KCSE-MOCKS Biology essays Questions and Answers (66)

For the preparation of national and local exams, get all biology essays with answers here. These biology essay questions are aggregated from all the KCSE examinations. Unique essay questions are also from Form 4 Mock past papers. The biology essays cover all topics from form 1 to form 4.

This category contains all biology essay questions with answers to help with your high school exam revision. Study the most commonly asked biology essays in preparation for KCSE or MOCK examinations.

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All the Key Biology Essay Questions

  1. Explain the various ways in which a typical cell is adapted to its functions-KCSE Biology Essays
  2. Explain how the various specialized cells are modified to carry out their functions in plants and animals - KCSE biology essays
  3. Describe how the mammalian body protects itself against infections -KCSE biology essays
  4. How are the leaves of higher plants adapted to their functions? - KCSE biology essays
  5. Explain how the various teeth adapt mammals for nutrition - KCSE biology essays
  6. Describe the process of urine formation in the mammalian kidneys - KCSE Biology Essays
  7. Explain the role of the following hormones during homeostasis - KCSE Biology Essays
  8. Distinguish between Diabetes mellitus and Diabetes insipidus - KCSE Biology Essays
  9. Explain how the various abiotic factors may affect plants - KCSE Biology Essays
  10. Discuss the causes, effects and control measures for water pollution - KCSE Biology Essays
  11. How are xerophytes and hydrophytes adapted to their habitats? - KCSE Biology Essays
  12. Outline the differences between wind and insect pollinated flowers - KCSE Biology Essays
  13. Describe what happens in a flower from the time of pollination up to the time of seed and fruit development - KCSE Biology Essays
  14. Discuss the adaptations of the female reproductive system of humans - KCSE Biology Essays
  15. Describe the process of gaseous exchange in terrestrial plants - KCSE Biology Essays
  16. How is the mammalian gaseous exchange system adapted to its functions? - KCSE Biology Essays
  17. Describe the structure and function of the mammalian skin - KCSE Biology Essays
  18. Describe the role of the following hormones in the menstrual cycle - KCSE Biology Essays
    1. Luteinising Hormone (LH)
    2. Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
    3. Oestrogen
    4. Progesterone
  19. Growth and development - KCSE Biology Essays
    1. What is secondary growth?
    2. Describe the process of secondary thickening in a woody stem
  20.  Explain how the following blood cells are adapted to their functions - KCSE Biology Essays
  21. Discuss Lamarck’s and Darwin’s theories of evolution - KCSE Biology Essays
  22. Natural Selection - KCSE Biology Essays
    1. What is natural selection?
    2. Discuss three examples of natural selection in action
  23. Discuss the various mechanisms of opening and closing of stomata - KCSE Biology Essays
  24. Describe the process of mitosis - KCSE Biology Essays
  25. Describe the adaptations of Schistosoma spp to their parasitic mode of life - KCSE Biology Essays
    1. What is meant by the term symbiosis? - KCSE Biology Essays
    2. Describe five types of symbiotic relationships in a natural ecosystem - KCSE Biology Essays
  27. Discuss the various ways employed by preys to avoid the predators - KCSE Biology Essays
  28. Describe the nitrogen cycle - KCSE Biology Essays
  29. Describe how the various supportive tissues in plants adapt them to their habitats - KCSE Biology Essays
  30. Why is locomotion necessary in higher animals? - KCSE Biology Essays
    1. What is digestion? - KCSE Biology Essays
    2. What is the importance of a balance diet in human nutrition? - KCSE Biology Essays
  32. Explain how the process of evolution may result to the formation of a new species - KCSE Biology Essays
  33. Discuss the role of the various hormones in plant growth and development - KCSE Biology Essays
  34. How is the mammalian eye adapted to its functions? KCSE Biology Essays
    1. What is transpiration? - KCSE Biology Essays
    2. Explain how the various environmental factors affect the rate of transpiration - KCSE Biology Essays
  36. Distinguish between mutations, mutants and mutagens - KCSE Biology Essays
  37. How are seeds and fruits of plants adapted to their mode of dispersal? - KCSE Biology Essays
  38. Discuss the composition and functions of mammalian blood - KCSE Biology Essays
  39. Describe the adaptations of the nervous system to its functions - KCSE Biology Essays
  40. State the economic importance of members of Monera and Fungi and for each economic importance name a suitable or appropriate organism - KCSE Biology Essays
  41. Discuss the structure and functions of the various muscle tissues found in humans - KCSE Biology Essays
  42. Discuss the adaptations of the male reproductive system of humans - KCSE Biology Essays
  43. Explain the factors that affect enzyme activity - KCSE Biology Essays
  44. Explain why the following conditions are necessary for photosynthesis - KCSE Biology Essays
    1. Carbon (IV) Oxide
    2. Light
    3. Chlorophyll
    4. Suitable temperature and pH
    5. Water
  45. Describe the route taken by water from the soil up to the evaporating surface of a plant - KCSE Biology Essays
  46. How is the mammalian heart adapted to its functions? - KCSE Biology Essays
  47. Describe how the following vertebrae are adapted to their functions - KCSE Biology Essays
    1. Atlas
    2. Axis
    3. Lumbar
    4. Thoracic
    1. What is a reflex action?
    2. Outline the activities that occur in the body when one touches a hot object
  49. Discuss the various ways in which anaerobic respiration is utilized in industries and homes - KCSE Biology Essays

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