Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1to 15. For each blank space, choose the BEST alternative from the choices given

Every day you wake up with    1    that by the end of the day, there are several things you will have done. There is no way you will      2     to do them without     3     on other people. The people you associate with will      4      how your mood will be like    5    , for example your fiends are those    6    talk ill of others and that is what they enjoy     7      .It is unlikely that you will be happy. When you have talked about others, they     8    go elsewhere and you become the new     9    .
This is why you will feel      10     uncomfortable when you are with them. Choose friends who talk    11      about others because when you leave them      12      they will talk similarly about you.
This is the best way to     13     happy the whole day     14     people who make you feel sad     15      tend to see everything negative about others.

  A B C D
1 wish plan hope option
2  finish  manage continued  enjoy
3 working requesting relying basing
4 effect change shape affect
5 Though While If However
6 who that whom as
7 more generally fairly most
8 now soon plan once
9 subject talk motion idea
10 too so much very
11 fast good positively properly
12 ; , : -
13 stay look become act
14 Identify Approach Avoid Know
15 and also even or

For questions 16 to 18 choose the alternatives that mean the SAME AS the underline words

  1. The assistance you gave the sick man was appreciated by all.
    1. understood
    2. valued
    3. noticed
    4. rewarded
  2. "The pupils were warned against walking idly about without specific destination
    1. wander
    2. stroll
    3. stride
    4. sneak
  3. The hungry man made earnest request for food from the neighbours
    1.  grumbled
    2. whispered
    3. pleaded
    4. shouted

For questions 19 to 21, choose the CORRECT alternative to fill the blank spaces.

  1.  It was raining heavily they continued walking
    1. and
    2. so
    3. as 
    4. although
  2. As they played. Linda hid herself and nobody find her.
    1. could
    2. might
    3. would 
    4. should
  3. None of us has seen the old note.
    1. blue-twenty-shilling
    2. blue twenty-shilling
    3. blue-twenty shillings
    4. blue twenty shilling

For questions 22 and 23, remove one letter from the word in CAPITAL then select the OPPOSITE of the new word formed

  1. PLATE
    1. Day
    2. Punctual
    3. Early
    4. Darkness
  2. BANK
    1. Stop
    2. Keep
    3. Side
    4. Allow

For questions 24 and 25. choose the alternative that BEST completes the statement given

  1. However much I try to win the race.
    1. only a few people notice.
    2. but only a few people notice.
    3. that only a few people notice.
    4. except only a few people notice
  2. Not only was the holiday long
    1. and also boring
    2. in fact also boring.
    3. but also boring,
    4. then also boring

Read the following passage and answer questions 26 to 38.

The theft had been on for some time and the villagers had complained enough about the loss of green maize from their farms. They had tried at number of tricks to catch the thief or thieves without a solution. The only change that kept happening is where the maize was stolen and when it happened. The villagers who had fallen victim had lost hope but those who had not known their turn was soon coming as the unknown person was busy ripping off the cobs and leaving

the stacks standing. Where he sold them, no one could tell but they really wished to know.

It was not the first meeting the village elder had called to discuss this. He had issued both threats and warnings but they bore no fruit. At one time, he said such act could easily end up with a fatality. He gave clear guidelines on how and when people should harvest the green maize and how to sell them so that people don't suspect one another. He also advised that it would be better if they let the maize dry on the farm first before harvesting in the same meeting. Vigilante groups were formed to help keep security and stem the theft.

Not even one day passed after the meeting. The thief continued the very following day as if the meeting has served no purpose and looked as if it was bound to continue. All the measures the village elder had put in place seemed to be failing. The vigilante groups seemed to be headed nowhere but disbanding them would even be worse.

Unknown to almost everyone, one of the thieves was always attending the meeting and participating actively in passing. He then passed all resolutions to his small gang who planned what to do as they continued with their mission. He made arresting the thieves utterly impossible; even getting a suspect was becoming too complex. When vigilante groups were being constituted, he offered to be in the group. Since all the young men present volunteered to be part of it, he easily got himself in the team. However, it was this that helped to coordinate activities of stealing, and continue remaining mysterious.

It was this same person making the arrest of these thieves an uphill task. By patrolling with the vigilante groups and the fact that he was hilarious and very trustworthy, even at family level, he managed to dupe everybody. He would convince the others to go towards the bridge when he knew his small gang was heading to the hilly area. He would call off the patrol at a time he knew their time to start their ‘job’ was about. The cobs would be ripped from the plant and put in the sisal sack each of them carried. This was done for two reasons they all knew. The sacks were transported by two cyclists who knew where to deliver them at agreed charge

Sila had become irritated and decided to guard his farm on his own. He went there without alerting anyone and sat in a thicket by the edge of the farm. He was determined to wait till whatever time for the thieves. He was willing to wait even up to morning but by around a half past two o'clock, awoken by some rustling or leaves. Some people were walking towards where he was! One of the cracked a joke and they all burst out laughing. The laughter was not the problem; it was that one of them had a very unmistakable way of laughing. It was Kure!

The stealing was done in an organized way. The thieves kept ripping the cobs and throwing into the sacks on their backs they moved together, each covering two lines and moving very fast. When they were about to accomplish their mission Sila screamed and the thieves got a shock of their lives. Their sacks dropped and they took off at lightning speed. With his sharp ‘panga’ in hand, Sila dragged the sacks to a different location then he too moved to hide elsewhere and waited for dawn.

As the sky was clearing, he took the path that the thieves had taken and recovered the shoes they had left behind as they fled. In the afternoon another meeting was called but this time round Kure was absent. As Sila started giving his version what had happened to him, the gathering demanded that he produces the sandals he had picked and when he did so, all eyes turned towards the village elder. The sandals belonged to Kure, his own son! There was murmuring for some time and when it dropped, he ordered five young men to go and look for Kure and bring him before the elders.

  1. According to the first paragraph
    1. The thieves were tricking the villagers.
    2. Every villager expected to lose his maize.
    3. The villagers had got a suspect in mind.
    4. The villagers had stopped trying to catch the thief.
  2. Why do you think was the stealing shifting from place to place!
    1. So that not just one villager always falls victim.
    2. It was to confuse whoever wanted to arrest them.
    3. The complaints were to come from different parts.
    4. To enable them get adequate cobs each time.
  3. Why did the villagers who had fallen victim lost hope?
    1. They could not recover their crop.
    2. No one was willing to help them.
    3. The only option they had was to buy maize
    4. They knew the next turn would be for others
  4. The threats and warnings issued by the village elder were
    1. to make the villagers be vigilant at home.
    2. so that nobody could buy green maize from strangers
    3. to stem the theft of green maize.
    4. reduce the amount of maize being stolen
  5. What was the village alder's fear eventually?
    1. Some thieves may never arrested,
    2. It could end up with deaths
    3. There would be no maize left
    4. Villagers could easily starve
  6. According to the passage, vigilante groups failed because
    1. lot of maize hail already been stolen
    2. no one had faith in whatever they did
    3. it is them who actually stole the maize
    4. the participants were not thinking uniformly
  7. Had the villagers banned the vigilante groups earlier…
    1. it could have made the thieves easier to catch.
    2. the village elder would have easily caught the thief
    3. the stealing could have reduced to Some extent.
    4. the vigilante groups would have known who the thieves
  8. Why do you think as the thief very confident of remaining unknown?
    1. He had more information from home
    2. There was a lot of maize on different farms
    3. He was getting first-hand information
    4. No one knew where he sold the stolen maize
  9. Sila got irritated because
    1. none of their resolutions was helpful.
    2. the village elder was not working hard enough
    3. the village elder was not working hard enough
    4. he would soon be the next victim,
  10. The reason why Sila decided to wait upto whatever time is that,
    1. he knew the thieves normally struck
    2. he believed the vigilante groups were rarely on site.
    3. he had not participated in guarding.
    4. he was after the safety of his crop
  11. What was Sila doing when the thieves appeared?
    1. He was listening keenly.
    2. He had dozed off
    3. He was lost in his own thought.
    4. He was screaming to scare them away.
  12. Sila dragged the sacs of maze as.
    1. he could not carry then home
    2. he wanted to chase away the thieves
    3. As a safety measure.
    4. he was too sleepy to carry them.
  13. The village elder got embarrassed because
    1. the shoes displayed were found to be his son’s.
    2. his son had not appeared at the meeting
    3. he had been eating proceeds from stolen maize
    4. he had not been telling the truth all along

Read the passage below and the answer questions 39 to 50

It is true that many people don't get the same treatment at their work place. This is a very normal thing in any company or organisation. It happens that some people follow instructions faster and others too slow to learn how to do work more accurately, even if they are employed by others on the same day. This is what is called favoritism and is something that as an adult, you have encountered or will encounter at some time in your career no matter how small your office or work place is.

According to a recent research carried out about 90% of high profile business executives do confirm that favoritism exists and is the basis for some employee promotions. A huge percentage of them admit to have practiced favoritism themselves to reward employees who seem to reward harder than others. Sometimes, managers do it innocently, perhaps just because they like working with someone who works and reasons like them.

At times, it can worsen when to bigger changes like being the only employee who gets nominated to attend meetings where allowances are given. This happens where there are other equal or more qualified employees. They get pay rise, promotions and other benefits while others remain watching.

Favoritism at work is not entirely illegal. Your boss could just be seen to repeatedly excuse distracting behaviour from a particular employee and never anyone else. There is nothing you can do about it. However, when it contributes to discrimination and unfair treatment on the basis of religion, race, tribe, gender, ability or even nationality it constitutes to criminal offence.

It is hard to successfully climb the career ladder. You have to put in extra effort to outdo your colleagues but in the ends, you get overlooked in favour of someone who is just some sort of a ‘father's pet’. In some careers, employees may be discriminated against as a form of retaliation. This is seen in form of people who reveal secrets on what is going on in the manager's absence. Such people are retained even if they make obvious mistakes while others, who have other reports made secretly, got dismissed instantly.

As an employee, avoid jumping to conclusions. Try to find out some facts or what causes some situations. Digging back into issues by demanding explanations as to why your co-worker has been given this and that won't help.

Probably, your output has been reduced by you putting your energy elsewhere as others work. Continue to do your job as you investigate even when you are demoralised. Stay positive and remember, talking negatively about your boss and co-workers will add no value to you.

  1. What do many people lack at workplace?
    1. Competition
    2. Satisfaction
    3. Fairness.
    4. Security
  2. The MAIN reason why people don't get same treatment at work place is
    1. people get employed at different times
    2. response to given instructions differ
    3. salaries given to people are not the same.
    4. a number of people are just jealous of others
  3. If you came across favoritism at work place.
    1. it means you should retire or resign
    2.  it is strange and should be controlled.
    3. It shows that employers don't value others
    4.  it should not bother you.
  4. About 90% of employees are promoted on favoritism because
    1.  they seem to put in more effort than others
    2.  they give secret information about others.
    3. employers need to be rewarded at work.
    4.  the remaining 10% are too few to bother employers
  5. By saying managers practice favouritism innocently, the writer means they,
    1. practice it without harming anyone.
    2. they don't seem to know what to do.
    3. do not practice it with an ill motive.
    4. don't tell employees how they do it.
  6. If an employer practices favouritism he's should ensure
    1.  he does not talk to other employees about it.
    2.  it doesn't keep benefiting a specific employee
    3. it serves the purpose for which he's doing it.
    4. do it to all employees equally
  7. What happens when an employee who is favoured makes a mistake?
    1.  it is seen as a criminal offence
    2. he can easily be dismissed for it
    3. he explains why he keeps making the mistake.
    4. it is not taken as an offence
  8.  By discriminating against an employee as a retaliation, the writer means that
    1. finding someone more qualified to promote
    2. promoting one based on where he comes from
    3. failing to promote one due past disappointment
    4. asking one for bribes before giving promotions
  9. People who reveal scores on an on-goings to the manager can best be called,
    1. spies
    2. pets
    3. witnesses
    4. colleagues
  10. Why should an employee avoid jumping to conclusions?
    1. It's only the managers who should draw conclusions
    2. It may give a wrong impression.
    3. Other workers may realise you are being favoured.
    4. It could make you do what you were not employed
  11. If an employee puts his energy elsewhere. it means he
    1. does not know how to work well.
    2. could be trying to work like just a few others.
    3. he works harder before he reports to work
    4. is doing what he is not expected to
  12. The BEST title for this passage would be
    1. The procedure of getting promoted al work place
    2. Responsibility of a good manager
    3. Dealing with favouritism at work place
    4. Employees who do poor work.

You have 40 minutes to write your composition.
Below is the beginning of a story. Write and complete the story. Make your story as interesting as you can.

I hurried back home and went straight into the house. I was about to enter my room when I realized something very unusual in the sitting room........

Marking Scheme

  1. C
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. C
  6. A
  7. D
  8. B
  9. A
  10. D
  11. C
  12. B
  13. A
  14. C
  15. D
  16. B
  17. A
  18. C
  19. D
  20. A
  21. B
  22. C
  23. D
  24. A
  25. C
  26. B
  27. D
  28. A
  29. C
  30. B
  31. D
  32. A
  33. C
  34. A
  35. D
  36. B
  37. C
  38. A
  39. C
  40. B
  41. D
  42. A
  43. C
  44. B
  45. D
  46. C
  47. A
  48. B
  49. D
  50. C


