
      • Jesus told the dead man to arise
      • The dead man sat up/ began to speak
      • Jesus gave the man to his mother
      • The people were filled with fear
      • The people glorified the lord
      • Jesus fame spread in Judea/ in the surrounding region
        8 x 1 = 8 mks
      • Christians pray for/ preach to the sick
      • Laying hands on the sick/ anointing them/ any other miraculous healing
      • Providing guidance and counseling services
      • Constructing hospitals/ health centers/ rehabilitation centers
      • Providing preventive/ curative drugs/ treating the sick
      • Paying medical expenses for the sick
      • Producing/ disseminating literature/ electronic media on health issues
      • Preaching against evil/ causes of ailments that interfere with good health
      • Providing food/ clothing/ shelter/ finances to the sick/ needy
      • Visiting the sick
      • Training medical personnel
      • Educating through seminars/ workshops (7 x 1 = 7 mks)
      • Seven instructions that Jesus gave to the seventy-two disciples when he sent them on a mission (Luke 10:1-24)
      • The disciples were to pray for more labourers to be sent for the harvest,
      • The disciples were not to carry any pulse / bag / sandals.
      • They were not to salute anyone on the road.
      • They were to say peace any house they entered.
      • They were to remain in the same house / NOT to go from house to house.
      • They were to eat / drink whatever was provided.
      • They were to heal the sick
      • They were, to tell the people that the kingdom of God has come near
      • They were to wipe off the dust on their feet against the people if not received. 1 x 7=7mks
      • Two men went into the Temple to pray, a Pharisee and a tax collector.
      • The Pharisee praised himself in prayer.
      • He said he was holy / better than others / tax collector.
      • The tax collector also prayed but could not lift his eyes to heaven.
      • The tax collector beat his breast saying he is a sinner / asked for God's mercy.
      • It was the prayer of the tax collector that was accepted / the tax collector was justified
      • Jesus concluded by saying that whoever exalts himself will be humbled / whoever humbles himself will be exalted. 1 x 7=7mks
      • To show their dependence in God / faith in God
      • To express the power /greatness of God /adore / honour God
      • They pray to ask for their needs / seek guidance.
      • Through prayer, they confess their sins / ask for forgiveness
      • To thank God for his faithfulness / goodness / blessings.
      • Prayer helps to relieve fears / anxiety / worries.
      • It is an instrument through which the work of Satan is destroyed.
      • To communicate with God / have fellowship with God.
      • To follow the example of Jesus.
      • It is a command from God / a sign of obedience. 1 x 6=6mks
      • Fruit of Love
      • Fruit of Joy
      • Fruit of Kindness
      • Fruit of Goodness
      • Fruit of Self- control
      • Fruit of Gentleness
      • Fruit of Patience
      • Fruit of Faithfulness
        1 x 6=6mks
      • Christians are the bride to be married to Jesus Christ
      • Jesus is the bridegroom.
      • The church is to be committed to Christ, just as the bride is committed to the bridegroom
      • The church is loved by Christ as the bridegroom loves the bride.
      • The bride must preserve her purity as a way of waiting for the groom. Likewise, Christians are to remain pure and holy through love and faith in Jesus Christ.
      • The bride groom/ Christ will come to take his church forever/ eternity just as the bride and groom have a permanent union.
      • Just as the bride goes to live with the groom in their matrimonial home, so will the church leave for their home, heaven (New Jerusalem)
      • The church (Bride) will live in peace or happiness forever after being taken by Christ as there will be no suffering or death.
        (Any relevant 8 points x 1= 8mrks)
      • Performing works of charity/helping less fortunate/needy.
      • Preaching the gospel to others.
      • Forgiving those who wrong them/reconcile with others.
      • Repenting of their sins/accept wrong done.
      • Obeying God‟s commandments and putting them into practice.
      • Reading the bible/attending bible study/fellowship for spiritual nourishment.
      • Doing good and avoiding evil/leading righteous life/Holy.
      • Keeping off from immorality and maintaining chastity.
        Any relevant 6 points x 1= 6mrks)
      • It allows the individual time to regain lost energy.
      • It gives one time to visit the sick and pray with them /for them
      • It gives one an opportunity to dedicate one’s life to God through worship.
      • It provides an opportunity for fellowship with others.
      • It allows one an opportunity to develop Gods given talents.
      • It gives one an opportunity to visit friends / relatives.
      • It gives one an opportunity to read the bible and grow spiritually.
      • It gives one time to carry out work of preaching / evangelism
      • It gives one opportunity to guide and counsel others.
      • It gives one time to take care of the environment by clearing / cultivating it.
      • Gives one time for meditation on God's word.
        8 × 1 = 8 marks
      • Carry out their duties efficiently
      • Work for the welfare of the enterprise
      • Be loyal to the employer.
      • Observe the terms of contract
      • Show good will to the employer.
      • Cooperate with other workers.
      • Not to join strikes for unreasonable demands.
      • Be honest / carry out duties without supervision
      • Pray for the success of the enterprise. To protect and care for the employer’s property.
      • To work diligently for self-fulfillment and development.
      • To give enough notice to the employer when one plans to leave the job
      • To be faithful to the employer by being punctual.
        7 × 1 = 7 marks
      • Lack of enough money/poverty.
      • Inadequate facilities.
      • Insufficient time / career demands Ignorance of availability of leisure
      • Involvement in family responsibilities at the expense of leisure vi) Career / job demands.
      • People involve themselves more in passive leisure e.g. T.V, Smart phones.
        5 x 1=5 marks
      • Right to life/ live
      • Right to have basic needs/ food/ shelter/ clothing
      • Right to receive education
      • Right to marry/ raise up a family/ belong to a family
      • Right to have freedom of association/ assembly
      • Right to freedom of speech/ receive information/ expression
      • Right to own property
      • Freedom of worship
      • Right to liberty/ movement
      • Right to work/ earn a living
      • Right to medical care/ health
      • Right to security/ protection by law
      • Freedom of conscience / right to vote
      • To emulate Jesus who paid tax to the Roman authorities
      • To heed Jesus instructions to respect the civil authorities
      • Christians pay taxes in order to receive service from the government
      • To provide essential services
      • Christians pay taxes as a sign of patriotism
      • Christians pay taxes as a way of sharing their wealth/ resources with others
      • It is their duty to pay taxes to the government
      • To enable the government to meet its financial obligations
      • Providing guidance and counseling
      • Preaching about love for one another in the society
      • Rehabilitating law breakers
      • Providing jobs/ offering training opportunities to the people
      • Giving loans to people to start/ run business
      • Providing recreational facilities/ organizing recreational activities for the youth
      • Reporting criminals to the law enforcement authorities
      • Disciplining deviant members of the church
      • Participating in government programmes established to fight crime ( e.g. community policing)
      • Obeying the laws of the country/ being role models
      • Praying for peace/ harmony
      • Teaching responsible parenthood
      • Providing basic needs for the needy
      • Condemning evil practices in the society/ teaching against crime.
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