  1. Which one of the following is 80600304 in words?
    1. Eight million six hundred thousand three hundred and four.
    2. Eighty million six hundred thousand three hundred and four.
    3. Eight hundred and six thousand three hundred and four.
    4. Eighty million sixty thousand three hundred and four.
  2. What is the quotient of the total value of digit 8 and the total value of digit 4 in the number 5876.9462?
    1. 800.04
    2. 799.96
    3. 2000
    4. 20 000
  3. What is the value of 9 + 3 ÷ (1 8 + 6) x 48?
    1. 24
    2. 65
    3. 15
    4. 68
  4. What is the value of (2/5 ÷ 1 2/3 of 3/4)/(1/2- 1/5)
    1. 3/5
    2. 9/50
    3. 27/100
    4. 11/15
  5. The fractions 5/7 ,4/9, 3/5 and 2/3 are to be are to be arranged in descending order. Which of the following is the correct order?
    1. 4/9 , 3/5 , 2/3 , 5/7
    2. 4/9 , 5/7 , 3/5 , 2/3
    3. 5/7 , 2/3 , 3/5, 4/9
    4. 2/3 , 3/5, 5/7 , 4/9
  6. What is the value of (12²+12)/12 – 12
    1. 0
    2. 13
    3. 132
    4. 1
  7. A milk vendor had milk in three containers: 24 litres, 36 litres and 15 litres. Milk in each container was repacked into smaller containers of equal capacity. What was the capacity of the largest packet used to repack the milk?
    1. 3L
    2. 360L
    3. 6L
    4. 75L
  8. What is the value of (3.6 x 4.8 x 5.1)/(1.8 x 0.24 x 0.17)
    1. 12
    2. 1200
    3. 0.12
    4. 120
  9. In a farm 0.4 of the animals are cows, 0.2 of the remainder are sheep and the rest are goats. If there are 96 goats, how many sheep are there?
    1. 24 
    2. 200
    3. 80
    4. 48
  10. The length of a rectangle is 20cm and the width is 10cm. Each side of the rectangle was increased by 20%. What was the increase in the area of the rectangle?
    1. 200cm2 
    2. 288cm2
    3. 40cm2
    4. 88cm2
  11. A patient was admitted in a hospital in the morning of 3rd January year 2020. He was discharged in the morning of 8th March the same year. For how many nights did he spend in the hospital
    1. 64
    2. 66
    3. 65
    4. 63
  12. In a fund raising ceremony each participant contributed amount of money in shillings equal to the number of participants. If a total of Kshs. 422,500 was contributed, how many people participated?
    1. 750
    2. 650
    3. 65
    4. 6500
  13. What is the next number in1/2, 11/2, 2, __?
    1. 21/4 
    2. 21/2
    3. 13/4 
    4. 23/4
  14. What is the value of 32.6664 + 7.3333 to the nearest thousandths?
    1. 39.999
    2. 40
    3. 40.000
    4. 40.00
  15. Which of the following statements is correct?
    1. 60% > 0.6
    2. 2:5 < 50%
    3. 11/4 > 1.25
    4. 1/6 < 1/8
  16. The figure below represents a vegetable garden. ABCD is a rhombus and ADEF is a square. Diagonals AC =16m and BD =12m.
    What is the area of the garden in ares?
    1. 1.96
    2. 196
    3. 200
    4. 2.92
  17. Twenty eight - 5dl packet were emptied in a 30 litre container. How many more such packets are needed to fill the container?
    1. 32
    2. 160
    3. 140 
    4. 60
  18. An empty lorry weighs 3.8 tonnes and 7.3 tonnes when loaded with packets of cement each 50kg. How many bags were loaded?
    1. 700
    2. 70
    3. 146 
    4. 222
  19. The figure below represents a track.
    An athlete ran round the track 5 times. What distance did she cover in kilometres?
    1. 2200
    2. 1650
    3. 2.2
    4. 1.65
  20. A cylindrical metallic rod has a radius of 7cm and a length of I m. What is its total surface area in cm'?
    1. 4400
    2. 4554
    3. 352
    4. 4708
  21. The area of the trapezium ABCD below is 132cm2. BC = 12cm, CE — 8cm and CD = 10cm.
    What is the length of AE in cm?
    1. 27cm
    2. 33cm
    3. 15cm 
    4. 21cm
  22. The following are lengths of sides of different triangles
    1. 6, 8, 10
    2. 5,12,15
    3. 7,24,25
    4. 9,16,25
      Which of the following pairs below contains right-angled triangles?
      1. (i), (ii) 
      2. (ii), (iii)
      3. (iii), (iv)
      4. (i)(iii)
  23. The following stack was dipped in paint.
    How many cubes were not painted at all?
    1. 96
    2. 8
    3. 16
    4. 24
  24. Karani and Maim left town A at 8.00a.m. For town B. Karani drove at an average speed of 80km/hr. He arrived at town B at 1.00p.m. Maina drove at an average speed of 68km/hr. How far from town B was Maina when Karani arrived at town B?
    1. 400km
    2. 60km
    3. 340km
    4. 68k
  25. The figure below is a water trough.
    What is the volume in cm2? (Take π=22/7 )
    1. 2.31 
    2. 23.1
    3. 231000 
    4. 2310000
  26. What is the value of (2p-3)/3 - 2p/5 = 3?
    1. 71/2
    2. 15
    3. 33/4
    4. 10
  27. In a bus there were w women passengers. The number of youth passengers in the bus was four times that of women but 12 more than men passengers. The total number of passengers in the bus was 50. Which of the following equations represents this information?
    1. 9w + 12 = 50
    2. 4x + 12 = 50
    3. 4w - 12 = 50
    4. 9w - 12 = 50
  28. Given that w = 4, x = 3 and y = 2, what is the value of (18w+6x)/(6y+3) ? 6y + 3
    1. 12
    2. 21/2
    3. 6
    4. 18
  29. What is (2(3r + 3) + 6r + 6)/(3(4r+2)+9) expressed in simplest form?
    1. (4r+4)/(4r+5)
    2. (r+4)/(r+5)
    3. (12r+12)/(12r+15)
    4. (r+1)/(r+5)
  30. The figure below represents a piece of land whose perimeter is 124m.
    What is the length of diagonal AC in metres?
    1. 48
    2. 50
    3. 14
    4. 52
  31. In the figure below line EF is parallel to line GH. Lines EG and FH are transversals. Angle FEG = 32° and FHG = 56°.
    What is the size of angle FGH?
    1. 78°
    2. 92°
    3. 46°
    4. 88°
  32. Milk was packed in a packet with a triangular base. Which of the following is true about the pocket?
      Faces Edges Vertices
    A 5 8 5
    B 5 9 6
    C 6 12 8
    D  4 6 4
  33. Construct a triangle ABC such that BC=6cm, angle BCA = 50° and angle ABC = 80°. Draw a circle touching the three edges. What is the diameter of the circle?
    1. 1.8cm
    2. 3.9cm
    3. 3.6cm
    4. 7.8cm
  34. On the line below draw perpendicular bisectors of line QR and line RS to meet at point W.
    What is the length of RW?
    1. 4cm
    2. 8.7cm
    3. 2cm
    4. 7.9cm
  35. The following are properties of quadrilaterals.
    1. All angles are equal Has a pair of parallel sides.
    2. Diagonals bisect at 90°
    3. Opposite sides are equal
    4. Some angles are equal.
    5. Co-interior angles add upto 180°
      Which properties are true about a rhombus and a parallelogram?
      1. (i), (ii)
      2. (i), (iii)
      3. (ii), (vi) 
      4. (v), (vi)
  36. In the figure below EFGH is a trapezium, GH =FH and EFH =32°
    What is the size of angle FHG?
    1. 58° 
    2. 116°
    3. 64°
    4. 122°
  37. A shopkeeper sold an item for Kshs. 540 making a loss of 10%. For how much would he sell it to make a profit of 20%.
    1. Kshs. 600 
    2. Kshs.720
    3. Kshs. 594
    4. Kshs. 648
  38. Amina bought a dress whose price was reduced by Kshs. 240. If this represented a discount of 12%, how much did she pay for the dress?
    1. Kshs. 1760
    2. Kshs. 28.80
    3. Kshs. 2000
    4. Kshs. 2880
  39. John borrowed Kshs. 40,000 from a bank that charged a compound interest at a rate 10% p.a. How much did he pay back after 1 72years?
    1. Kshs. 46000
    2. Kshs. 6200
    3. Kshs. 46200
    4. Kshs. 6000
  40. A sales agent is paid a basic salary of Kshs. 18,000 plus a 6% commission on value of goods sold above Kshs. 5,000. In one month he earned a total of Kshs. 30,000. What was the value of goods sold?
    1. Kshs. 200,000
    2. Kshs. 21000
    3. Kshs. 230000
    4. Kshs. 250000
  41. The marked price of a T. V. Kshs 20000 but a 10% discount is allowed on paying cash. The hire purchase price involves a deposit of Kshs. 6000 and eleven equal monthly instalments each Kshs. 2,000. How much more does one pay hire purchase than on cash?
    1. Kshs. 28,000
    2. Kshs. 10,000
    3. Kshs. 18,000
    4. Kshs. 46,000
  42. The table below shows the postal rates for sending money order.
    Value of order (shs) Commissioner (shs )
    Not exceeding 500
    501 - 1000
    1001 - 3000
    3001 - 5000
    5001 - 10,000
    10,001- 20000
    School fee for two children in the same school was Kshs. 8400 and Kshs. 10,500. A parent bought one money order to pay the amount. How much more would he have paid if he paid using separate money orders?
    1. Kshs. 19636
    2. Kshs. 1934
    3. Kshs. 295
    4. Kshs. 441
  43. The diagram below represents a piece of land drawn to scale 1:20000.
    What is its actual area in ha?
    1. 96
    2. 24
    3. 960 000
    4. 9600
  44. In a farm the ratio of cows to goats is 7:4. The ratio of goats to sheep is 6:2. If there are 36 sheep, how many animals are there altogether?
    1. 189
    2. 108
    3. 18
    4. 333
  45. Tap A can fill a tank in 4hrs. Tap B can empty the same tank in 6hrs. If the tank is empty and both taps are opened at the same time how long will it take the tank to be filled?
    1. 21/2 hrs
    2. 12hrs
    3. 24hrs
    4. 10hrs
  46. The table below shows ages of 8 pupils in a class.
    Pupil Tito Kioko Mary Akinyi Mueni Miana Toni Becky
    13  14  13  15  13  14 14  13
    What is the sum of the modal and the median age?
    1. 265/8
    2. 13
    3. 26
    4. 27
  47. The table below shows the performance three schools in a sport
    School position Kawa Primary Bidii Primary Visor Primary
    1st position  4  3  6
    2nd position  6  2  8
    3rd position  4  9  0
    3 points were awarded for 1' position, 2 points for the second position and 1 point for the third position. Which school won the competition?
    1. Bidii primary
    2. Kawa primary
    3. None
    4. Visor primary
  48. Pupils in a school chose their favourite game among football, volleyball and netball. The pie chart below shows this information.
    How many more pupils chose volleyball than netball if 280 pupils chose football?
    1. 40 
    2. 120
    3. 80
    4. 480
  49. The table below shows the commission charge for ordinary money order.
    Value of order Commission (Ksh)
    Not Exceeding 500
    501 – 1000
    1001 – 3000
    3001 – 5000
    5001 – 10,000
    10001 - 20000
    20001 – 30000
    30001 35000

    Marvin paid a commission of Sh. 441 for sending some money using an ordinary money order. Which of the following was the value of the order?
    1. Sh. 18500
    2. Sh. 7800
    3. Sh. 23000
    4. Sh. 25363
  50. The graph below shows journey by two motorists John and Jane. John travelled from town A to B while Jane travelled from town B to A a distance of 240km.
    How far apart were the two motorists at 8.30a.m?
    1. 90km
    2. 120km
    3. 30km
    4. 20km

Marking Scheme

  1. B
  2. D
  3. C
  4. D
  5. C
  6. D
  7. A
  8. B
  9. A
  10. D
  11. C
  12. B
  13. D
  14. C
  15. B
  16. A
  17. A
  18. B
  19. C
  20. D
  21. C
  22. D
  23. C
  24. B
  25. D
  26. B
  27. D
  28. C
  29. A
  30. D
  31. A
  32. D
  33. C
  34. B
  35. D
  36. C
  37. B
  38. A
  39. C
  40. D
  41. B
  42. C
  43. A
  44. D
  45. B
  46. C
  47. D
  48. A
  49. A
  50. C


PART 1: Social Studies

SS map

Study the map of Kwetu area and use it to answer questions 1-7

  1. What is the direc of the church from the P.H.S?
    1. North East .
    2. South East
    3. South West
    4. North West
  2. The approximate area of the beef ranch is
    1. 63km2
    2. 18km2
    3. 35km2
    4. 56km2
  3. Which of the following economic activities is NOT carried out in the Northern part of Kwetu area?
    1. Tourism
    2. Crop far
    3. Ranching
    4. Trading,
  4. Who among the following is incharge of security in Kwetu area?
    1. Governor
    2. County Commissioner
    3. Senator
    4. Member of parliament
  5. People of Tawa town MAINLY belong to which religion?
    1. Christianity 
    2. Pagans
    3. Islamic
    4. Traditionalist
  6. Which one of the following crops can do well in the area where there is paddy field?
    1. Cotton
    2. Tea
    3. Coffee
    4. Wheat
  7. The MAIN factor influencing population distribution in Kwetu area is,
    1. transport
    2. religious factors
    3. relief
    4. job opportunities.
  8. Which of the following groups of people comprises of those who migrated in search for land to cultivate ONLY?
    1. Kamba, Borana, Luo
    2. Abaluhya, Taita, Ameru
    3. Abagusii, Baganda, Iteso
    4. Maasai, Taita, Pokomo
  9. The following are reasons why Africans resisted colonial rule in Kenya. Which one is NOT?
    1. Erosion of African culture
    2. Loss of independence
    3. Improvement of infrastructure
    4. Increase in number of landless and squatters.
  10. The time in Rabat 12°W is 8:12am, What is the time in Cairo Egypt 28°E?
    1. 2:40am
    2. 10:52am
    3. 6:32am
    4. 9:52am
  11. Which of the following factors explains why the coast of Namibia is hot and dry?
    1. The existence of cold Benguela current.
    2. It is found below the sea level.
    3. It has been affected by deforestation.
    4. It is caused by the shape of coastline.
  12. Three of the following are ways of managing, slow population growth. Which ONE isnot?
    1. Encouraging immigration.
    2. Providing family planning services.
    3. Increasing food production.
    4. Improving medical services
  13. The following places are associated with the early man. Which one is WRONGLY matched with the country is found in?
    1. Olduvai gorge - Tanzania
    2. Ngoloba - Tanzania
    3. Ismailia - Ehtiopia
    4. Koobi Fora - Kenya
  14. In which of the statements given below is NOT TRUE about civil marriage?
    1. Ite can be conducted at attorney general's office.
    2. The couple gives a three weeks notice before the wedding
    3. A marriage certificate is issued.
    4. It is done according to the culture and customs of the couple.
  15. The following are characteristics of a certain climatic region
    1. Rainfall range between 380mm to 500mm per year.
    2. Temperatures range between 22°C to 27°C
    3. The skies are generally clear.
      The climatic region described above is
      1. Semi-desert climate
      2. Savanna climate
      3. Desert climate
      4. Mediterranean climate
  16. The capital city of Angola is:
    1. Windhoek
    2. Luanda
    3. Gaborone
    4. Lusaka
  17. Three of the following are principles of democracy. Which one is NOT?
    1. Unequal opportunities
    2. Equality before the law
    3. Promotion of justice for all
    4. Power belongs to the people
  18. Which of the following water bodies borders Africa to the North East?
    1. Mediterranean Sea
    2. Atlantic ocean
    3. Red sea
    4. Indian ocean
  19. Which group of people gives below consist of semites ONLY?
    1. Hawa, Falasha, Arabs
    2. Tigreans, Ankara, Arabs
    3. Iraqw, Mbanga, Burunga
    4. Tigreans, Amhara, Pokomo

      Use the map of Africa below to answer
  20. The road marked His called
    1. Trams Africam highway.
    2. Coatonoa Gao Ouija highway.
    3. The Great North rand.
    4. Trans Sakaram bighoway.
  21. Which statementt is TRUE about the region marked M? The
    1. region lics withic the tropics.
    2. region expericaces ot wet summer and cold dry winters,
    3. rainfall in the region is caused by the westerlies winds.
    4. temperatures are high throughout the year.
  22. The country marked Y was colonized by the
    1. Germans
    2. French
    3. Halians
    4. British
  23. The tourist site marked X is
    1. Kruger National Park.
    2. Ancient town of Marakech.
    3. Cairo pyramic's.
    4. Victoria falls
  24. Three of the following are duties conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boudaries Commission, Which one is NOT?
    1. Register and maintain voters register.
    2. Conduct civic education to the voters.
    3. Review the electoral boundaries.
    4. Nominate candidates to take past elections.
  25. Which of the folr wing is NOT a hightamd forest?
    1. Cherangani forest
    2. Mt. Elgon forest.
    3. Arabuko - Sokoke Forest.
    4. Kakamega forest.
  26. In which of the towing National Parks do we have a game sanctuary for White Rhino?
    1. Lake Nakura National park.
    2. Meru Nationat park
    3. Nairobi Nationa park.
    4. Tsavo National park.
  27. The MAIN factor to consider whe starting, a mining industry 
    1. availability of water
    2. availability of raw material
    3. nearness to the market
    4. nearness to means of transport.
  28. The following characteristics fits a certain town in Kenya:
    1. Its growth was influenced by the early traders.
    2. The main town is built on an island,
    3. lt is considered to be a gateway to Eastern Africa.
    4. It is a military centre.
      The town describe above is
      1. Malindi
      2. Kisumu
      3. Mombasa
      4. Dar es salam
  29. Below are factors that favour fishing in Japan. Which one DOES NOT?
    1. Availability of loan from government
    2. Improved fishing technology.
    3. Formation of co-operatives that help in marketing.
    4. Availability of many rivers and lakes.
  30. Which river is WRONGLY matched with its source
    1. R. Nyando - Mt- Elgon
    2. R. Turkwel - Mt. Elgon
    3. R. Athi - Ngong hills
    4. R. Ewaso nyiro North - Aberdare
  31. Below are roles of the school in the community. Which one is NOT?
    1. The commmmmity donates land to the school.
    2. The members of the community gets employment in school.
    3. The school help to develop talents in the community.
    4. The school helps in preservation of the community culture
  32. Which of the following was NOT a requirement for one to be assimilated as a french citizen in West Africa?
    1. Be a Christian
    2. Accept the french administration
    3. Readiness to practice french way of life.
    4. Ability to read and write in English.
  33. The following description fits a prominent leader in Africa:
    1. Born in 1918
    2. Was imprisoned at Robbens Island
    3. Became the first democratically elected president in his country.
    4. Died on 2013
      The leader described above is
      1. Kwame ‘Nkrumah
      2. NelsonMandela
      3. Julius Nyerere
      4. Leopold Sedar Senghor
  34. Who is the head of court system in Kenya?
    1. Attomey General
    2. President
    3. Chief Justice
    4. Director of public prosecution
  35. Which of the following factors negatively influence trade in Eastern Africa?
    1. Political instability.
    2. Availability of market
    3. Good transport network.
    4. Production of different types of goods.
      The diagram below shows the map of Ghana. Use it to answer question 36
  36. Which factor influencing climate makes Accra to receive less rainfall than Axim?
    1. Shape of the coast line.
    2. Distance from the sea,
    3. Ocean currents
    4. Latitude
  37. The following are events that happened in Kenya:
    1. Kenya became a republic.
    2. The first legco was established.
    3. Kenya became a British colony.
    4. Kenya was declared a British protectorate.
      Which is the CORRECT order from the earliest?
      1. (iii) (i) (iv) (i)
      2. (ii) (iv) (iii) (i)
      3. (iv) (ii) (iii) (i)
      4. (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)

        Use the diagram below to answer questions 38 and 39

  38. The feature above was formed through a process called
    1. Horst
    2. Volcanicity
    3. Folding
    4. Faulting,
  39. Among the following mountains which is NOT an example of the feature above?
    1. Ruwenzori
    2. Atlas mountain
    3. Danakil alps
    4. Usambara
  40. Which of the reasons below DOES NOT explain why Tswana of Botswana practice pastoralism?
    1. Low population density in the country.
    2. High amount rainfall in the region.
    3. Presence of island in most parts of the country.
    4. Poor soil that does not support farming.
  41. The founders of Old Ghana kingdom belongs to ONE of the following language groups. Which one?
    1. Mande speaker
    2. Kwa speaker
    3. Afro-Asiatic
    4. West Atlantic 
  42. Which of the following is a least import in Kenya?
    1. Machinery
    2. Petroleum products
    3. Crude
    4. Fertiliser
  43.  Johannesburg in South Africa has a high population density MAINLY because of 
    1. increased job opportunities to farming activities.
    2. high and reliable rainfall
    3. improved means of transport and communication.
    4. mining activities which created a lot of jobs.
  44. The MAIN reason why Miombo, woodland is sparsely populated is because the
    1. area is affected by floods.
    2. area has poor soils for agriculture,
    3. area is infested by the tsetse flies.
    4. relief of the area do not encourage settlement,
  45. Which of the following institutions controls how the government spends its money?
    1. Executive
    2. Central Bank of Kenya
    3. Parliament
    4. Judiciary
  46. The road sign shown below indicates one of the following. Which one?
    1. No entry
    2. Slippery road ahead
    3. Do not overtake
    4. A bend ahead
  47. Who among the following persons represents the interest of the county in parliament
    1. Governor
    2. Speaker of the National Assembly.
    3. Member of parliament
    4. Senator .
  48. The MAIN reason why we should conserve wildlife is
    1. for future generations
    2. to earn foreign exchange
    3. to encourage human wildlife conflict
    4. to ensure tourists come to Kenya
  49. The following statements indicate population structure of different countries:
    1. Majority of the population is aging.
    2. The majority live in rural areas.
    3. Most people work in the industries.
    4. There is low life expectancy
    5. High death rate
      Which of the combination is common for both Kenya and India?
      1. (i) (ii) (iii)
      2. (ii) (iii) (v)
      3. (ii) (iv) (v)
      4. (iv) (v) only
  50. Among the following officers in the government of the Nyamwezi who was in charge of information?
    1. Mtwale 
    2. Mteko
    3. Minule
    4. Kikoma
  51. The following information describes one of the early visitors:
    1. He owned British India navigation company.
    2. He was from Scotland
    3. His company administered East Africa on behalf of British government.
    4. He was a trader
      The early visitor described above is
      1. Carl Peters
      2. William Mackinnon
      3. Seyyid Said
      4. Henry Morton Stanley
  52. Three of the following, are ways im which citizens demonstrate patriotisa EXCEPT
    1. respecting other peoples property.
    2. participating in National polls.
    3. paying taxes
    4. sharing the secrets of the commtry with foreigners.
  53. Max imported a new car from Japan, What kind of tax will he pay at the post?
    1. Income tax
    2. Sales tax
    3. Cess tax
    4. Customs duty
  54. Which of the following factors is the DIOS important to consider when establishing a poultry farm?
    1. Availability of cheap labour.
    2. Large farm to keep the chickem.
    3. Nearn ess to a large urbam cemtre.
    4. Nearness to a source of power.
  55. The third line of the second stanza off Kenyan National Anthem is
    1. With heart both strong, amd true
    2. Build this our nation together.
    3. The heritage of splendour
    4. Service be our earnest endeavour
  56. Which of the following is the MAIN benefit of both Kariba and Volta river project?
    1. Industrial development.
    2. Inland transport
    3. Control of flooding of rivers.
    4. Irrigation of land
  57. The following characteristics describe a certain mineral. It is
    1. mined using open cast.
    2. mined on the floor of the rift valley
    3. used in making heat insulators
    4. formed from remains of small living things that live in water.
      The mineral described above is mined at
      1. Kienwarer
      2. Kariandesi
      3. Athi River
      4. Magadi
  58. The MAIN reason why the Konza - Magadi railway was constructed is to transport
    1. cows from Kajiado to Mombasa,
    2. soda ash to Mombasa.
    3. Sisal from dry parts of Kajiado.
    4. people to Magadi soda company.
  59. Who among the following persons do NOT attend Cabinet meetings?
    1. Attorney general
    2. Cabinet secretary
    3. Head of civil service
    4. Principal secretary
  60. Which of the following places isthe safest for pedestrians to cross a busy road? At
    1. the traffic lights
    2. a zebra crossing
    3. a round about
    4. a foot bridge

PART 2: Christian Religious Education

  1. Among the, following statements, which one shows that Human beings are special in God's creation? They were
    1. settled in the garden of Eden.
    2. told to multiply and fill the earth,
    3. created in the image and likeness of God,
    4. told to eat fruits from other trees.
  2. The MAIN reason why God chose to use Noah to save his Tamily from the great flood is because Noah:
    1. was righteous before God.
    2. BL was speaking with God face to face.
    3. knew how to build the ark.
    4. was the oldest man and wise.
  3. The following activities shows Abraham's obedience to God. Which one DOES NOT?
    1. A. Accepting to move from his native land to unknown place.
    2. Accepting to sacrifice his son Ishmael
    3. Circumcisingall the mak: in his household.
    4. Accepting to sacrifice his son Isaac.
  4. The following commandments show that God wanted the Isaelites to love him above all things. Which one DOES NOT?
    1. Observe the sabbath day and keep it holy.
    2. You should not worship any other god but me.
    3. Do not use my name for evil purposes.
    4. Do not bear false witness against someone,
  5. What is the MAIN reason why king Pharaoh did not want to let the Israelites go?
    1. The Egyptians would lose their source of labour.
    2. They had a good relationship with the Israelites,
    3. He did not want them to die in the wilderness.
    4. He was providing them with good foods.
  6. Who among the following led the Israelites to the promised land?
    1. Joshua
    2. Moses
    3. Aaron
    4. Gideon
  7. What is the MAIN reason why God rejected king Saul?
    1. He married many wives who worshipped foreign gods.
    2. He did not obey God’s commands
    3. He tried to kill David.
    4. He was defeated in the battlefield.
  8. Who among the following was NOT a judge in Israel?
    1. Deborah
    2. Gideon
    3. Samuel
    4. Solomon
  9. Who among the following prophets was there during the anointing of Solomon as a third king of Israel?
    1. Elijah
    2. Nathan
    3. Ahijah
    4. Samuel
  10. "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come a ruler over Israel..." This prophecy was from which prophet?"
    1. Jeremiah
    2. Hosea
    3. Micah
    4. Isaiah
  11. Jesus was once a refugee in?
    1. Jerusalem
    2. Egypt
    3. Nazareth
    4. Samaria
  12. Who among the following pairs were there during the presentation of Jesus inthe temple?
    1. Simeon and Anna 
    2. Elizabeth and Simeon   
    3. Zachariah and Anna
    4. John and James
  13. What was the MAIN message of Jesus when he taught his disciples the sermon on the mount?
    1. To give them power to preach.
    2. To prepare them for his second coming.
    3. To teach them how to heal the sick.
    4. How to live righteous lives.
  14. What do Christians learn from the encounter between Jesus and the people who brought an adulterous woman?
    1. We should punish the evil doers.
    2. We should not judge others.
    3. We should kill those who commit adultery.
    4. We should forgive others.
  15. "This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased, please listen to him”. These words were said during?
    1. Baptism of Jesus 
    2. The transfiguration
    3. The last supper
    4. The crucifixion
  16. “Then he led them out of the city as far as Bethany, where he raised his hands and blessed them”. Which event is described above?
    1. The day of Pentecost
    2. The resurrection of Jesus
    3. The ascension of Jesus
    4. The arrest of Jesus
  17. The following are the parables of Jesus. Which one shows the need to show concern for others?
    1. The parable of the prodigal son.
    2. The parable of the widow and the judge.
    3. The parable of the good samaritan.
    4. The parable of the mustard seed.
  18. Which one of the following reasons explain why Jesus was rejected in his home town of Nazareth?
    1. He referred to himself as the Messiah
    2. He was a son of Joseph arid Mary.
    3. He referred to people as hypocrites.
    4. To fulfil the prophecy of prophet Isaiah.
  19. Which one of the following New Testament books is a prophetic book?
    1. Revelation
    2. Jude
    3. Acts
    4. Titus
  20. Which one of the following statements is NOT found in the Apostles Creed?
    1. Creator of heaven and earth.
    2. Lead us not into temptations.
    3. He will come to judge the living and the dead.
    4. He descended into hell.
  21. Which one of the following is NOT a way through which life of the unborn is protected in the traditional African society?
    1. Ensuring protection of the expectant mother from danger.
    2. Confining expectant mothers to the houses.
    3. Providing a healthy diet for expectant mothers.
    4. Avoiding overworking the expectant mothers.
  22. The following are reasons why Africans give sacrifices and offerings to God. Which one is NOT?
    1. Its a sign of appreciation for Gods gift of life.
    2. To seek God’s reconciliation and express fellowship with Him.
    3. Incase of any epidemic or when people fall sick.
    4. Inorder for God to provide them with a lot of wealth.
  23. Wedding were ceremonies found in both traditional African society and Christianity. Which one was found in both?
    1. Giving marriage certificates.
    2. Cutting the wedding cake.
    3. Praying for the couple.
    4. Making animal sacrifices.
  24. In traditional African communities what is the MAIN reason why ancestors are highly respected? They
    1. are the founders of a clan.
    2. link the living with God.
    3. lead people to worship.
    4. pray for the living
  25. What is the MAIN reason why children were considered very important in African traditional communities?
    1. They would inherit when the parents die.
    2. They ensured continuity of life.
    3. Inorder to take care of their parentsduring old age.
    4. To make the couple happy.
  26. Which one of the following is the BEST way Christian can spend leisure time?
    1. Reading the Bible
    2. Attending fellowships
    3. Visiting the sick
    4. Cleaning the compound
  27. Amina is your best friend. You have just discovered that she is keeping company of drug addicts. As a Christian how BEST can you help her?
    1. Report her to her parents
    2. Avoid her company
    3. Ask her to give you some money inorder not to report her.
    4. Talk to her about the dangers of drug abuse.
  28. Kamau was sent to the shop by his mother. He discovered that the shopkeeper gave him more money as change. As a Christian what should he do?
    1. Take the money to the children orphanage.
    2. Take the money to the church as an offering.
    3. Take the money back to the shopkeeper.
    4. Buy sweets and biscuits for himself and his friends.
  29. Which one of the following is FALSE about the early missionaries in Kenya? The
    1. mainly came to spread Christianity.
    2. colonised Africans.
    3. introduced formal education.
    4. were sent by the church missionary society.
  30. Who among the following was the first missionary in Kenya?
    1. Dr. Livingstone 
    2. Ludwig Krapf
    3. John Rebmann
    4. Michael Wood

Marking Scheme


  1. B
  2. A
  3. B
  4. D
  5. C
  6. C
  7. D
  8. B
  9. A
  10. C
  1. B
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A
  5. C
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. B
  10. B
  1. C
  2. D
  3. A
  4. D
  5. B
  6. C
  7. C
  8. D
  9. B
  10. A
  1. B
  2. A
  3. D
  4. D
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B
  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. D
  7. A
  8. A
  9. C
  10. B
  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. D
  8. C
  9. A
  10. B



  1. D
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C
  10. D
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. A
  8. C
  9. D
  10. B
  1. C
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. A
  7. B
  8. D
  9. C


  1. When the arrow head of a windvane points to the south, it shows that the wind is blowing from
    1. North
    2. South
    3. East
    4. West
  2. The following are symptoms of waterbome diseases.
    1. Pain in the joints
    2. Itching in the lower abdomen
    3. Blood stained stool
    4. Severe diarrhoea and vomiting
      Which pair ofthe above listed symptoms are for bilharzia?
      1. (i) and (iv)
      2. (ii) and (iv)
      3. (i) and (iii)
      4. (ii) and (iii)
  3. Heat from the fun reaches plants through
    1. conduction
    2. convection
    3. radiation
    4. convection and corduction
  4. The type of beak suitable for sucking nectar should be
    1. long and slender
    2. short and slightly curved
    3. short, straight and thick
    4. Flat with serrated edges
  5. The illustration below shows classification of plants.
    Which one of the following correctly shows: examples ofeach ofthe groups as show in the illustration?
    X Y Z
    A. Maize Fern Cactus
    B. Beans Algae Toadstool
    C. Cactus Acacia Mushroom
    D. Banana Cactus Puffballs
  6. When preparing compost manure, wood ash is added to the content in order to 
    1. ensure even decomposition
    2. introduce bacteria
    3. speed up decomposition process
    4. supply additional nutrients
  7. Which one of the following methods of controlling parasites cin be effectively used to do away with ticks and liver flukes?
    1. Spraying
    2. Deworming
    3. Rotational grazing
    4. Dusting
  8. The diagram below shows an improvised liquid thermometer. It is used to measure room temperature, In order to make the instrument more effective one should
    1. use a better scale
    2. use a wider straw
    3. use a plastic bottle
    4. use clear water
  9. Which one of the following shows the CORRECT order of foetal development in human body?
    1. Zygote → Embryo → Foetus
    2. Embryo → Foetus → Zygote
    3. Foetus → Zygote → Embryo
    4. Zygote → Foetus→ Embryo
  10. The following are functions of the placenta EXCEPT one. Which one?
    1. Provides food for the growing embryo
    2. Exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide
    3. Facilitates transfer of food
    4. Facilitates transfer of waste produets
  11. Which one of the following processes takes place immediately after the egg has been! released from the ovary?
    1. Implantation
    2. Reproduction
    3. Fertilisation
    4. Ovulation
  12. Study the food chain below. (the arrow points tothe eater)

    Mate → Chicken → Mongoose → Jackal
    Which one of the above feeding organisms will belong ‘othe same group as the mouse?
    1. Maize
    2. Chicken
    3. Mongoose
    4. Jackal
  13. Below is list of sexually transmitted infections
    1. Chrancroid
    2. Syphillis
    3. Genital herpes
    4. HIV and AIDS
      Which ones among the list are caused by a virus?
      1. (i) and (ii)
      2. (iii) and (v)
      3. (iv) and (v)
      4. (ii) and (v)
  14. Which one of the followings excretory produetsis excreted by the skin, lungs and Kidneys?
    1. Excess water
    2. Urea
    3. Salts
    4. Carbon dioxide
  15. When setting and carrying out an experiment on soil drainage, which one of the following need NOT be the same?
    1. Amountof water
    2. Amount of soil
    3. Type ofsoil
    4. Size of funnels
  16. The illustration below shows a simple homemade water filter.
    From the illustration letter, W as indicated will represent
    1. finesand
    2. coursesand
    3. pebbles
    4. charcoal
  17. Which one of the following shows the correct order of flow of urine from the Kidneys?
    1. Bladder → ureter → urethra
    2. Urethra → ureter → bladder
    3. Ureter → urethra → bladder
    4. Ureter → bladder → urethra,
  18. When hard waters mixed with soap it foms
    1. lather
    2. scum
    3. scale
    4. fur
  19. Which one of the following is the function of fibre in the diet?
    1. Absorption of digested food
    2. Getting rid of undigested food
    3. Adding nutrients to the body
    4. Helps indigestion of food
  20. Lactating mothers need food rich in iron in order to
    1. protect the young baby against diseases
    2. replace blood lost during perturtion 
    3. increase milk production
    4. develop strong bones in the baby
  21. The illustration below was st by standard  five pupils to investigate certain property of matter.
    The property being investigated was
    1. water exerts pressure
    2. water occupies space
    3. air has mass.
    4. air occupies space
  22. Which one of the following is NOT a sign of ill health on crops?
    1. Reduced yields
    2. Curled leaves
    3. Stunted growth
    4. Wilting
  23. Formers keep sheep and goats MAINLY for ___ and___ respectively.
    1. meat and mutton
    2. dairy milk and mutton
    3. mutton and mutton
    4. meat and mohair
  24. Which one of the following shows a pairof substances which CANNOT be separated easily?
    1. Water and cooking oil
    2. Water and salt
    3. Sugar and salt
    4. Cooking flour and salt
  25. Which one of the following methods of soil conservation can be used effectively to control the type of sail erosion shown below?
    1. Mulching
    2. Contour farming
    3. Terracing
    4. Cover cropping
  26. Which one of the following is NOT a method of grazing
    1. Zero grazing
    2. Herding
    3. Rotational grazing
    4. Paddocking
  27. Below is a classification  of types of crops
    Which pair of the above will give the farmer same nutrients when planted?
    1. Cereals and oil crops
    2. Legumes and fibre crops
    3. Fruits and tubers
    4. Beverages and fibre crops
  28. A boat made of iron will float on water while a pin made of iron too will sink on the same water. This is because of their difference in
    1. size
    2. shape
    3. weight
    4. material
  29. The illustration below shows the reproductive organ of a plant.
    Which one ofthe above named parts is incorretly matched with its function?
    Part of the
    A W Attracts insects fro fertilisation
    B X receives pollen gains
    C Y fertilization takes place
    D Z Protcts the young flower at bud stage
  30. Digestion of food does NOT take place is the
    1. mouth
    2. stomach
    3. small intestines
    4. large intestines
  31. Which of the following does NOT have mammary glands?
    1. Whale
    2. Shark
    3. Bat
    4. Spiny anteater
  32. Which one of the following bottles will produce the highest sound when hit with a metal object?
    1. Q
    2. S
    3. P
    4. R
  33. Which one of the following shows the 3rd and 6th planets in the solar system respectively?
    1. Earth and Saturn
    2. Mars and Uranus
    3. Earth and Uranus
    4. Mars and Saturn
  34. Dry fodder is
    1. Silage
    2. roughage
    3. hay
    4. concentrates
  35. One of the following methods of food preservation preserves food by absorbing moisture. Which one?
    1. Use af honey
    2. Canning
    3. Use of low temperature
    4. Salting
  36. The force of friction might be useful in the following activities except in
    1. drawing 
    2. walking 
    3. riding a bicycle 
    4. using a pulley
  37. The illustration below shows how matter can change from one state to another.
    Which pair of processes as shown above require an inerease in temperature?
    1. J and K
    2. K and L
    3. L and M 
    4. M and J
  38. The force that pulls things to the centre of the earth when they are dropped from a height is
    1. The force of friction
    2. The magnetic force
    3. The force of gravity
    4. Inertia
  39. Below is a pie chart that shows different air components in their relative amounts
    Which one of the following is NOT function of the part of the air labelled Z on the pie chart?
    1. Supporting buming
    2. Good for photosynthesis
    3. Preserves soft drinks
    4. Making fire extinguishers
  40. Which one of the following is NOT a cause of air pollution?
    1. Tobacco smoking
    2. Spraying farm chemicals
    3. Vehicle exhaust fumes
    4. Using excess fertilizers
  41. The following are sources of elcetric current EXCEPT one, Which one?
    1. Car battery
    2. Generators
    3. Dam
    4. Solar energy panels
  42. One of the following shows apair of major non-living components ofthe environment only. Which one?
    1. Light and sound
    2. Animals and plants
    3. Air and water
    4. Soil and heat
  43. Blood flows from the lungs through the
    1. pulmonary vein 
    2. aorta
    3. pulmonary artery 
    4. vena cava
  44. Which one ofthe fold wing shows pair of storage pests only?
    1. Weaver bird and weevil
    2. Aphids and cutworms
    3. Stalkborers and aphids
    4. Rats and termites
  45. Which one of the following methods of separating mixtures is incorrectly matched with thekind of particles it separates?
    Method The kifn oc mixture or particles separated
    A. Picking Big solid particles
    B. Winnowing A mixture of light and heavy solid particles
    C Sieving A mixture of small and large solid particles
    D Using magnet A mixture of magnetic particles
  46. Which of the following has the position of the load between the effort and fulcrum when in use?
    1. Wheelbarrow
    2. Clawhammer
    3. Crow bar
    4. Spade
  47. Which one of the following is NOT a way of reducing friction?
    1. Using lubricants
    2. Using rollers
    3. Increasing treads
    4. Streamlining,
  48. The BEST way to prevent a child from getting rickets is to
    1. feed the child with foods with plenty of vitamin D
    2. feed the child with foods like fruits plenty of vitamin G
    3. feed he child with enough of a balanced diet 
    4. feed the child with foods rich in proteins
  49. Which one ofthe following statements is CORRECT?
    1. Water expands when frozen
    2. Water contracts when heat
    3. Water expands when cooled
    4. Water expands more than solids and gases when heat
  50. Which one of the following is the BEST method of controlling weeds in a nursery bed
    1. Digging out
    2. Using chemicals
    3. Uprooting
    4. Slashing

 Marking Scheme

  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. C
  5. B
  6. B
  7. A
  8. B
  9. C
  10. D
  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. D
  10. B
  1. B
  2. D
  3. A
  4. D
  5. A
  6. C
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  1. D
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. D
  7. D
  8. C
  9. C
  10. B
  1. C
  2. A
  3. C
  4. B
  5. A
  6. A
  7. D
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C


Soma vifungu vifuatavyo, Vina nafasi 1 mpaka 15. Kwa kila nafasi umepewa majibu manne.
Chagua jibu lifaalo zaidi kati ya yale uliyopewa.

Msimu wa mvua ya masika   1  , wakulima huwa tayari   2  makonde yao kwa upanzi. Siku chache baada ya mvua   3  kuanza, mbegu huanza   4   na kunawiri.     5     kunyeshakwa mvua    6     huja na madhara yake pia, Maji yaliyotuama huwawezesha mbu kuzaana kwa wingi. Halikadhalika, maji haya husomba taka kutoha kila mahali. Matokeo ya hali hii huwa na mlipuko wa maradhi kama   7   . Mvua ambayo kwa kawaida    8   baraka huleta baa chungu nzima, Janga la njaa huwa    9  macho.

1 A. yanapowadia B. inapowadia C. unupowadia D. inayowadia
2 A. wameiandaa B. wameziandaa C. wameuandaa D. wameyaandaa
3 A. yenjowe B. wenyewe C. zenyewe D. muenyewe
4 A. kustawi B. kuchipuka C. kukomaa D. kupogoa
5 A. Ila B. Ingawa C. Angalau D. Lakini
6 A kiholela B. kiyoloya C. kidindia D. kwa haraka
7 A. waba,kichocho
na malaria
B. malale,kichocho
na mkamba
C. homa,kichocho
na surua
D. malaria, kisonono
na kipindupindu
8 A. imekuwa B. ilikuwa C. inakuwa D. Ingekuwa
9 A. imewaangazia B. limewakodolea C. imewakodolea D. inawaangalia


Mwanadamu anapaswa kuwana   10    maishani;aelewe    11     utotoni ni mambo yapi hasa angependa kutimiza kabla ya kula chumvi. Akishayajua haya, basi hana budi kuanza kujiweka    12     kuyafikia haya. Bidii pia ni muhimu sana maishani. Wahenga walituasa kuwa     13     . Tusikae   14      na kuyangoja maisha kujipitia   15    mkondo wa maji.

10 A. ndweo B. matayo C. malengo D. upweke
11 A. tangu B. hadi C. mpaka  D. kabla
12 A. stadi za B. mikakati ya C. ujuzi ya D. mwelekeo ya
13 A. penye nia
pana njia
B. ushikwapo
C. dhamira ni
D. ajizi ni nyumba
ya njaa
14  A. ugeta B. kitwea C. ange D. tutwe
15 A. mithili wa B. Mfano ya C. mithili ya D. mathalani wa

Kuanzia swali la 16 hadi 30, jibu kila swali kulingana na maagizo uliyopewa.

  1. Tambus orodha inayoangazia nomino za jumla pekee.
    1. majiy,maziwa, mchanga, unga
    2.  watoto, nyumba, kabati, meza
    3. woga,wiva, furaha, hofu
    4. bumba, kigaro,genge, halaiki
  2. Ni sentensi gani iliyotumia kihusishi kwa kuonyesha sababu ya kutenda jambo?
    1. Nimealikwa shereheni kwa Maria
    2. Alinijbu swali hilo kwa dharau
    3. Halima anapendwa kwa utulivu wake
    4. Baba alikuja mkutanoni kwa baiskeli
  3. Maelezo yapi ni sahihi kuhusu ufundi?
    1. Timazi hutumiwa kupimia usawa wa ukuta
    2. Jiriwa hutumiwa kufungia parafujo
    3. Mizani hutumiwa kupimia urefu
    4. Filifili hutumiwa kushikia ubao unapokatwa
  4. Tegua kitendaili kufuatacho:
    Nimemwona bikizee amejitwika machicha
    1. samaki
    2. mvi
    3. ajuza
    4. mnazi
  5. Nahau ipi ina maana ya kupata tabu?
    1. Kula mwande
    2. Enda nguu
    3. Enda mserego
    4. Kula mwata
  6. Jumla ya silabi katika mshororo wa shairi ni
    1. vina
    2. inkisari
    3. mizani
    4. mazida
  7. Kamilisha kwa kiulizi kifaacho zaidi
    Unataka nikusaidie ______?
    1. aje
    2. pi
    3. je
    4. vije
  8. Tabia ya kuongeza yasiyo ya kweli ili kutilia mkazo katika habari fulani huitwa _____
    1. chuku
    2. tafsida
    3. sitairi 
    4. kejeli
  9. Ainisha maneno yaliyokolezwa wino katika, sentensi ifuatayo,
    Haijulikani mtoto huyo alienda wapi.
    1. Kiashiria, kiwakilishi
    2. Kiwakilishi ,kielezi
    3. Kiwakilishi,kulizi
    4. Kivumishi,kielezi
  10. Ukitaka watu wakupishe njia utawaambia
    1. makiwa
    2. simile
    3. kunradhi
    4. hebu
  11. . Andika wingi wa sentensi ifuatayo
    Fundi mzuri amenikarabatia redio yangu
    1. Fundi wazuri wamenikarabatia redio zangu
    2. Mafundi mazuri yametukarabatia redio zetu
    3. Fundi wazuri wametukarabatia maredio yetu
    4. Mafundi wazuri wametukarabatia redio zetu
  12. Neno mkeka lina sauti ngapi?
    1. Mbili 
    2. Tatu
    3. Tano
    4. Nne
  13. Mtu akipatwa na tatizo huwa sio mwisho wake kwani muda mfupi atalitatua na kuendelea, Jumuisha ujumbe huu kwa methali
    1. Kuteleza sio kuanguka
    2. Baada ya kisa mkasa
    3. Kuunguako ndiko kuteketeako
    4. Kuti kava kuanguka si ajabu
  14. Kati ya ala zifuatazo, ipi niya kupuliza?
    1. Fidla
    2. Zumari
    3. Udi
    4. Marimba
  15. Ungo ni gamba la kaa. Ungo pia ni
    1. Kubaleghe kwa wasichana
    2. vumbi la kitu kilichosagwa,
    3. habar isiyo ya kweli
    4. kifaa cha kupepeta nafaka

Soma kifungu kifuatacho kisha wjibu maswali 31 ~ 40

Bwana Toza alikuwa mkaramfu, hivyo hulka yake ilihusudiwa na mabarubaru wengi. Ila falau wangalijua kuchuja, wangeiga yaliyo mema kama mbinu zake za kuzalisha mali zisikowa na ila na kuyatema yasiyofaa. likuwa si ajabu kuwaona wakembe wengi wakitia mirija kwenye mikebe wakaishidilia tumbaku na kuzivuta 'toza’ zao kama Bwana Toza. Kwa kufanya hivyo waljihisi,eti wamefikia upeo wa kunasibishwa na Bwana Toza aliyetosha! Wakaamini kuwa maadamu toza zilitoka ulaya na wakazi
wa huko wana maendeleo makuu, basi kila aivutaye hatimaye angepata ufanisi. Hii ni imani ya jabu inayowakabili hirimu-kuiga, kikasuku, Mzungu akija na miondoko ya kikwao, humwiga wakidhani huo ustaarabu hasa,

Sku zilivyozidi kupita, Bwana Toza akawaambukiza insi wengi uvutaji wa toza akajiona kama mflame aliyetawala himaya nzima ya wavuta mitemba. Wengine waliianza tabia hii kidogo kidogo lakini baada ya muda wakakolewa nayo wakawa watumwa, Waliokuwa wakiivutia maliwatoni, sasa wakaivuta hadharani, wakatafuta viko hasa ili wainue hadhi zao maadamu wanasibishyve na Bwana Toza, Akawa ambari nao zinduna.

Azima ya kufikia kilele huwafanya wakwasi kutafuta sia. Bwana Toza akang'amua kuwa sasa ana wafuasi tosha. Kwa hivyo akaona kuwa lau angekiwania kiti cha ubunge cha eneo la kwao, angejinyakulia kiti hicho bila shida. Uchaguzi ulipotangazwa, akajitwika mzigo wa hugaragazana na wawaniaji wengine. Akawakusanya wafuasi wake wa tozani, Kwa moyo na robo moja, wakashauriana, kuhusu jnsi ya kuwakabili wapinzani wao.

Ukawa ndio mwanzo mkoko ualike maua. Alama ya chama chao ikawa kiko. Basi katika mikutano ya kampeni wakaviwasha viko vyao na huku vyafuka moshi wangeviinua na kupasua hewa kukinadi chama chao.

Mara kwa mara Bwana Toza alizoea kuamka bukrata ila mara nyingj alijihisi kuwa amechoka tiki na kuregea parafujo za mwili,kutokana na mavune ya kampeni na mtindi aliopiga kila uchao.

Siku moja karibu na mwisho wa majira ya kampeni, Bwana Toza alifika kuwahutubia wafuasi wake waliokuwa wameongezeka kupita kiasi. Alikuwa bado hajapata nafuu. Hata hivyo alijikakarmua kwa shida, huku akikohoakohoa. Huku mkono watetema alisema, ‘kikoo!” Halaiki ikajibu kwa mwangwi ‘ikooo~o! ‘Mara ya pili akajaribu kusema, ‘kik-oho—ho-kho--kho—”

Badala ya kiko kikawa kikohozi kisichopoa. Hakuendelea. Akaanguka kifudifudi. Wafuasi wake wakamkimbilia na kugundua kuwa alikuwa amepaliwa na pumzi, Wakajaribu maarifa yote ya huduma ya kwanza, walimvuvia, wakampepesa, wakambinyabinya kifua lakini wapi! Jitihada za ‘kuinusuru aushi ya Bwan Toza kitambo kile, Mambo yote yakafikia hatima ya ghafla.

Upasusi ulipofanywa ulionyesha kuwa Bwana Toza alimalizwa na toza. Pafu lilikuwa jeusi kama kaa lilininginiwa na masizi meng ajabu. Ripoti hi iliposomwa mbele ya wafuasi wake, wakaduwaa macho pima, Mitemba ikaanza kuwadondoka kutoka midomoni mmoja mmoja.

  1. Chagua kaulisahihi kulingana na aya ya kwanza:
    1. Sifa za Bwana Toza ziliwavutia vjana wote
    2. Bwana Toza likuwa mtu wa furaha
    3. Bwana Toza alijipatia mali kw njia haramu
    4. Mambo yote ya Bwana Toza yalifaa
  2. Wakembe walitia mirija kwenye mikebe
    1. ili wapate viko vya kuvutia tumbaku
    2. kwa maelekezo ya Bwana Toza
    3. kwa kuogopa kushike vikoa halisi
    4. ili wajiinganishe na Bwana Toza
  3. Kosa kubwa la vijana kulingana na makala
    1. kupuuza ustaarabu wao na kuiga hata yasiyofaa
    2. kuiga ustaarabu wakigeni pamoja na wa kwao
    3. kuvutiwa na maendeleo ya nchi za ulaya
    4. kuvuta viko vilivyotengenezewa ulaya,
  4. Wengine walianzia tabia hii kidogo kidogo lakini baada ya muda wakakolewa nayo wakawa watumwa’ Ni methali gani inayoambatana na kauli hii?
    1. Anayeonja asali huchonga mzinga.
    2. Abadi abadi kamba hukata jiwe.
    3. Kupanda mchongoma kushuka ndio ngoma.
    4. Mwanzo wa ngoma ni lele
  5. Kilichomifanya Bwana Toza kujitosa katika ulingo wa siasa ni
    1. kujitafutia sifa zaidi
    2. kujitafutia kipato zaidi
    3. kupata wafuasi zaidi
    4. kusumbuliwa na pesa
  6. Alama ya chama cha Bwana Toza ilikuwa
    1. sigara
    2. mtemba
    3. mrija
    4. vidole
  7. Uchovu wa Bwana Toza ulichangiwa na
    1. ugonjwa na kampeni
    2. uzee na ulevi
    3. uchovu na ulevi
    4. uchovu na kuamka mapema
  8. Moana ya‘kuanguka kifudifudi' ni
    1. kuangukia mgongo
    2. kuanguka bila hiari
    3. kuanguka kwa kishindo
    4. kuangukia tumbo
  9. Wafuasi watipojuzwakuhusu chanzo cha mauti ya Bwana Toza
    1. walipigwa na butwaa
    2. walichanganyiki wa sana
    3. waliogopa sana
    4. walipiga kamsa
  10. Kichwa mwafaka kwa makala haya ni
    1. Madhara ya ulevi
    2. Kifo cha mtu wa watu
    3. Madhara ya tumbaku
    4. Mbio za sakafuni huishia ukingoni

Yasoma makala haya kisha ujibu maswali 41 ~ 50

Adinasi walio na kasoro ya macho, miguu, masikio na kadhalika,ambao kwa bahati mbaya tunawaita vipofu, viwete na viziwi, Kwa kukosa majina bora zaidi, wanahitaji macho, miguu, nasikio na hata mikono yetu. Ni mara ngapi watu hao wamekosa watu wa kuwaongoza kuvuka barabarani au hata 'gurufuni? Mara ngapi watu waliolemaa miguu wameachwa tu waozee mahali pamoja bila kupata mtu wa kuwageuza hata waliapo kwa uchovu na maumivu? Ni mara ngapi wamekosa wa kuwapeleka ‘watakapo; wengine hata kunyimwa viti vya magurudumu hata vipatikanapo?

Kijumla, hasa katika Janibu za Afrika, wengi wanaowapata watoto waatilifu hudhani wamechomekwa mizizi au kuapizwa na wazee wao waliowatangulia, Huku wakinaonea wana buheri wa hamsa wa ishirini si ajabu kusikia kuwa mtoto alizaliva miaka kadhaa iliyopita na kufichwa hata mvunguni mwa kitanda katika humba klichofichama. Si ajabu pia kuwaona wata kam hata wakienda vilingeni kupungiwa wanao. Utawaona wakwasi wenye mashamba madal basari, mapana kama uwanja wa ahera wenye matumbo kama viriba na waendeshao magari ya kifahari wakiingia vilingeni mali mengi na mwanawe asipone, hali hii huzidisha tu dhuluma kwa muatilifu kwa kuwa sasa huonekana kama mjalaana.

Watoto waatilifu pia hubaguliwa kimasomo, Sijui aliyefichwa mvunguni atapata elimu lini? Vipi? Wao huchukuliwa eti kasoro waonekanazo nazo zitawakwaza masomoni. Hata serikal ikijaribu kuwatengenezea shule maalum, bado kunao wanaowanyima wango nafasi bila kujua kuwa Maulana humyima huyu hiki na kumpa kile. Kuwanyima fursa ya kuvitambua vipawa vyao ni dhuluma isiyomithilika.

Ajabu ni kuwa, waatilifu wakomaapo, wengi hukaa bila kupata wa kuwaoa au kuoa licha ya juhudi zao za kujimudu kiuchumi na kijamii. Wengi huchelea kubezwa eti wameoa 'wasiojiweza’. Jitihada za wengi kuwaoa watilifu zimevuliwa mbeleko na watu wa familia za

Kuchekwa kukebehiwa na kudharauliwa huwaletea simanzi waatilifu hawa na hujiona kara kizazi kisicho na thamani. Na ni nani aliyechagua au kuamua kuzaliwa katika hali aliyo kwayo? Ni nani aliyesema kuwa tusio na uatilifu ulio dhahiri tumekamilika? Je tukichungua kila mmoja wetu upungufu tulio nao kisha tudhulumive tutateta? Aliyekupa wewe kiti ndiye aliyenipa mini kumbi. Waidha, mdharau biu hubiuka yeye.

  1. Mwandishi anaonekana kutokubaliana na
    1. majina mbalimbali wanayoitwa walemavu
    2. hali ya watu kupata ulemavu mbalimbali
    3. kuwa yapo mambo wasiyoyaweza waatilifu
    4. walemavu wanahitaji msaada wa wazima
  2. Kukosa kumsaidia mlemavu kuvuka njia ni ukosefi wa
    1. uzalendo
    2. huruma
    3. amani
    4. upole
  3. Gurufu kulingana na makala ni
    1. barabara yenye kuruba nyingi
    2. barabara pana za mijini
    3. baraste isiyo na shughuli nyingi
    4. barabara yenye magari mengi
  4. Njia bora zaidi ya kuwaauni wate wenye ulemavuni
    1. kuwapeleka ila mahal wanapotaka
    2. kuwanunulia chochote wanachohijati
    3. kuwaongoza kuvumbua namna ya kijikimu
    4. kuwahurumia kutokana na maumbile yao
  5. Kauli gani SI sahihi kuhusu mitazamo ya ulemavu barani Afrika?
    1. Ulemavu husababishwa na laana ya wazee
    2. Uailifu hutokana na kurogwa na wenye nia mbaya
    3. Uatilifu humalizwa kwa uganga wa kienyeji
    4. Ulemavu ni jambo la kudura tu
  6. Zifuatazo ni ishara za ukwasi zilizoangaziwa kwenye makala haya ila
    1. tumbo kubwa lililoshuka
    2. makonde makubwa
    3. kumiliki magari mengi
    4. magari ya kifahari
  7. Manufaa ya elimu kulingana na mwandishi ni
    1. utambuzi wa vipawa
    2. kutimiza haki za watoto
    3. kujipatia ajira nzuri
    4. kuyatawala mazingira
  8. Watu hawapendi kuwaoa au kuolewa na walemavu kwa
    1. kuogopa majukumu
    2. kuhofia kudharauliwa
    3. kuwaona kama kinyaa
    4. kutowaona kama binadamu
  9. Mtu asiyewesa kusikia huitwa
    1. bubu
    2. toinyo
    3. kibunye
    4. kiduko
  10. Msimamo wa mwandishi katika aya ya mwisho ni kuwa
    1. Mungu pekee ndiye mpaji na mtoaji wa yote tuliyonayo
    2. Kila mmoja wetu ana kasoro za walemavu
    3. Familia ni kikwazo katika ndoa za walemavu
    4. Wanyonge wanapodharauliwa huwa hawana thamani tena


Endeleza insha ifuatayo ma kuifanya iwe ya kusisimua

Ilikuwa asubuhi ya kawaida kama nyingine. hakuna aliyetazamia kuwa tungekumbwa na mkasa kama huo

Mwongozo wa kusahihisha

  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. C
  6. A
  7. A
  8. D
  9. C
  10. C
  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. A
  5. C
  6. D
  7. B
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C
  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. A
  5. A
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. D
  1. D
  2. B
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D
  9. D
  10. C
  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. B
  7. D
  8. A
  9. D
  10. C


Read the passage below:It contains blank spaces numbered 1-15. For each blank'space choose the BEST alternative choices given

Crying is not always a      1          of sadness. Many people,       2        , cry because of pain but       3          are cases when people cry due to the pain of      4            . Take , for example,       5            you go to an accident       6           . At first, you may see a         7       standing there, doing nothing but looking sad. then a friend you know well comes and       8         into uncontrollable wail after recognising the      9         . You would definitely join in because of your friend's pain.
People also cry when they are extremely happy      10          the cases are        11        few. Such people laugh until you see them shed tears. There are also who cry but because of some       12         reasons, no tears are       13        seen. To the very elderly ones , crying is accompanied           14   either a kind of        15       or movement. Crying , therefore, does not take a specific fashion.
that means the SAME. as the underlined one.

1 A. sign B. reason C. result D. cause
2 A. otherwise B. moreover C. of course D. furthermore
3 A. they're B. there C. they D. their
4 A. another B. the others C. other D. others
5 A. as B. while C. when D. then
6 A. scene B. spot C. scenery D. seen
7 A. mob B. crowd C. gang D. congregation
8 A. run B. looks C. goes D. breaks
9 A. person B. victim C. sick D. infected
10 A. so B. more C. although D. for
11 A. very B. so C. too D. more
12 A. funny B. comon C. minor D. strange
13 A. even B. ever C. rarely D. never
14 A. by B. to C. with D. at
15 A. pose B. hatch C. dance D. walk

For questions 16 to 17, choose the option which BEST fills the blank space in the sentences below.

  1. In our school, we write _________ a fountain pen.
    1. in
    2. with
    3. by
    4. from
  2. I could have gone to hospital if I _______ sick in the morning.
    1. had been feeling
    2. felt
    3. was feeling
    4. had felt

For questions 18 and 19 choose the sentence that means the SAME as the underlined one.

  1. You ought to pay attention in class.
    1. You may pay attention in class.
    2. You can pay attention in class.
    3. You should pay attention in class.
    4. You have to pay attention in class.
  2. He will not only come but also bring the present he had promised.
    1. He will come and likewise bring the present he had promised.
    2. He will come and confirm that he had promised to bring the present
    3. He will come and probably bring the present he had promised.
    4. If he  bring the present he had promised, he will come.

in questions 20 and 21, choose the best alternative that means the OPPOSITE of the underlined word:

  1. Wheat flour is very fine.
    1. Rough :
    2. Tough
    3. Coarse
    4. Hard
  2. He behaves in a civilised manner.
    1. Strange
    2. Barbaric
    3. Cruel
    4. Ancient

In questions:22 and.23, choose the, BEST, arrangement of the given sentences to make sensible paragraphs. :

    1. She could not use all that they had brought her.
    2. I became a beneficiary as a result of that
    3. My sister was once visited by her friends.
    4. She received a number of presents from them.
      1. (iii),(i),(ii),(iv)
      2. (iii),(iv),(ii),(i)
      3. (iii),(iv),(i),(ii)
      4. (iii),(ii),(iv),(i)
    1. I watched some passengers disembark from it. 
    2. The bus came to a halt at the bus stop
    3. We were soon on our way to town.
    4. The vacant seats were soon occupied again.
      1. (ii),(i),(iv),(iii)
      2. (ii),(iv),(i),(iii)
      3. (ii),(iii),(i),(iv)
      4. (ii),(i),(iii),(iv)

 For questions 24 and 25 choose the sentence which is CORRECTLY punctuated.

    1. Phares shouted, "Look out." 
    2. Phares shouted "Look out!"  
    3. Phares shouted, "look out!"  
    4. Phares shouted, "Look out!"   
    1. Maralal medical centre has run out of water.
    2. Maralal Medical Centre has run out of water.
    3. Maralal Medical centre has run out of water.
    4. Maralal medical Centre has run out of water.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 26 to 38.

Long ago, Frog did not have the hoarse voice he has today. Infact, he was a well-known singer who would be paid handsomely to perform at various functions. He liked this and bragged about it openly, not knowing that one false turn could put a Stop to his fame.

Although he was famous, he was not liked due to one thing. He had the habit of stealing but this was unknown to many people. Hé stole cabbages and carrots from time to time but for sweet potatoes, it was like a daily routine. He liked eating them raw, boiled or roasted. He would salivate as they got roasted in an open fire just outside his house. He would not wait for them to roast as he greedily salivated. That is why he ate them while still warm. He was lazy and never watt farm like the others did.

During one harvesting season, people did not invite him much. He , therefore, found himself lacking food while the others had plenty to eat. Had he got the usual invitations, the situation would have been very different. He therefore resorted to his other way of getting food- stealing, For carrots and cabbages, he stole them late in the night and hid them in his bedroom so that not even his visitors would know he ever had anything edible in the house.

It was when he stole from Hare's farm that he got himself into trouble, Hare hid himself up in the big tree at the edge of his farm to keep watch over his carrots and cabbages that he had tended and watered for a long time. It was approaching midnight when he saw something moving towards the farm. After recovering from the fright, he identified the thief for he walked in a special way. As soon as the thief was through, he left and went home. 

The following day, he visited Squirrel. He was given instructions to follow carefully and stop thieves from reaping where they did not sow. So the very following day, he went to the farm. As soon as he saw the thief arrive, he ran to Frog’s home, lit a fire at the normal fireplace and started roasting some potatoes in which he had wedged in some pebbles carefully. He then went back to his waiting area, just behind the fence to wait for the thief to return. It was cold, dark and frightening, but he eventually heard the happy whistling, a signal of the return of a happy man.

He came straight to where the nice aroma of roasting potatoes was coming from. Whenever he saw some nice meat, he always stopped being cautious and this is what Squirrel had told Hare. Frog took two long Ieaps and was there. In just a couple of minutes, he had swallowed a number of them before he realised that it was actually quite hot. He had no time to think when the heat started burning him from within. He croaked loudly and headed straight for the pond where he dipped himself:

He survived but he lost his golden voice. From that day, Frog learnt a lesson of his life but décided to keep trying to sing again. This is what you hear at the ponds during the rainy season.

  1. From the first paragraph, it is true to say that
    1. frog's hoarse voice started because of singing.
    2. frog was very proud of his voice.
    3. frog wass well known though he had a hoarse voice.
    4. frog was not paid as much as he would have wished during the shows
  2. Which of the following was Frog ignorant about?
    1. Functions he was always needed to perform at.
    2. How much he was valued by others
    3. He was an excellent singer.
    4. The possibility of losing his talent.
  3. What made Frog’s popularty to drop?
    1. His shows were not as attractive as expected.
    2. He was too proud to be liked by many.
    3. Some people had known he was a thief.
    4. He had been caught stealing from others.
  4. The fact that the Frog would salivate as the potatoes got roasted shows that
    1. he was very greedy.
    2. the potatoes were very sweet,
    3. he used to steal daily.
    4. the stealing was not a sccret.
  5. Why.did Frog use to eat the sweet potatoes while they were still warm?
    1. They tasted sweeter when still warm.
    2. He lacked the patience to wait.
    3. He did not want others to find him eating.
    4. Stolen potatoes are usually sweeter.
  6. Frog liked eating sweet potatoes all the time because
    1. it was his favourite. 
    2. he found them easier to steal.
    3. many people grew it near his home.
    4. he was given a lot of it
  7. What caused Frog’s temptations to steal increase?
    1. People had too much work to do on their farms.
    2. Frog lacked visitors at his home
    3. He stole carrots and cabbages during the night easily.
    4. His shows became less popular with time.
  8. The movement that helped Hare to identify the thief in darkness is:
    1. hopping
    2. prowling
    3. staggering
    4. croaking
  9. How did the other animals contribute towards making Frog to steal?
    1. They took too long to catch him.
    2. His invitations to stage shows became less.
    3. They grew more crops than they could consume.
    4. They listened to him as he bragged about his voice:
  10. Why did Hare decide to wedge pebbles into the sweet potatoes before roasting them?
    1. To ensure the potatoes remained hot for along time —
    2. Tomake the potataes smell nice even at a distance.
    3. It could have been an instruction from Squirell
    4. He wanted Frog to eat less potatoes than usual
  11. Frog did not realise the potatoes he was eating had pebbles in them because
    1. he was too greedy to chew the potatoes. 
    2. he was used to eating thems
    3. hare had roasted them nicely.
    4. .it was not the first time he was stealing
  12. Whom do you think could bear the blame for Frog’s downfall? 
    1. Squirrel
    2. Those who invite him to perform.
    3. Hare
    4. The farm owners from whom he stole.
  13. Which of the following proverbs well BEST be used to Summarise this story?
    1. A new broom sweeps clean.
    2. Charity begins at home. 
    3. We never miss the water until thé well runs dry
    4.  The days of a thief are numbered.

Read the passage-below and then answer the questions 39-50

Teachers in the North-Eastern Kenya are an unhappy lot. It is said that people from other ethnic groups or religions perceived to be from far off regions are unwanted. They left the region and as they did so, most public servants who could find other jobs also left and there is no possibility of them returning there.

Those that felt their security was guaranteed braved their way back to serve the nation. They went there, knowing well that others have moved away and that means there would be more work for them. This is what led some teachers to camp at the Teaches Service headquarters in Nairobi. The teachers indicated that they were willing to serve anywhere else in the country except the North-Eastern. They expected to be posted to new stations.

One will ask if this is a fair decision to make given the children in those risky areas also leave an equal right to education like their counterparts in other regions. 

On the other hand, is it fair to force someone to work in an area he or she perceives to be unsafe? Which is stronger, the right of the child or the forceful posting of a disgruntled employee? Teaching is said to be a noble profession and cannot be equated to the amount of money the teachers get paid. It is a service that trains a whole,being into being an acceptable membér of the society.

The government has used threats, insults and intimidation to make the teachers go to work. They have been threatened with being sacked and even reminded to think of whom they are. The government should have remembered that the insecurity the teachers are running away from is real and not imagined. The main issue here is security and the government has only verbally repeated to the teachers that they would be safe. No additional police officers have been deployed in such areas to show the government’s concern.

One wonders why the employer, too, told the teachers that they could be replaced at the snap of a finger. This strategy, honestly can’t work because those replacing them will equally soon demand the same security immediately and they too are replaced, what happens next?

Education of a child has almost nothing to do with what the teacher verbally communicates. It has a lot to do with what the teacher expects to impart in the mind of the child. A teacher working under stress is more dangerous to the children's welfare and cannot be expected to deliver.

  1. What has made teachers in the North-Eastern Kenya unhappy?
    1. An anonymous statement regarding their security.
    2. People from some ethnic groups scared them off.
    3. Two religious groups were contradicting themselves on the teachers' issues.
    4. The government does not seem to want them in those regions.
  2. Public servants who returned tothe North-Eastern Kenya
    1. returned there because the teachers returned
    2. wanted tose if the threat was genuine or not.
    3. did so because they had no alternative.
    4. decided to go against the teachers' decision.
  3. Why would there be more work for the few who moved back to the North-Eastern Kenya? They would
    1. work against the wish of the local people.
    2. be unwilling to work as hard as expected.
    3. be harassed by the people they serve.
    4. still have to serve the whole population.
  4. The MAIN reason why some teachers camped at the Teachers Service Commission headquarters is because
    1. they had not received a pay rise for a long time. .
    2. the number of teachers returning was too small.
    3. they were protesting against those who had gone back to work
    4. they felt the security of all teachers was lacking.
  5. How would the government solve this problem after transferring the teachers but without employing more teachers?
    1. Increase the number of teachers willing to go there.
    2. Get teachers from elsewhere and post them to North-Eastern Kenya.
    3. Allow teachers to choose where they wanted to work.
    4. Force the unwilling teachers to return there.
  6. Transferring of teachers as demanded by the teachers would MOST LIKELY cause
    1. improvement of education standards .
    2. discomfort to the locals of North-Eastem Kenya.
    3. imbalance of teachers’ mumbers.
    4. indisciptine amonp seadents:
  7. As the teachers and the government maintained their stand against each other.
    1. Pupils suffered.
    2. teachers suffered.
    3. the government relaxed.
    4. the sucrity agents had no work.
  8. The government's use of threats, insults and intimidation to make teachers return to work suggests that
    1. It has finally found a way of dealing with the teachers
    2. the teachers have started returning slowly
    3. teachers can only be formed in order to return to work.
    4. it is desperate to ensure learning resumes.
  9. What do teachers expect the government to do in terms of their security?
    1. To be convinced that they will be safer than earlier.
    2. Practically put measures they can in place on the ground,
    3. To be assured of their security by the police.
    4. To be given guns to use for self-defence.
  10. A teacher, according to the passage
    1. works best under threats and intimidation.
    2. can work only where he or she wants
    3. is being paid less than what he or she should be
    4. needs to be given more security than any other employee
  11. Why is the teachers' employer not adressing the real issue raised by the teachers? It
    1. doesn't seem to respond to the teachers' demand.
    2. has enough teachers to replace the ones on strike.
    3. is used to the continuous strikes of the teachers
    4. does not believe the teachers are in any danger.
  12. the BEST title for this passage, would be
    1. Causes of strikes among teachers
    2. How security of the country can be improved.
    3. Security officers in North Eastern Kenya need education,
    4. The stand-off between teachers and government.


Below is the beginning of a story. Complete it in your won words, making it as interesting as you can

We arrive at the venue of a championship early. Already , many teams in brightly coloured kits had come and we were sure the whistle would soon be blown...

Marking Scheme

  1. C
  2. A
  3. D
  4. C
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C
  10. D
  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C
  7. A
  8. B
  9. A
  10. C
  1. B
  2. D
  3. A
  4. C
  5. B
  6. A
  7. D
  8. C
  9. B
  10. D
  1. A
  2. C
  3. B
  4. D
  5. B
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. C
  10. A
  1. B
  2. D
  3. A
  4. C
  5. A
  6. D
  7. B
  8. B
  9. B
  10. D


  1. Which of the following number is 4,256,352.021
    1. Fourmillion two hundred and fifty six thousand three hundred and fifty two and twenty one hundredths.
    2. Fourmillion two hundred and fifty six thousand three hundred and fifty two thousand.
    3. Fourmillion two hundred and fifly six thousand three hundred and fifty two and twenty one thousandth
    4. Fourmillion two hundred and fifty six thousand three hundred and fifty two and two hundred tenth.
  2. What is the value of 2 in the number 563.1427?
    1. Thousandth
    2. 2/100
    3. 0.02
    4. Two thousandth
  3. How many days were there between 21st December 2011 and 3rd March 2012.
    1. 73
    2. 71
    3. 72
    4. 74
  4. Round off the following number to the nearest hundredth
    1. 368
    2. 368.0
    3. 368.00
    4. 368.000
  5. What isthe value of
    2(6²-4²) - 8 x 6 ÷ 2
            2 x 4
    1. 40
    2. 24
    3. 16
    4. 2
  6. Chepngeno bought the following items from the shop.
    3kg rice @ shs.82
    2 bars of soup @ shs.115
    250 of washing powder for 65
    ½ litre of cooking oil @ shs.60 per ¼ litres
    4g of maize meal @ shs.95 per 2kg packet
    If she paid using 2-500 shillings notes, how much balance did she get?
    1. 149
    2. 851
    3. 89
    4. 179
  7. In the figure below line PQis parallel to line ST, Line UV is a transversal

    Which of the following statements is not TRUE
    1. a + g = 180°
    2. b=g
    3. a+c = e+h
    4. d+h = f+c
  8. What is the sum of the square of ²/₃ andthe square root 6¼?
    1. 6¹¹/₁₂
    2. 2¹⁷/₁₈
    3. 6²⁵/₃₆
  9. Which one of the following is the seventh number in the sequence?
    2,4,7,12,19, __, __
    1. 30
    2. 41
    3. 13
    4. 43
  10. Which one of the following is the simplest form of
    1.   3a+5b  
    2. 4a+7b
    3.    3a+b   
    4.    4a+3b  
  11. Below is a train timetable from town A to F
    Town Arrival
    A   6:00am
    B 8:20am  8:35am
    C 10:45am  11:05am
    D 12:40pm 12:55pm
    E 2:10pm 2:25pm
    F 3:15pm 3:30pm
    How long did the train take to travel fom town B to town E?
    1. 5hrs 50mnin
    2. 5hrs 35min,
    3. 6hrs 05min
    4. 4hrs 50min
  12. The rectangle below is drawn to scale1cm: 50:000cm.
    What isthe actual area in hectares?”
    1. 60000 hectares
    2. 600 hectares
    3. 60 hectares
    4. 6 hectares
  13. The diagram below shows an isosceles triangle
    Calculate the area ofthe triangle.
    1. 350cm²
    2. 175cm²
    3. 336cm²
    4. 168cm²
  14. The diagram below is par ofa Rhombus ABCD
    Complete the Rhombus and drop a perpendicular from point to meet AB at X.
    What is the measure of the line XB?
    1. 4cm
    2. 5cm
    3. 4.5cm
    4. 6.7cm
  15. Onyango paid 12,375 for a TV after getting 25% discount, What was the marked price of the TV set?
    1. Shs4125
    2. Shs.9281.25
    3. Shs.16,500
    4. Shs.4,200
  16. Three buses leave the bus station at an interval of 24min, 36min and 48min. If they all left the bus stationat 8:10am, when will they eave station together again?
    1. 10:34am
    2. 11:34am,
    3. 9:34am
    4. 10:34pm
  17. A rectangular water tank measures 2.4m long, 1.2m wide and 0.9m high. It contains water to a height of 0.75m, how many more litres of water are required to fill the tank?
    1. 2160litres
    2. 2592litres
    3. 1620lites
    4. 432litres
  18. The fractions ½,⁷/₉,³/₈,⁵/₇ are to be arranged from the largest to the smallest. Which of the following is the correct order?
    1. ⁷/₉,½ ,⁵/₇ ,³/₈
    2. ⁷/₉,⁵/₇ ,³/₈ ,½
    3. ⁷/₉,⁵/₇ ,½ ,³/₈
    4. ⁵/₇,⁷/₉ ,½ ,³/₈
  19. The following are characteristics of quadilaterals
    1. Diagonals bisect at right angle.
    2. Diagonals are equal
    3. All angles are equal
    4. Opposite sides are equal and parallel
    5. All sides are equal
      Which combination is true for both square, and rhombus?
      1. (i)(iv)(v)
      2. (i)(iv)(ii)
      3. (ii)(iii)(iv)
      4. (iii)(iv)(v)
  20. The number of incoming flights recorded at Jomo Kenya Interatonal airport in certain months of the year are recorded below.
    Month June July Aug Sep Oct
    No. of flights 83 97 103 79 107
    Which two consecutive months recorded the highest mean of incoming fights?
    1. August and October
    2. Julyand August
    3. June and September
    4. September and Uetober
  21. Construct triangle PQR in which PQ=6.7cm.Tem QR= 5.8 and PR=7.1cm,Bisect angle QRP and let the sector meet Line PQ at M.
    What isthe size ofangle PRM?
    1. 40°
    2. 90°
    3. 23° 
    4. 67°
  22. What is the value of xin
    4(x-3) + 2(3+x) = 3
       2             4     
    1. 4¹/₅
    2. 3
    3. 5
  23. A packet is in form of a pyramid with rectangular base. Which of the following statements is true about the number of edges and vertices?
    1. 8 edges, 3 vertices
    2. 5 edges, 8 vertices
    3. 9 edges, 6 vertices
    4. 6 edges, 9 vertices
  24. A company employed 12 people to complete a peace of work in 4 dys. After working the first day 3 people did not work again. How many days did the work take to be complete?
    1. 4 days   
    2. 6 days
    3. 5¹/₃ days
    4. 5 days
  25. Which of the following sets of measurement will form a right angled triangle?
    1. 0.7cm, 2.4cm, 2.5cm
    2. 0:05cm, 0.12cm, 1.3cm
    3. 0.8fcm, 15cm, 1.7cm
    4. 3cm, 0.4cm, 5cm
  26. A lorry was loaded  with 50 bags of maize, 35 bags of and 24 bags of Ndengu. If a bag of maize weighed 90kgs while that of beans weighed 75kg, a bag of Ndengu weighed 60kg. How much was the total mass off the lorry and the load if an empty lorry has a mass of 2.75 tonnes?
    1. 8.563 tonnes
    2. 7.125 tonnes
    3. 11.315 tonnes
    4. 4.5 tonnes
  27. Gathuma bought a piece of land for 2 million shillings. He sub-divided the land into twenty five equal plots. He sold each plot at shs.100,000, What was the percentage profit?
    1. 20%
    2. 40%
    3. 50%
    4. 25%
  28. The table below shows the number of crates of soda sold by a distributor in one week.
    Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
    52 46 65 75 34

    Which bar graph correctly show this information?
  29. Jamal deposited 50,000 ina bank that earns 5% simple interest per annum. How much interest was in his account after 1½ years?
    1. 53,750shs.
    2. 3,750shs.
    3. 7,300shs.
    4. 57,500shs.
  30. During the first lady half marathon on zero campaign 250 men took part. The number of women was three times that of men and 1250 less than that of boys. The number of girls was 200 more than that of boys. How many people in total participated inthe function?
    1. 2400
    2. 5200
    3. 1700
    4. 4200
  31. The cash price of a Generator is 24,000. The hire purchase price is 25% more than cash price. Nanok bought it on hire purchase paying 25% of the hire purchase as the deposit and the rest in 12 equal instalments. How much was, each instalment?
    1. shs.2,000
    2. shs.22,500
    3. shs.1 875
    4. shs.7,500
  32. The figure below shows a trapezium PQRS. Line PQ is parallel to RS. Line PQ=13cm, line RS=7cm and line QR=10cm,
    Whats the area of the figure?
    1. 80cm
    2. 100em
    3. 200cm
    4. 160cm
  33. What is the value of
    3.2 ÷ 0.8 + 2(0.26+3.74)
            3.6 ÷ 0.9
    1. 0.003,
    2. 0.03
    3. 0.3
    4. 3
  34. A sales lady earns a monthly salary of shs.12500, Shes also paid 2.5% on all the sales above 200,000. In one month she sold 25 cartons of books each worth 30,000. How much money did she earn as commission that month?
    1. 26 250
    2. 18 750
    3. 13 730
    4. 31 250
  35. Four boys Kantet, Mkoko, Owuor and Anyona contributed some money to buy a ball. Anyona contributed x while Mkoko contributed 1/3 of what Anyona contributed. Owuor contributed sh.200 less than the total for both Anyona and Mkoko, Kantet contributed 100 more than Anyona. If the total amount raised was 2,700, which ofthe following equation can be used to find the amount raised by each boy?
    1. 3x + 2/3x + 300 = 2700
    2. 3x + 2/3x - 100 = 2700
    3. 2x + 2/3x - 300 = 2700
    4. 2x + 1/3x - 100 = 2700
  36. At te beginning of the year 2013, the total number of leopards and buffalo at Ruma National park was 18,000. 15% of these animals were leopard. At the end ofthe year the leopard increased by 20% while the buffalo reduced by 20%. What was the total numberof animals at the park by the end ofthe year?
    1. 14 400
    2. 12 240
    3. 3 240
    4. 15 480
  37. The diagram below shows Wakaba's plot of land.
    Calculate the length ofthe wire needed to fence the land using three strands of wire
    1. 3720m
    2. 1240m
    3. 880m
    4. 800m
  38. The table below shows the number of cars that passed near Waka school ina certain week. Number for Thursday is not shown.
    Day Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
    No. of
     29  33  41    47  37

    If the mean number of cars was 36, what is the sum of mode and median?
    1. 29
    2. 64
    3. 35
    4. 55
  39. In a certain factory 3/5 of the employees are women. On a day when 3/20 of the women were absent, 306 women were present. How many men are there in the factory?
    1. 600
    2. 360
    3. 54
    4. 240
  40. The perimeter ofa rectangle is 36cm.The width is 4cm less than the length .Calculate twice its area.
    1. 77cm²
    2. 55cm²
    3. 154cm²
    4. 110cm²
  41. A motorist drove for 40min ata speed of 90km/hr from home to town. He took 24min to drive back home. Calculate the average speed for the whole journey.
    1. 150km/hr
    2. 225km/hr
    3. 112½km/hr
    4. 120km/hr
  42. Ole Munyere shared a number of cows: To his four children. Their shares were Timothy 0.3, Gloria 0.11, Sein 0.19 Naiserian 0.17. Ifthe children gota total of 462 cows, how many cows did he remain with?
    1. 138
    2. 0.23
    3. 600
    4. 0.77
  43. In a meeting there were 840 attendants. The ratio of men to women was 3:4. Later 60 men left while 60 women joined. What was the new ratio of men to women?
    1. 1:1
    2. 4:3
    3. 9:5
    4. 5:9
  44. The diagram below shows which type of a triangle?
    1. Right angled triangle
    2. Scalene
    3. Isosceles triangle
    4. Equilateral triangle
  45. The diagram below shows a wooden solid
    Calculate the sure area taking π=3.14
    1. 2590.5cm2
    2. 1906.5cm2
    3. 706.5cm2
    4. 3790.5cm2
  46. Duale’s watch loses 15sec every hour. The watch was set right on Monday 8:30am. What time didit show on Friday the same week when the correct time was 8:30am?
    1. 8:54am
    2. 8:54pm
    3. 8:06am
    4. 8:06pm
  47. A triangular plot of land measures 75m by 125m by 150m is to be fenced. The posts are to be 2.5m apart. How many posts are required?
    1. 141
    2. 15
    3. 14
    4. 140
  48. Sathya Sair School received 120 cartons of milk. Each carton contain 21 -2dl packets of milk. How many litres of milk were received by the school?
    1. 504 litres
    2. 5040 litres
    3. 252 litres
    4. 2520 litres
  49. Which of the following shapes will be the next in the pattern?
  50. The graph below shows apart of Nyaga’s Journey from Tharaka Nithi to Nyahururu a distance of 280km. After driving for 1½hrs his vehicle broke down and took one hour to repair.
    What was his spood afr repairing the car?
    1. 16 8/17 km/hr
    2. 25 km/hr
    3. 40 km/hr
    4. 12 ½km/hr

Marking Scheme

  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. B
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A
  8. B
  9. A
  10. D
  1. C
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. C
  6. D
  7. C
  8. A
  9. B
  10. A
  1. C
  2. C
  3. A
  4. C
  5. A
  6. C
  7. C
  8. D
  9. C
  10. B
  1. D
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. A
  6. D
  7. A
  8. C
  9. C
  10. B
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. B
  6. B
  7. B
  8. B
  9. A
  10. A


Science and Technology

  1. Identify the phase of the moon drawn below
  2. Grade six Science and Technology teacher threw a ball up in the dir. The ball came back and hit the ground hard.
    Which force acted on the ball?
  3. A class set up an experiment like the one shown below.
    What are they investigating?

    The illustration below shows the changes of states of matter.
  4. Name the process marked Z.
  5. Which letter represents evaporation?
  6. Write one example of acids
  7. A child was diagnosed with the following signs and symptoms:
    1. Severe diarrhoea that resembled rice water.
    2. Constant vomiting.
    3. dehydration.
      Which disease was the child likely to be suffering from?
  8. What is the use of a printer in computing?
  9. Mwamba was typing a document on Word. On which part of his computer was the document displayed?
  10. How helpful is a cursor during typing?

    Use the flow chart below to answer the following questions.
  11. Which plant is wrongly classified?
  12. Give one example of plants that can replace x

    Use the diagram below to answer questions 13-15.
  13. Give the function of part P
  14. Which letter represents the sternum?
  15. Name the part marked R.


  1. What is soil erosion? . (2 mks)
  2. Name three types of soil erosion? (3 mks)
  3. State three ways of controlling soil erosion? (3 mks) a)
  4. What is a seedbed . (2 mks)
  5. Draw two tools used in preparing a seedbed? (4 mks)


  6. What is the difference between splash and sheet erosion? (4 mks)
  7. Name four types of indigenous foods. (4 mks)
  8. State three uses of domestic animals? (3 mks)


Home Science

  1. Write the procedure used for laundering a white cotton shirt.
  2. What is the use of a pin cushion in stitching?
  3. Write one safety precaution to observe during needlework.

    Kambua saw the following care labels in some clothes she was laundering. State the meaning of each label.

    Write one method of cooking  each of the following foods.
  9. Below is a diagram showing a cooking stick.
    Which material has been used to make the utensil above?
    Use the given words to classify the crops drawn below.
    Cereal Legume Vegetable
  13. Okoyo's fingernails are pale. He also gets very tired after doing simple tasks. Sometimes, he feels dizzy. Which nutritional deficiency disorder is Okoyo likely to be suffering from?
  14. Maimuna asked a health care specialist the cause of kwashiorkor. Which correct answer was Maimuna given?
  15. Write the procedure used for cleaning ,the top of a plastic table.


Physical Health Education

  1. State the steps of performing a bunch start? (2 mks)
  2. What is meaning of commitment in games and sports? (2 mks)
  3. Describe a drop finish technique when in races. (3 mks)
  4. Name two local games that involve racing? (2 mks) 
  5. Name two materials you can use to improvise a ball. (2 mks)
  6. What is a strain? . (1 mk)
  7. Name parts of the body where a strain may occur. (3 mks)
  8. Write three field athletic events. (3 mks) 
  9. State two passes in socccer. (2 mks)

Social Studies


Use the map of Waba area to answer questions1 - 5,

  1. Of which religion are people of Waba area likely to be?
  2. What is the main function of the railway line in Waba area?
  3. By which means of transport are tourists visiting the game reserve in Waba area likely to leave the reserve?
  4. What is the direction of Kanga market from the northern bridge?
  5. Who is the administrative head of Waba area?
  6. Write one condition under which a Kenyan can be allowed to vote.
  7. Write one similarity between the early forms of government in Maasai and Ameru.
  8. How have tourists been important to the economy of our country?
  9. Describe the population distribution illustrated below.
  10. How important is wildlife in our country?
    Write three factors that favour dairy farming in Kenya
  11. _____________________________
  12. _____________________________
  13. _____________________________
  14. After how long does Kenya hold general elections?
  15. How is democracy practised inyour school?
  16. After a dispute between Yuda and Zama, it ended up that Yuda stabbed Zama to death. Which of Zama's right did Yuda mainly violate?
  17. Name the National symbol drawn below.
    Write two ways through which a person can become a Kenyan citizen
  18. _______________________
  19. _______________________
  20. Name one product that results from dairy farming in Kenya.

    Use the map of Kenya below to answer the following questions
  21. Name the feature marked W
  22. What is the economic importance of the feature marked X to our country?
  23. Which is the slowest means of transport?

    Name the following means of communication.
  27. Draw a road sign that means "Roundabout ahead" 

    Identify the following means of transport

Christian Religious Education

  1. Joseph worked for an Egyptian official called?
  2. We should always not trust?
    (strangers, visitors, neighbours)
  3. State one thing that happens when a child is disobedient?
  4. The first people to be created were ________ and ______________
  5. The sign that God showed Noah when He promised him that He will not destroy the world with flood is the (1 mk)
  6. In which occasion did Jesus weep?(1 mk)
  7. The lesson that Christians learn from the miraculous catch of fish is that they should be

Match the followin verses from the sermon on the mountain. (3 mks)

Happy are those who mourn   They will see God
9 Happy are the pure in heart God will call them His Children 
10 Happy are the peace makers God will comfort them 


  1. Zacchaeus was a ____________
  2. Who interpreted Pharaoh's dreams?
  3. Who was the nephew to Abraham?
  4. When angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, Elizabeth was how many months expectant of John?____________________ . (1 mk)
  5. Jesus performed his first miracle in . (1 mk)

Islamic Religious Education

  1. What does Allah's attribute Al- Aalim mean?
  2. Write one positive way of using a smartphone.
  3. Write one miracle performed by prophet Issah.
  4. When is Taraweh performed?
  5. state one nullifier of swalah
  6. State the role of angels Munkar and Nakir
  7. In which city did the unity between the Muhajirun and the Ansa take place?
  8. Which of the daily five swalahs falls between Fajr and Asr?
  9. According to prophet' hadith who should seek knowledge?
  10. How many angels are mentioned in the Q'uran?
  11. What does sabr mean?
  12. Why are muslims discouraged from begging?
  13. Write one unislamic activity that might take place during a wedding
  14. What is the importance of performing Qabliyah and Ba'diyah prayers?
  15. Why should muslims emulate angels in their daily activities?


  1. State three importance of songs? (3 mks)
  2. Angela was seen singing the song with a gloomy face. What was the mood of the song? . (2 mks)
  3. State four types of songs? (3 mks)
  4. Name three digital devices that can be used to record when performing a song? (3 mks)
  5. Trio is a word used in performance. What is its meaning? (2mks)
  6. Name three events when folk songs are performed? (3 mks)
  7. Write the french rythm for the following notes. (4 mks)
    1. Semibreve
    2. Minim
    3. Crotchet
    4. Quavet
  8. Write four elements of music. (4 mks)

Art & Craft

  1. Moho is the best painter in both Grade six East and West. Which job opportunity is he likely to get after school in relation to his ability in Art?
    Name the following types of
  4. Re-construct the letters below in the space provided.
  5. Proportionally, draw a human hand.

  6.  Name one product of claywork.
  7. Create a tonal value on the strip below.
  8. Draw and colour an item that can be made using sisal fibres

  9. We use ________________ to stick cutouts on surfaces during cutting and pasting technique
  10. How do we obtain tertiary colours?

    Write a pair of colours that will produce the given secondary colours when mixed.
  11. Orange:
  12. Green:
  13. Purple:
    Name two items you nay need for carving.
  14. ____________________________________
  15. ____________________________________

Marking Scheme

Science and Technology

  1. New moon
  2. Gravity
  3. Convection in liquids
  4. Condensation
  5. X
  6. mark any correct answer eg, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid etc
  7. Cholera
  8. Producing hard copies
  9. Monitor
  10. Guide the typist
  11. Fern
  12. Student to give an non-flowering plants eg ferns, mosses and liverworts
  13. Protects the brain
  14. Q
  15. Hip bone 


  1. Soil erosion removal of top layer of soil from one part to the other.
    1. Splash
    2. sheet erosion
    3. rill
    4. gulley erosion
    1. Maintain a healthy perennial plan, cover
    2. Mulching
    3. Planting a  cover crop
    4. Placing crushed stone, wood chips and other similar materials in heavily used areas where vegetation is hard to establish and maintain.
  4. Seedbed or seedling bed is local soil environment in which seeds are planted.
  5. _______
    1. Pig weeds
    2. black night shade
    3. indigenous cereals such as millet and sorghum
    4. indigenous root crops such as yams and cassava.
    1. Gives us food such as milk, meat eggs
    2. home protection
    3. helps in doing chores such as ploughing

Home Science

  1. Leaner to write
  2. For keeping pins
  3. Leaner to write
  4. Do not iron
  5. Do not use warm water beyond the shown temeparture
  6. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  7. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  8. student should write appropriate method of preparing the food
  9. Wood
  10. vegetable
  11. legume
  12. cereal
  13. anaemia
  14. lack of proteins
  15. learner to write.

Physical Education

  1. "On your marks"
    "Set" - Heel presses forward
  2. a desire/ willingness/ resolve to continue in participation of a sport/ activity.
  3. Athlete bends both arms backwards and tries to touch on the tape on the finishing line with the chest, when the finishing line is just one step ahead.
  4. Many an apporprriate games eg hide and sek, tag, etc
    1. Sisal fibre
    2. Papers
    3. Pieces of cloth
  6. To injure, overuse, misuse or exert excessive pressure.
  7. Legs, Knees, feet and back
    1. Long jump
    2. Discuss
    3. Javeline
    1. Push pass
    2. Wall pass
    3. Outside the foot pass

Social Studies

  1. Christians
  2. Transporting coffee berries to the factory
  3. air
  4. Southwest
  5. Governor
  6. Being over 18 years of age
    Being a registered voter
  7. Both had divine rulers- (laibon for the maasai and mugwe for the am,eru) who also acted as religious leaders.
  8. Ensuring flow of foreign exchange
  9. Nucleated
  10. It boosts our economy
  11. High rainfall, therefore there is food for cattle in highland areas.
  12. Low temperatures, good for survival of exotic breeds
  13. Fertile soils- for planting grass and other feeds
  14. 5 years
  15. Learner to state
  16. Right to life
  17. Court of arms
  18. Learner to write
  19. Learner to write
  20. Learner to name - milk
  21. L. Turkana
  22. Fishing
  23. Water
  24. Newspaper
  25. Television
  26. Radio
  27. Learner to draw
  28. Aeroplane
  29. Ship
  30. Bus

Christian religious Education

  1. Potiphar
  2. Strangers
  3. be punished, parents become unhappy
  4. Adam and Eve
  5. rainbow
  6. when Lazarus died
  7. Obedient
  8. Happy are those who mourn God will comfort them
  9. Happy are the pure in heart, they will see God
  10. Happy are the peace makers. God will call them His children
  11. Tax collector
  12. Joseph
  13. Lot
  14. 6
  15. Cana

Islamic Religious Education

  1. all - knowing
  2. mark appropriate answer
  3. mark appropriate answer
  4. After Isha during Saum
  5. mark appropriate answer
  6. questioning the dead
  7. Madina
  8. Dhuhr
  9. Everyone
  10. 25
  11. patience
  12. it encourages laziness
  13. mark appropriate answer
  14. To get rewards from Allah
  15. To live sacred lives


  1. It makes one creative
    It makes learning more enjoyable
    It plays with emotions
    It helps to develop linguistic skills of children
    Develops listening skills
    induces movement in children
  2. Sad mood
  3. Patriotic, topical, sacred, western
  4. phone, tablet, camera

Art & Craft

  1. Learner to state.
  2. Glove puppet.
  3. String puppet
  4. Learner to reconstruct
  5. Learner to draw
  6. Learner to name
  7. Learner to create
  8. Learner to draw an colour
  9. Glue
  10. By mixing secondary and primary colours
  11. Red, yellow
  12. Blue, yellow
  13. red, blue
  14. Learner to name
  15. Learner to name


Maagizo ya mwanafunzi

  • Karatasi hii ina sehemu sita kuu
  • Jibu Maswali yote kulingana na maagizo

Sehemu 1: Mazungumzo ya ana kwa ana (alama 5)
Ugonjwa husorotesha afya ya mwanadamu na kusababisha utumizi wa hela ni lengo lisilofaa.

  1. Ni ugonjwa upi ambao umewapa Wakenya tumbo joto?
  2. Ugonjwa huo ulioutaja katika swali Ia (a) waweza epukika vipi?
  3. Ni ugumu upi uliopata baada ya kutokea kwa ugonjwa huo?
  4. Taja magonjwa mengine yanayowasumbua Wakenya?
  5. Ungekuwa dakatari ungewasaidiaje wagonjwa wanaopata homa ya tumbo kilo mare?

Sehemu 2: Ufahamu wa Kusikiliza (alama 5)
Msikilize mwalimu akisoma kifungu kifuatacho kisha ujibu Maswali yafuatayo

Mimi naitwa Riziki. Nina miaka kumi. Mimi husomea katika shule ya msingi ya Pande. Shule yetu iko katikati ya jimbo Ia Kiambu na Kitui. Nilijiunga na shule hii miaka miwili iliyopita. Sasa niko katika gredi ya site. Mwalimu wetu wa darasa ni Bi. Malimo. Somo ninalolipenda ni la Kilimo. Somo hill hupendwa pia na wanafunzi wenzangu. Mwalimu wetu wa Kilimo ni Bwana Mtume.

  1.  Msemaji ana miaka mingapi?
  2. Je ikiwa msemaji yuko gredi ya site mwaka huu, miaka miwili iliyopita alikuwa darasa lipi?
  3. Eleza pale shule ya msemaji inapatikana?
  4. Kwa nini somo la Kilimo line wanafunzi wengi?
  5. Tajo masomo mengine yaliyo katika gredi ya site?

Sehemu 3: Kusoma kwa sauti (alama 15)

Wanyama hawa wawili walianza safari ya kuelekea kwa 5imba. Walipofika karibu na lango kuu Ia mfalme 5imba, walikuta mkusanyiko wa Wanyama wengine. Wote wakatarajia mfalme wao awape suluhu ya tatizo lao. Walijikokota na kukaribia mzee Tembo. Sungura alimsihi kwa upole amueleze pale wangepata maji. Mzee Tembo alimuonea huruma na kumtilia maji kidogo aliyokuwa ameyaweka kwenye mdomo wake. Mfalme 5imba alionekana akijikokota kwa umbali akija. Alipowafikia akazirai. Wanyama wote walitawanyika na kumwacha Mzee Chui akimuhudumia mfalme wao. Walielekea kwenye mto uliokuwa karibu. Kwa mshangao walipata Mzee Kobe akiyatega maji yaliyokuwa yameanza kutiririka.

Sehemu 4: Ufahamu wa kusoma (alama 6)
Soma kifungu kifuatacho kisha ujibu swali Ia 1 hadi 6

Hapo zamani za kale walikuwepo watu ambao walikuwa wanaishi karibu na pwani. Kazi yao ilikuwa kuvua, na siku zote walikuwa wanavua samaki wadogo wadogo. Siku moja alitokezea bwana mmoja akaenda baharini akabahatika kuvua samaki mkubwa sana. Yeye mwenyewe akaanza kushangaa kumuona yule samaki mkubwa, na akaanza kusema ningempata samaki kama huyu ningetajirika. Kilo siku tunakuja pwani tunapata samaki wadogo wadogo, hapo akajiuliza samaki huyu nimfanye nini?

Akaenda kumwita baba yake. Baba mtu alipofika akaanza kushangaa na kusema samaki huyu mkubwa si jawahi kumuona, sasa wakaanza kushauriana. Baba yake akasema bora tukawaite jamaa waje kumtazama. Wale jamaa walipofika na wao wakaanza kushangaa na kusema; "samaki mkubwa, samaki kama huyu hatujawahi kumvua maisha yetu." Na wao wakasema; "twendeni tukamwite sheha." 5heha alipokuja alishangaa na akasema; "Bora tukawamwite Mfalme aje kumuona." Alipokuja Mfalme no yeye alishangaa na kusema; "Bora tukamwite mzungu aje kumpiga picha."

Hapo waliondoka wakaenda kumchukua mzungu, na mzungu alipofika akasema;"Mngelimuweka kiile nikampiga picha lakini hapa anazunguuka nitampiga vipi?" Wale watu wakajibu mpige hivyo hivyo, na huku maji yanajaa na yule samaki akachukuliwa na maji, na kuenda nke baharini wakakosa utajiri pamoja na samaki.


  1. Watu wa Kijiji hiki walikuwa wanafanya kazi gani?
  2. Kamilisha sentensi. Mvuvi alipovua Samaki mkubwa
  3. Jamaa walipoitwa walisihi nani aweze kuitwa?
  4. Mfalme alipoitwa alisisitiza nani ajulishwe kuhusu Samaici huyo mkubwa?
  5. Je, wanaki jiji hawa walipata utajiri waliokuwa wakiomba?
  6. Ipe hadithi hii mada ya kufana?

Sehemu 5: Saruf (alama 24)

  1. Andika maneno haya katika ukubwa     
    1. Mgongo
    2. Ngoma
    3. Mkono
  2. Kamilisha methali         
    1. Mtaka cha mvunguni _______________________________________
    2. _______________________________________ marejeo ni ngamani
    3. Msiba wa kujitakia ________________________________________
  3. Andika sentensi hizi kwa wakati uliopita
    1. Mtoto ataenda shuleni
    2. Mwanafunzi anaandaa sima
    3. Mtego umemnasa paka
  4. Kanusha sentensi hizi
    1. Tulienda kanisani
    2. Vita vilileta njaa
    3. Mjumbe wetu alifanya kazi nzuri
  5. Kamilisha tashbihi hizi
    1. Kigeugeu kama
    2. Mwaminifu kama
    3. Msumbufu kama
  6. Andika vinyume yya vitenzi hivi
    1. Rudi
    2. Vua
    3. Tua
    4. Lia
  7. Andika kwa maneno
    1. Shilingi 2,345
    2. Vijiko 199
    3. Mkate 1/2
    4. Saa 4.15

Sehemu 6: Kuandika (alma 10)
Kamilisha mtungo ufuatao. Ufanye uwe wa kuvutia mno

Jua lilionekana likichomoza kwa umbalL Nami nilifungua jicho langu kulia, kisha kushoto nakuelekea. 

Mwongozo wa Kusahihisha

Sehemu 1

  • Mwanafunzi anapaswa kuongea na kujibu maswali ipasavyo

Sehemu 2

  • Mwanafunzi anapaswa kuongea na kujibu maswali ipasavyo

Sehemu 3

    1. Kuvua samaki
    2. Alishangaa/ alistaajabu
    3. Sheha
    4. Mzungu
    5. La, samaki alitowekea kwa maji yaliyokuwa yamejaa
    6. Sahihisha mada kulingana na muktadha


    1. Gongo
    2. Goma
    3. Kono
    1. Sharti ainame
    2. Mwenda tezi na omo
    3. Hauna kilio      
    1. Mtoto alienda shuleni
    2. Mwanafunzi aliandaa stima
    3. Mtego ulimnasa paka
    1. Hatukuenda shuleni
    2. Vuta havikuleta njaa
    3. Mtego ulimnasa paka  
    1. Kinyonga
    2. Njiwa
    3. Mwanambuzi
    1. Enda
    2. Vaa
    3. Tia
    4. Cheka   
    1. shilingi elfu mbili mia tatu arobaini na tano
    2. Vijiko mia moja tisini na tisa 
    3. mkate nusu
    4. saa kumi na robo



The teacher greets the learner (learner responds). The teacher asks the learner to sit.
The teacher tells the learner:
"Listen carefully to the passage that I am going to read, then you will answer in English the questions I am going to ask you."

Mariana is a Grade six girl. Every time they do a test, she fails terribly. Whenever the results are read to them, she feels ashamed. This has made her think of dropping out of school. Back at home, her guardian is not happy with her because of her performance in school. The guardian calls her names. This makes

Mariana feel like running away from home. However, Mariana's PE teacher noticed her prowess in gymnastics. Now, the only hope Mariana has is the comfort from the PE teacher. Every time exams approach, Mariana goes to her PE teacher who encourages her. (Teacher repeats)

  1.  What can the teachers do to save Mariana from the shame? (Learner responds)
  2. What is the role of Mariana's friends regarding her situation? (Learner responds)
  3. How best can Mariana's guardian be corrected? (Learner responds)
  4. How important is Mariana's PE teacher in her (Mariana's) academic journey? (Learner responds)
  5. What is the moral lesson behind this passage? (Learner responds)

The teacher points the passage and says:
"I would like you to read this passage aloud."

Different families lived in Nyayo estate. They were all hardworkers who believed in barely nothing but hard work which, according to them, was the main
source of success. Nevertheless, they all worked hard to keep their surroundings clean and neat. They were organized in such a way that they took turns to keep their environment clean. There were times that water was scarce. During such times, women were encouraged to re-use their dirty water for cleaning latrines and toilets.

The tall grass was always trimmed and collected in dustbins and later burnt. They also ensured proper drainage. Water flowed smoothly without any stagnation.

Families prepared a duty roster which was to be followed by every family member. This ensured that tall grass was cut to keep away dangerous animals and latrines and toilets were scrubbed clean. The community was clean throughout.




Read the following passages and then answer the questions in the spaces provided

  1.  The Zebra and The Deer
    Once, there lived a zebra staying with a deer and its three young ones. Both the zebra and the deer were fast animals. They could run faster than any lion or leopard in that forest. It hid its young ones in tall grass when they were young, As they grew big, the grass could not hide them. They started grazing with other animals but they were very lazy in running. One day, a lion came and started chasing the animals for food. The deer and the zebra ran very fast and the young ones were left behind. The lion chased the biggest deer but told the young zebras that he would eat them when they will have enough meat for him. They tried hard to hide in the grass. The lion did not catch the deer. The young zebras were never lazy again.

    1. Which animals could not run very fast?
    2. Why couldn't the grass be the best hiding place any more?
    3. Why do you think the lion was chasing the animals?
    4. Describe the lion's feelings towards the young zebras.
    5. Why did the young zebras decide to never be lazy cyduin?
    Munyao used to climb mountains better than any mountaineer he knew. One day, he was happily climbing a mountain using some ropes rather late in the afternoon. Then the unexpected happened. He slipped, fell and started rolling down the mountain. Before long, another unexpected thing happened. His rope got caught by something and poor Munyao was left hanging loosely on the mountain side. "Help! Help!" He shouted, looking at the big rock above him. 'Cut the rope! Cut the rope!" He heard someone shout from a distance. Munyao thought he was dreaming. Looking down, the floor was just two metres below. He cut the rope and landed safely.

    1. What did Munyao use to climb the mountain?
    2. What was the first unexpected thing to happen to Munyao?
    3. Who Ehouted at Munyao to cut the rope?
    4. What does the writer mean by Lcfore long?
    5. Describe Munyao in your own words.
    Hippos live along the shores of lakes, in pools, in deep wide rivers or swampy lakes. Late in the evening, at night or at dawn, they are seen for they searching for grass. There is a limit to the distance they can go must get back to the water before daybreak. They cannot graze in the forest for there is hardly any grass. They seem to believe that their safety is in the water.
    Most of the hippos grazing grounds have no enough grass. This is because of domestic animals and other wild animals like buffaloes, elephants and antelopes which compete for the same food. The grounds become bare through overgrazing. This results in starvation for the hippos and other animals as well. This is the reason why they turn to destroy people's crops in nearby forms.

    1. According to the passage, where do hippos live?
    2. Why don't the hippos graze far from the water?
    3. Why are areas around the shores lacking enough grass?
    4. What causes starvation to hippos?
    5. Why can't the hippos graze in the forest

Use the correct demonstrative determiner to complete the statements.

  1. ______________________one seated there was the lady whose laptop was missing.
  2. "___________________ are not my type of shoes," said Wakanda.
  3. _______________ is my smallest finger.

Fill in the blank spaces using the correct collective nouns.

  1. We saw a ______________ of lions in Wanyama game reserve.
  2. Mr. Mundia's ___________ of  keys is missing.
  3. Wayua brought me a _____________ of flowers for my birthday.

Use "to" or "for" correctly

  1. The basket is too heavy ____________ Masese to lift
  2. The apple was too sweet ___________ be thrown away.
  3. The porridge is too hot ______________ the baby to eat.

State the type of adverb underlined.

  1. It mostly rains in April and December. ______________________
  2. The lizard hid inside the hole when it saw the cat. _________________
  3. We shall meet the visitors later in the evening.___________________

Use the correct interrogative in each sentence.
When    Who    How     

  1. _______________ was the last time you visited your grandparents?
  2. _______________did you do the sum that quickly?
  3. _______________ was the first president of Kenya?

Re-write the following sentences in plural.

  1. The room was furnished with new furniture.
  2. I shall take care of my bedding.
  3. The luggage was too heavy for her to carry.
  4. A slasher is a farm equipment.
  5. I have a nice pair of goggles.

    Write the short forms of the underlined words.
  6. The lion said that he would be the king of the jungle.
  7. Kanini, "I am going to buy a new smart phone!"
  8. You will not be able to travel with the ticket.
  9. I will also make my kitchen garden at home.
  10. Had I seen him drown, I ivould have helped. him.



The following is the beginning of a story. Complete it in your own words making it as interesting as possible.
I arrived earlier than everybody else in school because I was very excited about joining a new class. The gate was wide open but all the classrooms were locked. Then....

Marking Scheme

Section A
Task 1: Listening and Speaking

1-5 - Student should answer approriately

Task 2
Learner should be able to ready a loud

Task 3

  1. Young Zebra
  2. Young zebras grew
  3. For food
  4. Learn to describe
  5. So as to not be caught by predators
  6. Ropes
  7. He slipped, fell and rolled
  8. Soemone
  9. Suddenly
  10. Learner should be able to describe
  11. aloong lakes, in pools and rivers
  12. They must get to water before daybreak
  13. Grass has been eaten by other animals
  14. Lack of grass
  15. There is hardly any grass

Task 4

  1. That
  2. Those
  3. this
  4. Pride
  5. bunch
  6. bouquet
  7. For
  8. to
  9. for
  10. frequency
  11. place
  12. time
  13. when
  14. how
  15. who
  16. The rooms were furnished with new furniture
  17. We shall take care of our beddings
  18. The luggage was too heavy for them to carry
  19. Slashers are farm equipment
  20. We have nice pairs of goggles
  21. he'd
  22. I'm
  23. won't
  24. I'll
  25. I'd